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Ford Focus Electric to Offer $39,995 MSRP, Minus Government Incentives |

Ford’s high-profile answer to the unfolding electric vehicle market is its electrified version of the popular Focus five-door hatchback. The Focus is a logical extension of the automaker’s current Transit Connect Electric offering that’s aimed primarily at fleets.

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Undies from Upcycled Cashmere Sweaters | GreenPacks

Prepare with luxury for the upcoming winter in the Great White North. Sartoria has pretty cool and comfy undergarments to offer. Each pair of these wooly undies is handmade, from upcycled merino-wool and cashmere sweaters.

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Find out what your buyers are thinking |

It’s business owner’s worst nightmare: Customers walk in the door and walk right back out.

For Twiddy & Company, a 95-person firm that connects vacation renters with beach houses in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, that meant customers clicking on their Web site and promptly abandoning it. “One day we said, ‘Our bounce rates are high. People are exiting our site, and that’s a metric expression of frustration,'” says Ross Twiddy, the company’s marketing director. “Wouldn’t it be nice to know what they were thinking?”

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The View from Long Beach’s New Parklet | Streetsblog Los Angeles

The way parklets work is that a curb parking space is replaced by a platform that serves as a mini-park. It’s a bit like a Park(ing) Day temporary park becoming a longer term mini-park. Parkets are fairly common in San Francisco, and now spreading all over, including, soon hopefully, Downtown Los Angeles.

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New Business Ideas | is pleased to announce that they currently have over 660 small business ideas with plans to expand this to 1000 by the end of 2012. More and more people are making the decision to start their own small business due to layoffs and other financial problems. Most of these are looking for ideas for businesses they can start with little up front investment.

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10 Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True |

It has become somewhat common place for the futuristic devices from sci-fi movies to appear as actual products on store shelves. Far more impressive is the fact that writers from the 19th and early 20th century predicted moon landings, radar, and the Internet decades, if not centuries before they became a reality. Read on to learn more about these amazing predictions.

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America’s Losing War Against Obesity|

It’s no secret that Americans are getting fatter by the year.  Much of the fault can be found on their plates.  Portion sizes have been growing out of control and it’s rare that anyone even knows how much a real “portion” is anymore.

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How to Prevent iPad Shoulder Pain |

If your shoulder hurts after using your tablet, you may be able to ease the discomfort by changing how you hold the device, a new study shows.


Compared with users of desktop computers, tablet users are more likey to sit in a flexed posture –

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‘Give to Get Jobs’ – For-Profit Jobs With Positive Impact |

If you’ve been searching for a way to make a living while also giving back, Give to Get Jobs would be a great place to start. The job board has listings for for-profit jobs with social and/or environmental missions.

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How “HateSurfing” Can Help Your Small Business | SmallBusinessNewz

“HateSurfing” is a term that describes the act of going online specifically to read as many negative comments, blog posts, tweets and messages as possible to generate insights that can help you run your business better.

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