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How Eating Slow Can Transform Your Health and Make You More Productive | Entrepreneur

When you are hovered over your computer, do you think about what you’re eating or do you just shove it in your mouth? Likely the latter. And how long does it take you to eat a meal at work? Probably less than 20 minutes. And do you stop eating when you feel satisfied or do you finish everything on the plate, in the tupperware or whatever was wrapped up “to go” in paper for you? Not surprisingly, you probably finish it off, mindlessly unaware of portion size, so you can get to that call, meeting, errand or just keep up with the increasingly fast pace that we are working at.

Personally, multi-tasking and slowing down is a work in progress for me, and I suffer from digestion issues if I eat too quickly or on-the-go. I have a European heritage, and I think about how Europeans tend to not eat and drink on-the-go or at their desks like Americans do. Rather, they sit down to enjoy their coffee or meals, so much that the only reason they have “to-go” cups at European cafes seems to be for the American tourists.

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Facebook Bringing Portal Video Chat Devices To Workplaces |

Facebook is bringing its Portal devices to the workplace for people to make voice and video calls. Workplace by Facebook delivered a number of upgrades as part of its Flow by Workplace conference being held today in Menlo Park, including the fact that Workplace now has 3 million paid users, up from 2 million in February. The 8-inch Portal Mini and 10-inch redesigned Portal smart displaycome out next week. Portal devices will be able to speak with up to 50 participants in each video call, a company spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email.

As the split screen image above appears to illustrate, Workplace video calls will supply a shared work space, perhaps drawing on the same tech that will allow people to watch videos together with the Portal TV device due out next month. At launch, Workplace voice and video calls will not work with Portal TV.

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Portable Ovens |

There’s quite a demand for innovative grills and ovens that take campsite cuisine to new levels, but few claim to pack as much punch as the new wood-fired oven from Ooni. The company’s latest pizza cooker is designed with a real emphasis on cranking up the heat, so much so it can apparently cook an authentic pizza in just 60 seconds.

Ooni has been making outdoor ovens powered by gas and wood since 2012, with a focus on allowing people to enjoy the scenery between bites of perfectly cooked pizza pie. The newly launched Ooni Karu can accommodate wood, charcoal and gas as fuel sources, allowing for some real flexibility when meal time hits.

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Prime members can now get Whole Foods delivered with free Amazon Fresh | Mashable

Amazon really, really wants Prime Members to use its Amazon Fresh delivery service. So it’s getting rid of the steep $14.99/month fee for Prime members, and it’s adding groceries from your local Whole Foods.

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s answer to grocery services like Instacart, offering home delivery or pickup for folks who, understandably, don’t want to wait 30 minutes at one of two open checkout lanes in a physical supermarket.

Besides getting rid of that monthly fee, Amazon also announced an expansion of Amazon Fresh delivery, making it available in “more than 2,000 cities and towns” with more to come. These locales are all based around nearly two dozen major metropolitan areas, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

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AT&T agrees to a deal with activist shareholder Elliott Management | CNN

AT&T’s truce with Elliott Management — avoiding a protracted fight with one of the world’s most successful activist shareholders — sent the company’s stock to a 52-week high on Monday.

The plan, as described by Elliott Management, includes “significantly enhanced operational efficiency with meaningful margin expansion, a “full review of the portfolio,” and “no more major acquisitions.”

AT&T (T) CEO and Chairman Randall Stephenson heralded the resolution and said “I think our interests are 100% aligned. Seriously.”

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Why Do Some People Always Get Bitten by Mosquitoes, While Others Don’t? | Live Science

Some people can sit outside all summer long and not suffer from mosquito bites. Others turn into an itchy mess despite bathing in DEET and never leaving the purple glow of the bug zapper. What gives?

It’s mostly about the invisible chemical landscape of the air around us. Mosquitoes take advantage of this landscape by using specialized behaviors and sensory organs to find victims by following the subtle chemical traces their bodies leave behind.

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9 Leadership Types and Their Strengths | Business News Daily

There are nine different leadership styles, and the type you use to direct your team can greatly impact the success of your organization.

Each leadership style has its strengths, although some styles – like transformational, democratic and situational leadership – are commonly seen as more desirable.

Understand and harness the strengths of your leadership style to communicate effectively and motivate your team.

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How Long Does It Take To Learn A Language? Science Will Tell You | Life Hack

Learning a language is not as easy as it seems. You might have spent years learning it whole-heartedly, but still, aren’t even close to mastering it. This is because learning a new language could take months and even years of dedicated study. Not to forget, this will only help you become conversational. In case you want to be fluent, then complete immersion in the native country is what you will need!

So how long does it take to learn a new language? Let’s find out.

What Happens to Your Brain When You Learn a New Language

In a recent study conducted by Swedish scientists, it was found that learning a foreign language could increase the size of your brain.[1] They reached this conclusion after scanning the brains of people who learned a second language.

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Should we ban SUVs? | Fast Company

Over the last decade, global SUV ownership has doubled. In that time, the vehicles contributed more to the increase in global CO2 emissions than airlines, trucks, or heavy industry, according to an analysis by the International Energy Agency. Even if we add nearly 150 million electric cars to the road by 2040, if SUV ownership grows at its current rate, they’ll offset that entire emissions reduction. And while they’re spewing emissions, they also have a more tangible cost: They’re more likely than smaller cars to kill pedestrians, contributing to a steep rise in pedestrian deaths.

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The End Of College Is Coming | Forbes

Every spring, millions of American high school kids are faced with this choice.

It sounds like a no-brainer. And it used to be a no-brainer… because college used to cost a reasonable amount of money.

As recently as 1980, you could get a four-year bachelor’s degree at a public school for less than $10,000, on average. These days it’ll cost you at least $40,000… or upward of $140,000 for a private school… or well over $250,000 for a top school.

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