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Heathrow’s third runway blocked due to Paris climate accords | Fast Company

The project to expand London’s Heathrow airport was first proposed in 2009, and it has had a turbulent journey since. It was initially backed by a Labour government, canceled a year later, revived, then backed by a Conservative government in 2018. Proponents have touted the plan as a source of extra jobs, additional air routes, and fewer delays. The U.K. Department of Transport has estimated an economic benefit of £61 billion, or $79 billion, over the next 60 years.

But now, in one of the most concrete displays of global climate goals, a Court of Appeal ruling deemed the plan “legally fatal,” on the basis that it conflicts with the climate accords. It’s the first time that the Paris Agreement has been the rationale for a significant ruling anywhere in the world.

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11 Ways to Handle Stress Wisely | Life Hack

As the number one killer of men and women, stress is the root cause of many diseases, from cancer to heart disease. Left unaddressed, stress has a crushing force that, over time, can lead to ugly repercussions. From frequent headaches to regular fatigue, symptoms will come pouring in if you don’t learn how to handle stress wisely.

We can’t always prevent or avoid stress, but how you conduct your lifestyle can radically reduce it. Instead of viewing every problem as a massive explosive strapped to your body, it’s worth it to slow your thoughts down and recognize that nobody is a superhuman.

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Supreme Oreos Are Now Selling For Over $91,000 On eBay | Forbes

Oreos may be easy to grab off any grocery store shelf, but Nabisco’s latest sandwich cookie is a little more exclusive. Thanks to some great branding and exclusive status, by Supreme.

Supreme, the Manhattan-based streetwear brand known for its limited edition drops. that is, highly anticipated new collection releases, which attract long lines and high resale prices online, released details of its newest collection on Monday, February 17. Supreme drops are renowned for attracting lines of fans and resellers several hours, or days, before the collection is sold in-store, managed by bouncers controlling crowds. Shoppers are also often only permitted to buy new wares in limited quantities, to move the line and also deter the re-sellers who hype up the exclusive goods and flip impressive profits.

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Business Mentor—And How to Land One |

One way to get strategic with your business trajectory is to land a trusted adviser in the form of a mentor. Mentoring can take many forms, such as a one-on-one relationship or a mentoring circle within an organization. The best mentor-mentee relationships involve two-way learning and reciprocation.

Mentors help professionals feel more engaged, derive more meaning from their careers, and grow their businesses. According to the Small Business Administration, small business owners who receive three or more hours of mentoring report higher revenues and increased growth.

Need more of a push? Here are seven reasons why you need a mentor this year:

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Diverse Small Businesses are More Successful, Data Shows | Small Business Trends

Employees in your small business often have a direct impact on your business success. If you have a diverse team on board, your business is more likely to be successful.

According to the latest data compiled by SCORE in the form of an infographic, small businesses having diverse teams are more innovative and better perform financially. Also, diversity at the workplace helps in hiring and making better and faster decisions.

Needless to say, the path to small business success is never easy. Be it bringing in innovative ideas or growing revenues, you try hard to make everything fall into place. Having a diverse team, as the data indicate, can help you struggle less and succeed more.

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Problem Talker vs. Problem Solver | Management Consulting Connection

In life and work, there are two ways to approach a problem. You can talk about a problem, or you can solve the problem.

The problem talker spends all of his time complaining about the problem.

“Boss, this budgeting process is so inefficient and a waste of time.”

The problem with being only a problem talker is that complaining about a problem doesn’t actually change the situation for the better.

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How to Connect With Your Audience on Social Media |

Here are some ways brands can build stronger connections online.

Social media has become an important part of every modern business’s marketing strategy. But coming up with relevant, interesting content to post is only half the battle. The other part is engaging with your followers to keep them coming back for more.

To help you with this task, we polled the members of the Young Entrepreneur Council to find out what brands need to remember when reaching out or engaging with their audience on social media. The YEC is an invite-only organization that is comprised of young entrepreneurs that represent nearly every industry, generate billions of dollars in revenue each year and have created tens of thousands of jobs.

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Would You Sell Your Data For Profit? Survey Says ‘No’ | Digital Trends

The vast majority of people would never sell their personal data for a profit, according to a new survey released on Monday.

The survey, conducted by the small consumer protection site Consumer Champion revealed that 63% of respondents would not sell their data. Only 3% of respondents said they would; 9% said it would depend on the price.

In the controversy over data privacy and data protection, advertisers are soon going to have to find new ways to target their intended audiences. New regulations in place like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are intended to give internet users more information about what has happened to their data, and, ideally, opt out of such use if they so wish.

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5 Expert Tips to Boost Growth of your Small Business | The Startup Magazine

Growing a business is difficult and can be very tiring.  In the beginning, it could mean doing almost everything yourself in the company, including dealing with sales and marketing.  It also means understanding taxes and company policies, everyday interaction with customers, and a lot more. However you look at it, achieving business growth is definitely not easy. There are probably hundreds of business development strategies out there, all of which will show you some things you may not know about growing your business, but these few, hopefully, will also do the same thing.

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Wells Fargo reaches $3bn fake accounts settlement | BBC News

Wells Fargo, a major US bank, has agreed to pay $3bn (£2.3bn) to resolve a government investigation into its sales practices, including opening millions of fake customer accounts.

The bank admitted it had wrongly collected millions of dollars in fees, misused customer information and harmed the credit rating of customers.

The settlement comes about four years after the scandal first erupted.

It has already forced out two chief executives and led to hefty fines.

Since 2018, Wells Fargo has been operating under an order from the US Federal Reserve that limits its growth.

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