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Smartphone cameras can now detect diabetes with 80 percent accuracy | New Atlas

A team from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has demonstrated promising potential in using a smartphone camera to diagnose type 2 diabetes. The innovative research demonstrates a technique that needs no additional hardware other than a functional smartphone camera, and currently is more than 80 percent accurate in detecting diabetes.

“Diabetes can be asymptomatic for a long period of time, making it much harder to diagnose,” says lead author on the new study, Robert Avram. “To date, noninvasive and widely-scalable tools to detect diabetes have been lacking, motivating us to develop this algorithm.”

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Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold is finally ready to pre-order for $2,499 | Mashable

It feels like a lifetime ago that Lenovo first announced its ThinkPad X1 Fold at CES back in January. Now, seven months later, the world’s first PC with a foldable display is available for pre-order starting at $2,499.

The X1 Fold’s specs haven’t changed since that early reveal. It still features a 13.3-inch flexible OLED touchscreen display (2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution) that can be split into two 9.6-inch screens when folded, with a 5-megapixel HD infrared camera on top.

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Trump says the economy is booming. He’s right — but you don’t feel it | CNN

President Donald Trump touts the economy’s quick recovery as evidence of his administration’s success. He’s not wrong, but it’s not the full picture.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell spent all last week testifying about the recovery on Capital Hill. His message: This is a tale of two economies, and one looks much stronger than the other.

On paper, the economy is roaring back even stronger than Powell and many economists expected.: More than 22 million jobs vanished in the spring lockdown, but 10.6 million jobs have since been added back.

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Divers discover lost WWII submarine wreck off Southeast Asia | Live Science

Divers in Southeast Asia have located the lost wreck of what’s thought to be a U.S. Navy submarine that sank in 1943 after it was attacked by Japanese aircraft.

The submarine wreck — almost certainly that of USS Grenadier — was found in a search of the northern end of the Straits of Malacca, between the Malay peninsula and Sumatra.

The divers cross-referenced military records of three submarines sunk in the area during World War II with the possible locations of wrecks reported by fishermen who had snagged nets on submerged obstacles, said team member Lance Horowitz, an Australian based on Thailand’s southern island of Phuket.

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How to Determine Salaries for New Employees | Business News Daily

Establish employee salaries that are in line with industry averages and competitor offerings.

Offer competitive employee benefits to make your job opening more attractive to top talent.

Give inflation-based and performance-based employee raises.

This article is for business owners who want to know how much to pay new hires.

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Too Much On Your Plate? 7 Ways to Tackle It | Life Hack

Do you ever feel like you’re crossing off tasks from your never-ending “to-do” list and yet get to the end of your day feeling like you didn’t make significant progress?

Your new marketing plan takes a backseat. The much needed “you time” is put off until next week. The exciting new idea you’ve been working on can wait until life gets less hectic.

You have too much on your plate but unsure of what to do. In a world where we value the pursuit of more—ideas, tasks, actions—what if you were able to shift to valuing less, putting your energy towards what really matters?

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Is Amazon the Right Place to Sell My Products? |

Retailers today are turning to online marketplaces as a way to get their products in front of a bigger audience. One marketplace that has become especially popular is Amazon. Amazon Prime had a staggering 112 million U.S. users as of January 2020 and has a global reach which is unmatched by any other marketplace.

While Amazon offers a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs in terms of customer reach, how do you know if it’s the right place to sell your product? If you’re considering doing business on Amazon, here are answers to some common questions.

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The Best Small Towns in America to Work Remotely | Small Business Trends

You don’t have to live in a buzzing metropolis to thrive as a freelancer. With telecommunications becoming increasingly sophisticated, and employers recognizing the merits of remote working, freelancers can be successful wherever they work.

Being able to work productivity from virtually anywhere, why live in a concrete jungle with sky-high living costs?

This was the question HireAHelper asked when it created an algorithm. The algorithm ranks the best US towns for remote workers to live in.

Check out the best 25 small towns in American for freelancers to work remotely from and thrive.

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Entrepreneurial Mindset | Management Consulting Connection

Do you work on your entrepreneurial mindset? 

Are you taking care of your mental game just as much as your physical health & well-being?

At Consulting Success®, we believe that your mindset plays a major role in how well you do in business.

But we wanted to see if the stats backed it up.

This summer, we sent out a survey to our list of over 36K consultants and consulting business owners.

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Should You Use QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online? |

Should you use the desktop application or web browser version of QuickBooks? Here’s what you should know about each.

Many business owners are familiar with Intuit QuickBooks, as it’s one of the leading accounting software programs for managing payroll, operations, accounts receivable and numerous other financial functions.

Despite the platform’s ubiquity, however, many business owners remain uncertain about the differences between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Here, we’ll detail everything you should know about the two versions, including their core functions, pricing tiers, hosting location and extra features.

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