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Cash wrap counter to die for. It’s massive! | IKEA Hackers

We used IKEA components to build a massive cash wrap counter for our petstore.


3 x KALLAX 4×2 shelving units (Art no: 202.758.85)

2 x KALLAX shelving units (Art no: 202.946.19)

1 x KALLAX 5×5 shelving unit (Art no. 703.015.42)

Frames to cover the back of the 2×4 KALLAX units

4″ ABS pipes

Laminate top

We used 2 of the KALLAX (4 square x 2 square shelves), on their sides. Then a 2×4 frame was attached to the back of them.

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Why labour is becoming more expensive for your business? | The Startup Magazine

Take one look at the economic climate and you’ll note that the price of labor appears to be rising. This is making it harder for businesses to keep costs down, offer products and services at an attractive price and make a profit.

In fact, some businesses are struggling to stay afloat due to the ever increasing cost of labor.

What you may be surprised to learn is that labor costs in Australia have actually grown at twice the pace of other OECD countries.

Yet the rate of unemployment in Australia is still growing potentially leaving you to wonder how the cost of labor is continuing to increase.

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Trump tariffs: Fed says manufacturers in all its districts are worried | Business Insider

The manufacturers most affected by US tariffs on imported goods are worried about their future, according to the Federal Reserve.

The Fed’s Beige Book, which compiles anecdotes on business activity from across its 12 districts, showed Wednesday that manufacturers in all districts expressed concern about tariffs. In many districts, manufacturers said US trade policy had driven up their costs and disrupted supply.

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Minneapolis officials keep teen’s hot dog stand in business | BBC News

After a complaint threatened to shutter a young boy’s hotdog stand, US city officials decided instead to rally behind him to keep it open.

Jaequan Faulkner, 13, has been selling hotdogs outside his home in North Minneapolis, in the Midwestern state of Minnesota, since 2016.

His stand was at risk of closure after someone reported him for not having a permit, local media say.

Instead, city staff helped him obtain a permit and get back to work on Monday.

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Why Silicon Valley Is So Good at Making People Hate Things They Should Love |

To anyone who has spent time in a great metropolis, San Francisco can only be experienced as a collection of dysfunctions interrupted by the occasional nice view. The housing market is the stuff of nightmares. Traffic heading in and out of town sits gridlocked for hours a day. The overcrowded public transit system primarily serves a narrow corridor of neighborhoods. Whole tracts of the city are weirdly barren of restaurants or supermarkets.

And let’s not even start on the ways this increasingly wealthy city fails its large homeless population.

All this dysfunction creates a ready market for consumer-focused startups that can ease the suck a little. It’s no accident that Uber, Airbnb, and Instacart all started here. And so it was when app-enabled electric scooters started showing up on the streets of San Francisco in March, a lot of people wanted to ride them. Cheap, convenient, zero-emissions transportation that gets you exactly where you’re going–that’s something that would improve every city, not just one this broken.

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Bitcoin price passes $7K bringing all 100 top coins up with it | TechCrunch

Bitcoin is moving up, and it’s taking 99 of its best friends along for the ride. In the last 24 hours, every one of the top 100 coins by market cap was in the green, with 84 of them posting gains of over 5 percent. At the time of writing, Bitcoin was sitting at $7,310, up 14 percent in the last 7 days and up almost 10 percent in the last 24 hours.

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Yumi Co-founders Angela Sutherland and Evelyn Rusli On Why You Can Doubt Your Choices But Not Yourself | Entrepreneur

Like so many entrepreneurs, Angela Sutherland didn’t know that she wanted to start a business until a problem was staring her in the face. Sutherland was working in private equity when she got pregnant with her first child. She soon found herself looking for information about the best baby food options — but kept running into conflicting information about the healthiest brands and seeing products that were high in sugar.

After reading about how vital nutrition is during the first 1,000 days of life, Sutherland, who had been looking for a career change, took on the challenge to make it easier for other parents to provide healthy food to their babies. With her friend Evelyn Rusli, the two cofounders launched Yumi, an early childhood meal delivery service.

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Strikes, Boycotts, and Outages Mar Amazon Prime Day | WIRED

PRIME DAY, WHICH began Monday, is one of Amazon’s biggest promotions of the year, when the retailer offers deals to subscribers of its Prime service.

This year, some Amazon workers in Europe are striking during Prime Day, hoping to draw attention to working conditions like proposed cuts in wages and health benefits. In solidarity, some consumers have been boycotting the company and its many subsidiaries, like Twitch and Whole Foods.

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3 Tips for Successfully Managing Your Day-to-Day Workload |

There is so much to do in your business on a day-to-day basis that it’s very easy for time to run away with you. Before you know it an hour has disappeared and you’re not much further forward.

Let me share with you today a tool that I use regularly to help me manage my day-to-day workload.  It’s a simple tool … and everyone has it — including you!

And my tool is … SPREADSHEETS!

They have so many more uses than just calculating figures. They are also a great tool to help you manage your time effectively.

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Your Personal Air Conditioning Unit |

Summers would be so much cooler without the heat. In Florida, summertime means spending most of the day inside to avoid sweltering temperatures and sweat-inducing humidity. Hell, if it wasn’t for air-conditioning, Florida would probably still be a balmy, pristine, practically uninhabitable tract of land jutting out from the United States.

So it makes sense that a couple Floridians recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for what may be the next evolution in air conditioning — the Airwirl.

Taking the form of a fortified 7-Eleven Big Gulp, the Airwirl is actually a personal cooling (or heating) device that is small enough to fit in a cup holder and big enough to pack a punch of cool (or hot) air into your face, providing much-needed (albeit temporary) relief when temperatures reach certain extremes.

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