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Amazon is hiring 30,000 workers. Here’s how to find out more | CNN

Amazon is looking to fill 30,000 jobs and, to help accomplish that goal, it plans to host career days in six cities across the US next week.

The open spots span a variety of skill and experience levels, from entry-level positions at Amazon’s (AMZN) fulfillment centers to software development engineers. All of the jobs are permanent, and most of them are full-time posts. They all pay at least $15 an hour with benefits.

Amazon’s Career Day will take place on September 17 in Arlington, Virginia (the location of the company’s second headquarters), as well as in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville and its hometown of Seattle. The company said it expects to see significant growth in these cities in the future.

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Why You Still Can’t Buy Fireworks on Amazon | WIRED

IT MAY BE known as the “everything store,” but there are some things, in fact, that Amazon does not sell. The ecommerce giant maintains a list of restricted product categories that ranges from weapons such as firearms, to booze and tobacco products, to pets, to kite strings for the niche sport of kite fighting. And as you get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July, you should also know that list includes fireworks.

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Amazon Restaurants food delivery service is shutting down | Mashable

Sorry to those who loved ordering food deliveries from Amazon, but those days are over.

More specifically, the days of Amazon Restaurants are over. GeekWire reported on Tuesday that Amazon had shut down the in-house food delivery service about four years after its launch. That means customers in more than 20 U.S. markets will likely have to turn to competitors like GrubHub and UberEats to satiate their hunger.

The official shutdown date is June 24, Amazon told GeekWire.

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Trying to Make Your Product a Hit? Don’t Sell It on Amazon | Inc.com

Jules Pieri is the godmother of startup manufacturers. A former industrial designer, she and her business partner Joanne Domeniconi launched The Grommet 10 years ago to introduce novel consumer products to a community of quality- and values-minded consumers. The company evaluates 300 submissions a week, chooses the top 3 percent, and launches them into the market with videos about their origin stories and long chats between makers and customers. Products receiving early visibility from The Grommet include Fitbit, GoldieBlox, and SodaStream. The company also advises entrepreneurs on subjects like packaging and helps them develop distribution.

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‘Project Zero’ Unveiled as Amazon’s Effort to Stop Counterfeits | Business News Daily

Amazon just announced an initiative that it hopes will curtail the long-running issue of third parties selling counterfeit products on the platform.

Dubbed Project Zero, the free program will reportedly draw on the corporation’s technological prowess to streamline its enforcement of existing anti-counterfeit policies.

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Alexa is Literally on Fire as Echo Dot Reportedly Bursts Into Flames | Digital Trends

The third-generation Amazon Echo Dot is total fire, but for one family, that description became too true for comfort. Joe Jachym, a retired firefighter, says he came home on Sunday, February 24, to find his kitchen filling with smoke and his third-generation Amazon Echo Dot in flames. According to Jachym, an electrical fire centered around the plug or the outlet would throw the breaker and (in theory) extinguish the flames, but neither the plug or the outlet was damaged — only the smart assistant.

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Benefits of Amazon Liquidation Auctions | The Startup Magazine

Amazon has changed the landscape of retail sales forever. One of the keys to the company’s success is their customer-friendly return policy. Although the company has been blocking customer accounts lately in response to too many returns, it’s generally easy to send something back to Amazon, and that can benefit you and your own business. Here’s how you can deal with Amazon returns.

What happens to Amazon returns?

It may seem hard to believe when you run a small company, but an enterprise as big as Amazon can’t afford to worry about their returns or allow them to take up space. For the most part, they barely even inspect returns. Instead, Amazon loads them up onto pallets and sells them off at a steep discount.

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6 Amazon Seller Scams to Know About | Business News Daily

A lot of small businesses use Amazon Marketplace to sell products to a wide audience. Amazon directly sells some products to customers, but more than half of the products sold on the platform are from third-party sellers.

Selling on Amazon is easy, and many businesses rely on the platform for most of their sales. Sellers compete to get customers, rank high in search results and get the coveted “best seller” tag. However, sometimes the competition turns sour. Some sellers are sabotaging their competition to get ahead.

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Jeff Bezos: Amazon boss accuses National Enquirer of blackmail – BBC News

The world’s richest man, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, has accused the National Enquirer’s owner of trying to blackmail him over lewd pictures.

Mr Bezos said the magazine’s parent company American Media Inc (AMI) wanted him to drop an investigation into how it obtained his private messages.

Mr Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, said last month they were getting divorced.

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Amazon posts first $200 billion sales year, but growth is slowing | CNN

Amazon now finds itself in an elite group of companies whose annual revenue can be measured in the hundreds of billions.

The company said Thursday that its holiday quarter sales hit $72.4 billion, up 20% from the same period a year earlier and at the high end of its previous forecast. The strong end to the year pushed Amazon’s annual revenue to an impressive $232.9 billion.

But sales growth is slowing as Amazon (AMZN) runs up against the law of large numbers. Its 20% sales growth for the quarter was well below the 38% growth it saw in the same period a year earlier.

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