The world’s lightest laptop is lighter than an iPad Pro | Digital Trends

Laptops keep getting thinner and lighter, but this new business device from Fujitsu takes the crown for the lightest laptop in the world. The Lifebook WU-X/G2, currently only available in Japan, weighs just 634 grams. That’s less than 1.4 pounds.

As TechRadar points, out that’s less than a 12.9-pound iPad Pro, which weighs just 682 grams.

Unlike the iPad Pro, this laptop has a larger screen, keyboard, and trackpad for its weight, with dimensions of 12.1 by 7.8 by 0.6 inches. Its display is a 13.3-inch full HD screen with an accompanying HD webcam that also includes a privacy shutter.

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6 Vital Ways A Tax Attorney Can Help Business Owners | The Startup Magazine

Filing taxes is a gigantic undertaking for business owners as figuring out the intricacies of commercial or enterprise-related tax can be difficult and fines can be huge if there is any discrepancy in the process.

Tax audits can be particularly harsh for business owners who have either forgotten or incorrectly filed their taxes even once. Working with a tax attorney can alleviate many of your troubles as they can handle responsibility for correctly calculating your taxes and obtaining the necessary paperwork.

A Comprehensive Analysis Of Applicable Taxes

Tax attorneys are incredibly specialized in tax law and the tax net prevalent in the country. Apart from federal taxes, businesses regardless of size can also be liable to pay local or state taxes. Furthermore, no business (not even a certain type of business) will have the same amount liable in tax.

The full scope of activities of a business and a multitude of other factors determine the end amount of tax that needs to be paid. Businesses that operate internationally or have an established presence in their own country supplying far and wide, will be subject to additional taxes as well compared with very small local businesses. A tax attorney can figure out the exact varieties of tax that apply to your business making the process smoother and hassle-free.

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Apple and Amazon sales up despite rising prices | BBC News

Amazon and Apple posted better than expected sales, reassuring investors that the tech giants will be able to weather slowdowns in global economies.

Amazon forecast in a trading update that higher fees for its Prime membership would boost its bottom line, while Apple said demand for its all important iPhone remained strong.

Both firms said they were making progress controlling running costs, despite prices rising at rapid rates.

The updates sent shares soaring.

The quarterly updates from Apple and Amazon are closely watched as indicators of how customers are reacting to the economic climate.

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How This Ex-Home Health Aide Built a Successful Business Helping Caregivers Grow Their Skills and Chart a Career Path |

When Helen Adeosun, 37, started a masters program in education policy and management at Harvard’s graduate school of education, she didn’t think of herself as an entrepreneur. But one eye-opening course–paired with her previous experience as a home-care worker–gave her, in 2015, the confidence she needed to start CareAcademy, which in six short years would become one of the fastest growing companies in America. Her Boston-based training business for care workers generated $33 million in funding, but navigating Covid has been anything but certain. –As told to Rebecca Deczynski

My idea for CareAcademy came together in a class cross-listed at Harvard and MIT called Development Ventures–it’s still offered today. The premise for the class is that you create a company for social benefit. Students share their ideas and everyone votes for their favorites. I nervously put my hand up and shared my idea.

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Gmail gets a new look, Instagram trips while trying to be TikTok and India blocks Battleground Mobile | TechCrunch

New Gmail for all: Use Gmail? Don’t be surprised if it looks different soon. The company announced this week that the “Material You” interface overhaul it has been testing will roll out to all users in the coming weeks. Don’t like the new styling? For now, at least, you can find a toggle hidden in the settings menu to switch it back.

Instagram’s bad move(s): As best anyone can tell, TikTok seems to be eating Instagram’s lunch. Is the answer for Instagram to become more like TikTok? Recent updates — like a focus on full-screen video and more content from people you don’t follow — have made the Insta interface feel more and more TikTok-y…and, well, the complaints have been loud. Instagram is at least pretending to listen, though, and says it’ll be walking back many of said changes. Maybe.

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What to Know About IP Ratings Before Getting Your Phone Wet | Wired

OUR SMARTPHONES END up in unexpected places, whether it’s a quick dip in the toilet or a journey behind the couch to where only the dust bunnies roam. Just how rugged is your device? Ingress Protection ratings, developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission and first released in 1976, are intended to highlight a device’s level of dust and water resistance.

IP ratings are a helpful standard for comparing new smartphones’ general resistance to dust and water. Keep in mind, however, that tests for IP ratings are performed in laboratory settings on brand-new devices. So, the protections could be significantly diminished if you throw your phone around and scuff it up or purchase a refurbished device. If you’re reading this article because your smartphone is currently drenched, check out WIRED’s guide to saving wet phones before throwing it in any bag of dry rice.

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Higher Education in the Face of New Technologies Is an Opportunity for Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes in higher education. Higher education includes general, technical or professional education, which requires a level of training greater than or equal to the baccalaureate or its equivalent. During the moments of confinement, the research laboratories were closed, the courses were given remotely, and the students and staff, not being used to this mode of operation, were forced to adapt despite the increase in social inequalities, xenophobia and student mental health issues.

Almost two years after the confinements, higher education is becoming more than necessary to focus on other future eventualities, considering the world’s socio-economic needs: economy and community. Not only has the pandemic redirected higher education, but the challenges and issues related to public evolution and the strong presence of digital technology today require the university to set new objectives and different methods based on innovation using technological tools.

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Realistic Challenges When Working From Home |

Working from home has its benefits, but there are also challenges that come with it as well. This is especially true if you work in something complex like the medical industry, such as The Institute of Natural Health. But by being aware of these challenges, you can work to get around them and better prepare yourself.


If you’re someone who is easily distracted, working from home might prove to be a challenge for you. Your office might have a few distractions in it, but at home, you’ve got to deal with things like the mail being delivered, housework that needs to be done, the television is only a few steps away, kids, noisy neighbors, and more.

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The FTC is suing to stop Meta from acquiring Within, a VR fitness company | Mashable

In an era full of giant tech companies devouring smaller tech companies, the Federal Trade Commission is actually trying to stop one such acquisition.

The FTC filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to block Meta from acquiring the VR developer Within, per The Verge. Within is perhaps best known for developing Supernatural VR, a popular VR fitness app. The federal agency’s primary charge is that, in purchasing Within, Meta would be monopolizing VR fitness, given that it already owns another one of the most popular VR workout games in Beat Saber.

“Letting Meta acquire Supernatural would combine the makers of two of the most significant VR fitness apps, thereby eliminating beneficial rivalry between Meta’s Beat Saber app and Within’s Supernatural app,” the FTC’s complaint said.

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How to take advantage of rising interest rates | CNN

With the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike on Wednesday — its fourth since March — consumers again face the question of where to park their savings for the best return and how to minimize their borrowing costs.

In its bid to beat back high inflation, the US central bank hiked its overnight lending rate another 75 basis points to a range of 2.25% to 2.50%. And more rate hikes are anticipated later this year.

“With inflation running north of 9%, we’re not at the finish line and there will be more interest rate increases to come in the months ahead,” said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at

Here are a few ways to situate your money so that you can benefit from rising rates, and protect yourself from their downside.

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