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Apps and Services you Should Consider Ditching in 2022 | Digital Trends

The new year can be a great time to rethink our relationship with technology. Nearly 50% of Americans spend 5-6 hours on their smartphone daily, so if you’re planning to improve your life, doing an “app cleanse” can be a good place to start.

Ask yourself: Is your smartphone filled with apps you never use? Is social media becoming a time-suck? Are some apps making you feel bad about yourself and your life? Then maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

Remember, you’re not alone in this. Here are the most common apps people are leaving behind before 2022 gets underway.

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6 Digital Marketing Predictions for the Year 2022 | The Startup Magazine

Digital marketing predictions by a digital agency in Toronto in the post covid world in 2021 have been about social commerce, web, TV streaming explosion, AI-based automation, etc. All these things were in the trend for the year 2021. Hopefully, these trends will help drive digital marketing to bigger and new heights in 2022.

With stepping into the third year of living in the global pandemic, everything is becoming more digital, and consumers are becoming socially aware. It clarifies that 2022 will be a year of more evolution in digital marketing. Experts are predicting various things for the upcoming year, and if you are a digital marketing enthusiast then you must check these out.

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China ride-hailing giant Didi sees losses deepen after crackdown | BBC News

Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing has seen its losses deepen after Beijing ordered online stores not to offer the company’s app.

The firm reported an operating loss of $6.3bn (£4.7bn) for the first nine months of year as revenues in China fell by 5% in the third quarter.

The Chinese crackdown came just days after Didi made its New York stock market debut at the end of June.

This month, it said it will move its share listing to Hong Kong from the US.

In recent months, Didi has become one of the most high profile targets of Beijing’s clampdown on the country’s technology industry.

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Apple puts Indian iPhone factory ‘on probation’ | BBC News

Apple has placed an iPhone factory in southern India “on probation” following protests over food poisoning and living conditions.

An audit by Apple found that remote dining rooms and dormitories used by workers did not meet requirements.

Around 250 women who worked at the Foxconn plant were affected by food poisoning, with more than 150 ending up in the hospital, local media reported.

Foxconn apologized and said it was investigating the situation.

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In 2022, Get Ready for the Great Onboarding |

It’s now been more than six months since the term “Great Resignation” started hitting headlines, as employees facing rising costs ventured out on a mass scale to look for better wages and better experiences. The term has taken on a life of its own, with countless articles, a Wikipedia page and even as the title of a book.

But so far, coverage of the “Great Resignation” has focused on the negative: the workers that businesses are losing. More than half a year after the start of this great exodus, it’s time for leaders to look at where employees are headed next and to get ready for the next phase of the ever-changing employment situation: “The Great Onboarding.”

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6 things in cybersecurity we didn’t know last year | TechCrunch

The past twelve months in cybersecurity have been a rough ride. In cybersecurity, everything is broken — it’s just a matter of finding it — and this year felt like everything broke at once, especially towards the end of the year. But for better or worse, we end the year knowing more than we did before. Here we look back at the year that’s been, and what we learned along the way.

1. Ransomware costs businesses because of downtime, not ransom payments

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How Ecommerce Brands and Subscriptions Can Navigate the Post-Pixel World | Entrepreneur

We are transitioning to a post-pixel world.

Known to some as the cookie apocalypse, this shift has presented the opportunity to drastically change the way organizations operate, especially as direct-to-consumer brands.

After all, D2C companies rely on individuals for sales. In the absence of cookies, which gain valuable insights on intended consumers, how will you develop a go-to-market strategy?

Here are three things successful subscription and eCommerce companies are doing to come out on top in a post-pixel world.

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Four Traditional Career Opportunities with a New Twist | Cool Business Ideas

There are many small business opportunities out there, and you’ll inevitably run up against competitors in your field. Suppose you’ve been considering going into business for yourself or becoming a freelancer. In that case, you may want to look at a few traditional occupations that have taken on new importance and have evolved into new job opportunities.

Medical Scribe or Transcriptionist

In the past, medical transcriptionists were almost entirely work-from-home positions. The work primarily consisted of taking audio recordings from doctors and typing them verbatim into notes or reports. Transcribing was done from these recordings, usually made after the doctor had seen the patient.

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How to schedule emails in Gmail | Mashable

There are any number of reasons why it’s sometimes a good idea to roll with a write-now-send-later approach to emails.

Maybe you’ve got a big personal announcement coming up, but it’s happening at a very specific time when you won’t be around. Perhaps you really want to rave to a friend about everything you loved in Spider-Man: No Way Home while it’s fresh in your mind, except they’re not seeing it until tomorrow.

It’s equally helpful at work. Many of our employers have people spread out in different time zones across the country, if not the world. For email-heavy jobs especially, something you send during an Australian co-worker’s overnight may get buried; but if you schedule the send, you can ensure it pops up when they’re actually awake. Sometimes, too, it’s just momentum: You’re working hard, rolling through deadline after deadline, and you want to get a jump on future business.

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Buy now, pay later is a huge hit with shoppers. Just how dangerous is it? | CNN

Lissette Monzon still feels a little guilty about a “crazy” purchase she made three years ago.

Monzon, 54, a high school English teacher in Florida, bought a $700 pair of Valentino boots in October 2018. Actress Blake Lively had been photographed wearing the mauve-colored footwear in Paris. Monzon saw the picture and fell in love.

“It was a lot of money for me, and I paid them off little by little,” she told CNN Business.

Monzon paid using Klarna, one of the several booming buy now, pay later services that let shoppers purchase products and pay in installments, often without incurring interest. Though Monzon had no trouble making her six repayments, the spending was out of character.

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