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Twitter’s Money-Making Plan: Promoted Tweets | Fast Company

At first, these Promoted Tweets will only be seen on Twitter’s site, not through any client (including mobile clients like Twidroid and Tweetie as well as desktop clients like TweetDeck), and they’ll only be linked to search keywords. Use a mobile app, or use the Twitter site without searching, and you won’t see any ads–for now.

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How Apple Lost the Next iPhone | Gizmodo

“I underestimated how good German beer is,” he typed into the next-generation iPhone he was testing on the field, cleverly disguised as an iPhone 3GS. It was his last Facebook update from the secret iPhone. It was the last time he ever saw the iPhone, right before he abandoned it on bar stool, leaving to go home.

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Coca-Cola Faces Anger From Shareholders | Fast Company

Coke should be concerned about where these resolutions are headed over the long term. The main implication of the resolution is that Coke is an industry laggard, and shareholders like to invest their money with leaders not laggards.”

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Green Mansion With Ocean Floor View |

While the words “green” and “mansion” don’t really play nice together, this home — called the Acqua Liana — is certainly a testament to big-thinking green design.

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World’s Second Most Expensive Casino Opens In Singapore | Born

Talking of casinos, it instantly brings to mind the glittering city streets of Las Vegas, where fantasies are reality and high life has a whole different meaning.

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Canned Cheeseburger |

Junk Food With 12 Month Shelf Life

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Gov. Schwarzenegger Announces Loan Applications for Clean Energy Business Financing Program Available

California Clean Energy Manufacturers Will Receive $30 million
The California Energy Commission today released the applications for the Clean Energy Business Financing Program (CEBFP), making available more than $30 million in low-interest loans to eligible California clean energy manufacturing businesses. The CEBFP will use American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act), State Energy Program (SEP) funds for 2.75 percent interest rate loans to private companies to reduce energy use, increase renewable energy generation, and create and retain California jobs.

“These loans for small business clean energy manufacturers will create jobs and upgrade our aging infrastructure,” said Governor Schwarzenegger.  “California is paving the way for a new economic foundation for the 21st century, showing once again that what benefits the environment can also benefit the economy.”

Loans to qualifying applicants will range from $50,000 to a maximum of $5 million and may be used to expand or retool existing facilities for the manufacturing of eligible energy efficiency or renewable energy products, components, systems and technologies. Loan funds are also available to successful applicants for projects generating either new production or expanded production of biomethane gas from biomass that is direct-injected into natural gas transmission lines.

“What these clean energy entrepreneurs require is affordable capital – private and public funding that keeps jobs and manufacturing in California and strengthens the state’s economy,” said California Energy Commission Chairman Karen Douglas. “These low interest loans will help manufacturers to produce their renewable or energy-efficient products, benefiting Californians and recouping some of our state’s lost manufacturing jobs.”
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From Michael Gonzalez at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development:

The CA i-HUB initiative is designed to promote collaboration, create employment opportunities, shorten the commercialization process

and attract funding for technology.  Our new colleague, Katy McKenzie, is the Assistant Deputy Director for Innovation at our office and will be the primary contact for the CA iHub Initiative.  For more information about the program as well as the guidelines for Round II, please see the attached pdf files or visit our website at

*****Round II offers two application deadlines. Applications can be submitted on either May 20 or July 22!*****

Please send any questions about this initiative to

Round II iHub Guidelines GoED Guidelines Release, 4.22.10

Facebook Whisperer Speaks, Why Facebook Threatened to Sue Him | Fast Company

There’s a massive blind spot about the social component in our lives, and that’s where this data helps. On Facebook, you’re essentially voting all the time on your profile and nobody yet has the ability to make those votes count.

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Sustainable City Lights Have a Flowery Approach to Life – GreenPacks

City lights have to be one of the biggest energy suckers around, and making them more efficient should lead to massive energy savings.

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