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Millions prepare for huge rise in energy bills | BBC News

Millions of households will soon discover how high energy bills will go in October as regulator Ofgem announces a new price cap.

A household in England, Wales and Scotland using a typical amount of gas and electricity currently pays about £2,000 a year.

That annual bill is predicted to soar to more than £3,500, leaving many struggling or unable to pay.

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Scotland Will Be Home To The World’s Largest Floating Wind Farm | Co.Exist

Offshore wind farms are getting more practical, partly because of a new technology that allows them to float. Scotland, or rather the ocean off Scotland’s coast, will soon become home to the world’s largest installation of the technology.

The Hywind Park will consist of five floating six-megawatt turbines, anchored in water over 330 feet deep, and situated 15-22 miles from land. The project, conceived in 2014 and recently given the go-ahead, has previously been called the “world’s first floating wind farm,” and now is apparently the largest.

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Diapers to Furniture | CoolBusinessIdeas.com

Each year over 160 million diapers (or nappies as they are known in the UK) are sent to Scotland’s landfills. However a new recycling scheme is aiming to take those used diapers and turn them into park benches, garden furniture, decking, bollards, railway sleepers, fencing, roof tiles and cardboard. Other bathroom wastewill also be recycled, including incontinence products, wet wipes, nappy sacks and cotton wool.

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