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Starbucks coffee illegally denied pay to union workers: NLRB | Fast Company

The National Labor Relations Board has sided with workers who claim Starbucks broke labor law by withholding wages and benefits from unionized stores—the latest blow to its handling of baristas’ intensifying union drive.

Over 230 locations have now joined Starbucks Workers United’s union, helping make the world’s most recognizable coffee brand the corporate face of America’s union boom. Both Starbucks and longtime CEO Howard Schultz have now spent months attempting to aggressively thwart these efforts.

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Phone Prospecting Techniques to Get You Sales |

It may be intimidating at times, but phone prospecting is an essential part of selling. Here are a few strategies to reach your prospects by phone to help you get a meeting or make a sale. How to make your phone prospecting more effective

1. Get past the gatekeeper

They’re called gatekeepers for a reason. Their job is to keep out people who waste decision makers’ time and let in those who can help. A quick way to make sure you’re seen as being in the latter category is to ask the operator a time-related question. If it’s early afternoon, you could say to an operator, “Hi. This is John Jones with XYZ company. Has Jim in information technology made it back from lunch yet, or is he still out?”

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Substantiating Business Driving the Right Way | Small Business Trends

Small business owners may use their personal vehicles for business driving. This is perfectly advisable from a cost-saving perspective, and it’s permissible for tax purposes too. The only catch: in order to deduct the cost of business driving, you need to substantiate business use of the vehicle. The tax rules are very strict on what this means. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Records must be contemporaneous

This means required information must be noted in a logbook, app, or other record at or near the time of each business trip in the vehicle. In one case, a contractor created his mileage record solely for use when he was audited; the notations weren’t made contemporaneously with the business use of his Mercedes. What’s more, his record was a calendar with minimal notations about business appointments; not good enough as you’ll see.

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20 Best Careers for Technology Geeks |

If you love technology and data, these are the careers for you.

Are you a self-proclaimed tech geek? Do you love dealing with computers? Are you looking for an attractive career opportunity to pursue? Keep on reading and find out some of the best career paths that will work best for you.

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Apple’s M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro might launch soon | Digital Trends

It appears that we might see the upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros sooner than initially thought, complete with the new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips for extra performance capabilities.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the development of these two MacBooks is well underway, meaning that there’s a chance Apple might be able to release them shortly.

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10 Things To Know Before You Buy Bitcoin | The Startup Magazine

What to remember before buying bitcoin (BTC)?

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency may indicate that folks are more interested in learning some basics about this new investment opportunity. Unfortunately, surveys have shown that 96% of American respondents failed to answer simple questions regarding bitcoin. That’s why future investors must boost their crypto-related know-how before they start investing in the BTC bubble. The recent market crash, in essence, serves as a warning to those who consider bitcoin a make-money-fast method without learning some essentials about cryptocurrency. Since bitcoin remains the most popular form of virtual money, we’re describing some of the most important factors people should remember before buying it.

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Millions prepare for huge rise in energy bills | BBC News

Millions of households will soon discover how high energy bills will go in October as regulator Ofgem announces a new price cap.

A household in England, Wales and Scotland using a typical amount of gas and electricity currently pays about £2,000 a year.

That annual bill is predicted to soar to more than £3,500, leaving many struggling or unable to pay.

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DoorDash hit by data breach linked to Twilio hackers | TechCrunch

Food delivery giant DoorDash has confirmed a data breach that exposed customers’ personal information.

In a blog post shared with TechCrunch ahead of its publication at market close, DoorDash said malicious hackers stole credentials from employees of a third-party vendor that were then used to gain access to some of DoorDash’s internal tools.

DoorDash said the attackers accessed names, email addresses, delivery addresses and phone numbers of DoorDash customers. For a “smaller subset” of users, hackers accessed partial payment card information, including card type and the last four digits of the card number.

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Spyware Scandals Are Ripping Through Europe | WIRED

THE TEXT MESSAGE that dragged Thanasis Koukakis into what’s being called Europe’s Watergate scandal was so innocuous, he can barely remember receiving it. The Athens-based financial journalist received the note on his black iPhone 12 Pro on July 12 last year from a Greek number he didn’t have saved. That wasn’t unusual for Koukakis, who has spent the past three years investigating the changes the government has been making to financial crime regulation. He gets a lot of messages—both from numbers he’s saved and those he hasn’t. This one addressed him directly. “Thanasis,” it read, “Do you know about this issue?” Koukakis clicked on the link that followed, which took him to a news story about a Greek banking scandal. He replied with a terse: “No.”

Koukakis, 44, did not think about the message until months later. In the days that followed, he was oblivious to the fact that the website that hosted the story he was sent had disappeared. He also did not know that by clicking on that link, he had opened an invisible door inside his phone, allowing spyware software called Predator to creep in to silently watch the messages and calls he was sending and receiving.

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7 Things No One Tells You About Starting a Business | Entrepreneur

“You’re crazy!” “Are you sure?” “That’s going to be hard.” These are all things entrepreneurs hear when they talk about starting a business. The critics aren’t wrong; it is going to be hard, but that doesn’t have to stop you from being successful in your business. As long as you strategize, plan and read this article before starting a business, you’ll be well on your way. Here are seven tips that no one tells you before you start your business:

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