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The Best Text Message Marketing Services of 2022 |

Text marketing campaigns get far greater engagement from customers than email marketing campaigns do. You have to get straight to the point, because the number of characters allowed in a text is limited. Texting feels more direct and personal. It also has an immediacy about it: According to EZ Texting’s 2019 Mobile Usage Report, 97% of all text messages are opened within three minutes, while 4 in 5 email marketing messages are never opened. The best text message marketing platforms make the process simple and can easily integrate with the rest of your marketing programs. To determine the best text message marketing systems, we looked at ease of use, cost, features and integration options. Read our reviews below to earn what each service has to offer, and see which is right for your business.

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How to leave a team on Microsoft Teams | Digital Trends

Microsoft’s popular business collaboration platform is a common choice for companies, volunteer projects, and more — especially if you’re already using Office 365 features. The ability to quickly join a group; find the right teams; and start discussion channels, chats, or video is a bonus for all users.

But sometimes, your time with a particular team is over. Maybe it was a temporary project, maybe you’re moving on to other things, or maybe teams are being switched around to better reflect an organization’s structure. When this happens, it’s important to know how to quickly leave a team that you’re working on. Here’s how to do it.

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5 Ways to Keep Track of Your Remote Employees’ Time: Tips and Tools | The Startup Magazine

Working remotely and Digital HR systems have become increasingly popular, as it offers many benefits for employees and employers. However, keeping track of remote employees’ time can be difficult if you’re not using the right tools. In this blog post, we will discuss five ways to keep track of your remote employees’ time and some of the best tools for doing so. Let’s help you get started in monitoring employee productivity.

Use Time Tracking Software To Monitor Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is essential to the success of any business. And while many factors can affect productivity, one of the most important is the use of time. Time tracking software can be a valuable tool for businesses in monitoring employee productivity. The software allows businesses to see how employees are spending their time and where they may be wasting time.

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TikTok may be fined £27m for failing to protect children | BBC News

TikTok could face a £27m fine for failing to protect children’s privacy when they’re using the platform.

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found the video-sharing platform may have processed the data of under-13s without appropriate consent.

The watchdog said the breach happened over more than two years – until July 2020 – but that it had not yet drawn final conclusions.

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Is Silicon Valley really losing its crown? | TechCrunch

Where is the heart of the technology industry?

The simple answer is “Silicon Valley,” a term that now generally means the San Francisco-San Jose-Oakland area of California. There are other options: The two largest public cloud providers, Microsoft and Amazon, are based in the state of Washington. Europe’s tech scene has been busy in recent years, meaning that it can’t be ignored in any such conversation. And the combined tech industries of China and India form a bloc that carries material heft.

So there are contenders. But Silicon Valley has historical centrality in the tech industry — it’s a hub of startup and major corporate technology activity stretching back decades, one that has been able to create a venture capital flywheel of investment and reinvestment that other markets work to mimic. Now, the question is perhaps better phrased as not “where is the new center of tech,” but has the technology industry become so broad-based that it has no real gravitic nexus?

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Apple iPhone 14 Review: Iterative Upgrades | WIRED

AS I WAS getting a haircut last week, my hairdresser asked if I’d seen the new iPhone. She didn’t know my occupation but saw my Apple Watch and, as is obligatory in that line of work, was making small talk. “Does it look any different?” was the main query. I reached into my back pocket and with a flourish handed her the iPhone 14. A surprised smile quickly gave way to disappointment. “It’s exactly the same as my iPhone 11,” she said.

This is the problem for Apple. The few elements the public might recognize as new have gone to the iPhone 14 Pro models, such as the Always-On display and Dynamic Island. The Pros also have new 48-megapixel sensors for the primary rear camera, something Apple hasn’t fiddled with since 2015. This means the phones capture more detail so you can print your pics large, for example, and it allows for more editing options. But be honest—how many people do you know who print poster-sized photos or delve into RAW settings on their handset?

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Meta Imposes Strict New Policy for Restructuring Workers | Entrepreneur

A new report by the Wall Street Journal claims that Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, has told certain employees they must find another job within the company within a 30-day time limit or face termination during the company’s restructuring. Employees set to be terminated if they don’t find a new position internally have reporedtly been put on a “30-day list.”

The harsh push comes as the social media behemoth attempts to cut costs by 10%. A spokesperson for Meta confirmed to WSJ that reports of the attempt to move around employees are accurate.

“We’ve been public about the need for our teams to shift to meet … challenges,” Tracy Clayton, spokesperson for Meta platforms, told the outlet.

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Color Theory and How It’s Applied In Architecture | Cool Business Ideas

The science and art of color theory is divided by a wheel or chart into three main categories: primary, secondary and tertiary. Color is something we perceive through a combination of wavelengths produced by how light reflects off an object. So how does color in architecture affect us? While color is subjective, it is one of the oldest design elements of architecture and deeply affects how people respond to their surroundings.

Color can be used for more than just decorative purposes. It can also be an indicator of how a building will be used, the emotions it intends to invoke and how it can convey meaning. We see many examples of how influential color is in the world where architecture and sustainability meet.

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TikTok officially rolls out its dislike button for comments | Mashable

The comments section on any social media platform can be a cesspool, but on TikTok, it’s especially hard to parse through all of the unhelpful and tasteless comments to find actual discourse. Now, the platform is making it easier to dictate which comments you see first by introducing a dislike feature.

The new dislike button is the thumbs-down icon located to the right of the heart-shaped like button next to each comment on a TikTok. In April, TikTok announced the feature and began testing it. Today (Sept. 23) the dislike button for comments has been rolled out globally.

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Meta hit with lawsuits claiming Facebook uses loophole to get around Apple privacy rules, still tracks iPhone users | Mashable

Facebook and Instagram are using a sneaky loophole to collect Apple iPhone users’ data, according to two new class action lawsuits filed against the social network’s parent company, Meta.

According to the lawsuits, Meta has been injecting javascript tracking code into websites that users visit via the in-app browsers in Facebook and Instagram for iOS, but without user permission.

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