When is the 2023 Deadline for Taxes? Everything You Need to Know | Small Biz Trends

The deadline for taxes in the US is quickly approaching. With the 2023 tax season just around the corner, it’s important to understand when and how you need to file your returns.

This article provides an overview of the key dates and requirements associated with filing taxes in 2023, so you can be fully prepared for the deadline for taxes.

We’ll also highlight some tips for making filing easier and stress-free. Understanding the 2023 deadline for taxes can ensure that you have ample time to plan ahead and not miss any important deadlines or opportunities to save money. Let’s get started!

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Help Your Employees Make Strong Passwords a Habit | Harvard Business Review

“Use a strong password” is the “wear sunscreen” of the digital world: Everyone knows it’s good advice, but too few people actually follow it. Instead, they lean on go-to passwords that are easy to remember, throwing in that “!” at the end of their secret word or slotting “@” in place of the letter “a.” (It’s not for nothing that “P@ssword!” is the most popular password.) None of this, of course, diminishes the stakes of a breach for most companies. The uncomfortable truth is that password security remains a common and underestimated concern. And for companies, one of the biggest challenges in shoring up their security is getting employees to practice better password hygiene.

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Recovery Time: How Work Is Just Like Your Workouts | Business

You need to recuperate after the gym and the workday.

When you go for a run or have a heavy lifting session, your heart rate, breathing, and muscles require some recovery time. The same is true in the context of work, where you expend not only physical but also cognitive and emotional energy. Your body and your brain need to recover!

Beyond Midday Napping

People who engage in recovery activities feel better at the end of the day and the next morning, research shows. This can be as simple as taking a nap, although most offices don’t offer nap pods like Google does.

It’s also possible to recover in a variety of ways, including activities both at work and away from work, such as going for a walk, connecting with an old friend, or trying out a new creative hobby. People who spend less time on these kinds of activities report worse moods, sleep, and even job performance.

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Showtime is being merged into Paramount Plus | Digital Trends

The streaming world continues to consolidate, but that’s not necessarily lessening the confusion over where to watch what. The latest move is with Showtime becoming a part of Paramount+. While parent company Paramount didn’t directly announce the change, it long had been in the running before Variety reported the news via an internal memo from Paramount CEO Bob Backish.

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5 Essential Strategies for Scaling Your E-commerce Business | The Startup Magazine

As an e-commerce business owner, scaling your business is essential for success. It is vital to understand that there are different strategies for scaling depending on what type of e-commerce business you have. Here are five crucial tips for scaling your e-commerce business.

1. Invest In SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for driving organic traffic from search engines like Google directly to your website or e-Commerce storefronts. SEO involves optimizing content with keywords related to your industry, building backlinks, and submitting sitemaps, so that search engines can crawl through your website easily. A Google ad agency with experienced professionals can also help you optimize your website and create engaging content that will draw attention to your products.

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Pamela Anderson’s memoir bares soul on fame and heartbreak | BBC News

In the 30-odd years since she first ran along the California beaches in Baywatch – the lifeguard drama that remains one of the most-watched series ever – fans and critics have become acquainted with different parts of Pamela Anderson’s life story: Playboy covers, a leaked sex tape and many marriages.

A stolen VHS, featuring intimate footage of Anderson with her first husband Tommy Lee, was distributed for more than $75m (£60m) in sales in the first year alone, and a fictionalised account of the ordeal made by Hulu earned widespread acclaim and 10 Emmy nominations.

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What’s Stripe’s deal? | TechCrunch

Stripe eyes exit, reportedly tried raising at a lower valuation The big news in fintech this week revolved around payments giant Stripe.

On January 26, my Equity Podcast co-host and overall amazingly talented reporter Natasha Mascarenhas and I teamed up to write about how Stripe had set a 12-month deadline for itself to go public, either through a direct listing or by pursuing a transaction on the private market, such as a fundraising event and a tender offer, according to sources familiar with the matter. The news, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal, came as a surprise considering the rather dry public market activity in the tech world. Later that day, it also came to light that Stripe had reportedly approached investors about raising more capital — at least $2 billion — at a valuation of $55 billion to $60 billion.

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3 Easy Ways to Save More Money in 2023 | Getentrepreneurial.com

The New Year is finally here, meaning that many people are beginning to create and attempt to follow their New Year’s Resolutions. One of the most common resolutions among people all around the world is to take control of their finances and save more money. Whether you’re looking to grow your emergency savings fund in 2023 or want to save up for a home renovation project like the installation of custom made bathroom cabinets,here are a few simple tips for saving money in the New Year that can help you keep your resolution and meet your financial goals.

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Solar Reactor Converts Co2 Plastic Into Useful Products | Cool Business Ideas 

Greenhouse gases and plastic waste are two of the biggest environmental problems the world faces today. A new reactor from Cambridge is designed to tackle both at once, converting CO2 and used plastic bottles into useful materials, powered entirely by sunlight.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide is at its highest levels in millennia, leading to devastating climate consequences. Meanwhile, our reliance on plastic is causing a huge buildup of the stuff in rivers, oceans and everywhere from pole to pole. Research in both of these fields has led to scientists designing reactors that convert either captured CO2 or plastic waste into oils, fuels and other useful chemicals and materials.

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Southwest Develops Software Fix to Prevent Travel Meltdowns | Entrepreneur

Following its disastrous Christmas travel season, which saw the cancellation of 16,700 flights, Southwest Airlines is testing new software fixes — and facing an inquiry from the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) for “unrealistic scheduling of flights.”

CNN reports that the airline’s existing software system will remain in place. However, changes stemming from Southwest’s review include a new command center team, telephone system improvements, and overall improved preparedness for inclement weather.

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