The Royole FlexPai is the first phone we’ve seen with a truly foldable screen | New Atlas

Foldable phones are coming, there’s no doubt about that. Samsung, LG, and Huawei are among those who’ve set out their intentions to launch bendable handsets within the next year, but they’ve all apparently been beaten to the line by the Royole FlexPai.

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Apple’s first 5G iPhone won’t be ready until 2020, report says | Mashable

Apple’s first 5G iPhone is still two years away. That’s according to a new report, which says the iPhone maker won’t be 5G ready until 2020.

That would put Apple a year behind some of its Android rivals which have said they plan to have 5G phones in 2019.

The news, which comes from Fast Company, cites a single source said to have “knowledge of Apple’s plans.”

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Amazon keeps everyone guessing about HQ2 | CNN

The mystery over which city or cities Amazon will choose for its second headquarters continues.

An Amazon executive on Saturday took a swipe at a Washington Post report that said the e-commerce giant was in advanced talks about opening its second headquarters, nicknamed HQ2, in Crystal City, Virginia. The report in the Jeff Bezos-owned Post, which cited “people close to the process,” said the Washington DC suburb is a frontrunner for the complex, which is expected to create 50,000 jobs and cost $5 billion.

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Why Do People Like Pumpkin Spice So Much? | Live Science

Mmm, that spicy-sweet scent that takes over coffee shops, bakeries and entire aisles at the grocery store is a good indication that autumn has arrived. But what is it about this seasonal trend — that is, infusing pumpkin spice flavor into all kinds of treats — that makes it a fall favorite?

The answer has to do with how our brains respond to nostalgia, marketing and the sweet taste that often comes along with the spice, said Catherine Franssen, assistant professor of biopsychology and director of neurostudies at Longwood University in Virginia.

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How to Use Twitter for Marketing | Business News Daily

All small businesses should have some sort of social media presence. The key is deciding what social media platforms are right for your business, and how to use the platforms to best market your products and services.

While Twitter isn’t the best social media platform for all businesses, for those that use it, it can be a powerful marketing and customer service tool. Business News Daily talked to small business owners and social media experts about how small businesses can market their brands on Twitter. Here are four tips.

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How to Work Under Pressure so You Won’t Burn Yourself Out | Life Hack

The stress to perform above and beyond at work can have unwanted effects if not managed efficiently—especially when working in a high-pressure environment.

One of these effects is called burnout. Burnout can make you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, unmotivated, and just plain done with your position. (Here’re more early signs of a burnout!)

Feeling burnt out at the office is the exact opposite of feeling happy and fulfilled in your work, and can lead to a huge dip in overall life satisfaction.

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Ben & Jerry’s Pecan Resist supports progressive causes | Fast Company

Every day, it seems, we’re confronted by reminders that we’re living through times of unprecedented conflict, division, and threat to our future in the U.S., and on this planet. Just last week, leaders on the political left were mailed bomb-laden packages, and a man killed 11 people, including a Holocaust survivor, during services at a synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27. Underpinning these horrific shocks are more pervasive worries: We’re still not making progress on climate change, and with the midterm elections less than a week away, the country continues to feel fractured.

The most productive way to channel the anxiety that circulates around everything that’s happening: Voting on November 6. But people are, in all honesty, probably doing a fair bit of stress eating to cope, too. In an effort to tie this fairly universal coping mechanism back to political effort, Ben & Jerry’s has released, as of October 30, a new flavor intended to motivate people to take action.

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Why Buy 1 House In California When You Can Get 6 In Texas? | Forbes

It’s becoming obvious, if it wasn’t already, that California real estate is uniquely expensive compared to the rest of the country. According to Zillow’s September index, the median price for a single-family home in the state — $549,000 — is high, but house prices are even higher in its four biggest cities:

  • Los Angeles: $898,949
  • San Diego: $848,500
  • San Jose: $1,099,990
  • San Francisco: $1,400,000

In the majority of major American cities, you’d pay less for a house. And in many, you could buy several houses for the cost of a single home in a California city.

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10 Must-Read Email Newsletters for Small Business Owners |

With the wealth of information the internet offers, there simply isn’t enough time to sort through all of it. Newsletters, however, can send you smart, targeted information and stories on the topics that are important to you, directly to your inbox.

When you’re running a small business, I know your time comes at a premium, and you can’t waste a moment searching for the best content—or by extension—the best newsletters. So here’s a list of 10 newsletters that are worth subscribing to—and maybe they’ll even inspire you to start sending out emails of your own.

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Retargeting Ads for Small Business: The Basics | Small Business Trends

When a business is just starting out, the early, personal relationships result in the first customers, partners, and employees. The most successful companies in the world never lose sight of relationships as the foundation of their business.

You might not think of digital marketing for your business in relationship-building terms, but it’s an effective way to gain clarity on what your strategy should be.

Digital marketing can be intimidating for small business owners, rife with uncertainty over which platforms and tactics will deliver the best value. Coming up with a clear strategy seems like a never-ending puzzle.

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