Kentucky Derby: 80-1 outsider Rich Strike pulls off historic upset | BBC News

An 80-1 outsider has won the Kentucky Derby, in one of the biggest upsets in the history of America’s most celebrated horse race.

Rich Strike – ridden by Sonny Leon – stormed to victory at Churchill Downs in Louisville despite having the longest odds among all 20 horses.

The horse was only brought in on Friday after another had to drop out.

It is the second-longest shot to win the Run for the Roses after Donerail won at 91-1 odds in 1913.

Rich Strike pulled ahead down the stretch to beat favorite Epicenter, who was second, and Zandon, who was third.

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The Humbling of Andy Dunn: How the Bonobos Co-Founder’s Struggles With Mental Health Almost Upended Him–and His Company |

ANDY DUNN WAS RIDING HIGH. It was 2012, and he was running a hot e-commerce fashion company he’d co-founded. He’d cashed out seven figures’ worth of shares on the secondary market and was living like he thought a CEO in his early 30s in New York City should be living: large. He bought a black Porsche. He jetted off for weekends in Istanbul and Moscow, and ran up a $10,000 Four Seasons bill in Bali. He went out to clubs and restaurants almost every night: drinks with a potential hire at 6; a dinner date at 8; meeting a friend for more drinks at 10.

His company, Bonobos, had launched in 2007 and pioneered an online-first, brand-building model that just a few years later was being copied by entrepreneurs in every consumer-product category imaginable: direct-to- consumer eyeglasses, shoes, razors, dog food, luggage, undies, and more. Dunn started to see himself as a kind of godfather of a new consumer movement. He hired bright college grads to run customer service in-house in one of the world’s most expensive cities. He opened brick-and-mortar showrooms, dubbed Guideshops, at a time when legacy stores were flailing. Bonobos was early to social media marketing and omnichannel retail, and it helped usher in a whole new startup econ­omy in New York.

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Crypto gaming is growing, but can it reach people outside of the web3 world? | TechCrunch

Last year was big for the play-to-earn gaming scene, which goes hand-in-hand with the crypto world, but as the games become more advanced and provide more opportunities for users, what’s next for the industry?

Perhaps it’s building out the gaming experience or creating new openings for non-crypto-native players to enter the space, but there’s a range of opportunities and challenges for builders and gamers.

“The goal is to bring the Web 2.0 traditional gaming masses to web3,” Alex Paley, co-founder of Solana-based blockchain gaming studio Faraway, said to TechCrunch. “The only way you do that is by removing as many artificial barriers as possible.”

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Inside Shein’s Sudden Rise: Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control | WIRED

LAST FALL, IN the stagnation of pandemic life, I became fascinated with videos of influencers standing in their bedrooms and trying on clothes from a company called Shein.

In the TikToks, hashtagged #sheinhaul, a young woman would hold up a big plastic bag and rip into it, releasing a cascade of smaller plastic bags, each containing a neatly folded item of clothing. The shot would then cut to the woman wearing one piece at a time, rapid-fire, interspersed with screenshots from Shein’s app showing the prices: an $8 dress, a $12 swimsuit.

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‘They Don’t Know What Work Actually Means’: Manager Fired After Posting Rant Against Gen Z on Front Door | Entrepreneur

It’s long been joked about that boomers blame millennials and Gen Z for everything, including critiques on the younger generations’ work ethic and alleged inability to save and spend money responsibly.

But one Dollar Tree manager took the generational assumptions a little too far after posting a hiring notice that banned Gen Z hopefuls from applying, subsequently getting herself fired in the process.

The Dollar Tree in Bremen, Indiana has become the source of internet infamy after a photo made its rounds of a sign that was plastered to the front of the store.

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These retirement bills let older workers put even more into their 401(k)s | CNN

If a popular piece of retirement legislation makes it to President Biden’s desk this year, it would give older 401(k) participants the opportunity to contribute more to their nest egg and possibly bolster their tax-free savings.

Currently, anyone 50 or older may contribute an additional $6,500 on top of the annual $20,500 federal 401(k) contribution limit, for a total of $27,000 a year.

But under the Secure Act 2.0, which the House passed in March, the cap on catch-up contributions would increase to $10,000 for people ages 62, 63 and 64. So they’d be allowed to save a total of $30,500 in their 401(k)s.

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3 Gadgets that Make Cleaning Your Home Effortless | Cool Business Ideas

Our homes are our kingdoms, and it makes sense to keep your castle in good shape. We love decorating it, we make changes when necessary, and even dish out the bucks to make repairs when a problem arises, such as a leaky roof that requires a team like Alpha Elite Roofing. However, when it comes to keeping your home clean, sometimes it can be a struggle. Luckily, there are tons of helpful gadgets that can assist you in this endeavor.


While robotic vacuums have been around for a little while, they have never been as effective as they are today, nor as versatile. Roombas, for example, now come equipped with wifi technology that allows you to sync it with your home AI devices and your phone. It also reacts to voice commands and is mobile enough to push through the thickest carpet, sucking up dust and crumbs in the process. You’ve likely seen videos of them patrolling hallways and kitchens as they navigate obstacles, and this is pretty accurate, as they can move around most anything in their way in order to clean your home.

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Amazon’s Kindle will finally support epub files | Mashable

You know how every other ebook reader under the sun supports EPUB files, but Amazon’s Kindle stubbornly refuses to do so? Well, that’s changing.

Amazon quietly updated its help documentation (via Goodreader) to state that Kindle devices will start supporting EPUB files.

There’s a catch, though. “Beginning in late 2022, Send to Kindle applications will support EPUB (.EPUB) format,” says the document. This means you’ll be able to send EPUB files to your Kindle via Amazon’s handy Send to Kindle system, which essentially lets you upload documents to your Kindle by emailing them to your Kindle email address. It’s unclear, however, whether Kindles will natively support EPUB files, allowing you to purchase ebooks from Amazon’s library in the EPUB format directly.

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Why a balanced diet is important | Live Science

You may be wondering why a balanced diet is important. The simple answer is eating a healthy, balanced diet is a vital part of maintaining good health and helping you to feel your best. While some groups of people, such as athletes, may require additional support by way of the best protein powders to fuel muscle growth, the majority of us can get everything we need by ensuring we’re eating a healthy and varied range of foods.

A balanced diet supplies the fuel your body needs to work effectively. Without balanced nutrition, your body is more prone to illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars, and saturated fats are essential to ensure your body functions at its best.

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Employee Retirement Plan Reviews 2022 |

  • Many employee retirement benefits providers also handle company payroll and other HR functions.
  • Cost and investment options are important considerations when you are choosing an employee retirement benefits provider.
  • You should expect sound service, but not investment advice, from an employee retirement benefits provider.
  • This best-picks page is for business owners who are looking for the best employee retirement benefits provider for their business.

Once your business is profitable – and especially once you have employees – you need to set up an employer-sponsored retirement plan to help employees save and invest. The best employee retirement providers offer plan design, along with administration, recordkeeping, auto-enrollment and easy integration with company payroll.

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