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Statewide small business stimulus program heads to Riverside | Office of the Small Business Advocate

Business Matchmaking and SBDC team to help entrepreneurs access contracts
Statewide small business stimulus program heads to Riverside

SACRAMENTO — On Feb. 4 Riverside businesses will have the opportunity to participate in a free statewide program aimed at increasing small business readiness to access stimulus-funded contracts through President Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan.
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External Affairs Newsletter | Office of the Governator

Put on your anti-spin boots and read this latest missive from the Governor that cares, Ahrnold.

January 2010
Welcome to Governor Schwarzenegger’s Office of External Affairs January 2010 
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U.S. Retail Credit Card Defaults Hit Near-Record Levels with No Relief in Sight |

Fitch’s December Retail Credit Card Index results show that more than one in every eight dollars of receivables was written off as uncollectable during the November collection period on an annualized basis.

Similar to chargeoffs, the deterioration in delinquencies has slowed significantly from the previous year, yet they still remain almost 48% higher than 2007. Despite these short term improvements, Fitch expects retail credit card delinquencies to remain elevated throughout first half 2010 in line with its expectations for unemployment.

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Small Business Toolkit | Office of the Small Business Advocate

If you’re interested in participating in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects but don’t how to find or apply for them, then the attached documents should help.

To read an overview brochure, click here.

To read a detailed PowerPoint presentation, click here.

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Stimulus News Digest | Office of the Small Business Advocate

Highlights include:

Santa Rosa, County Due Millions in Stimulus Aid   –   $7.4MM

Forest Service Gets $185 Million to Expand Payroll in Region  –  $185MM

Workforce Investment Board Offers Free Employment Advice  –  $220K

Fiber Dominates Latest US Rural Broadband Stimulus Funds Release  –  $300MM

NIH Funding of Biomedical Innovation Is Creating Jobs, Fueling Industry  –  $10.5BN
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Custom Business Planning and Solutions Is Launched By The Creators Of WhiteBoard Partners, LLC

For Immediate Release

01/21/10 | Chino Hills, CA : The creators of WhiteBoard Partners, LLC announce the launch of Custom Business Planning and Solutions (CustomBPS). CustomBPS will retain many of the award winning aspects of WhiteBoard Partners while adding flexibility in how products are created and brought to market.

The new branding emphasizes the true, individual, custom nature of the services we offer. It also allows the principals to launch additional services in an individually branded or co-branded way.

With the changing economy, CustomBPS founders realized the creation of a new brand would be necessary to support changes to their business model. “The new business model and identity allows us to play to all our strengths,” said President Lydia Mehit, “while incorporating what we’ve learned during the last six years as WBP.”

Services ready for launch or planned for 2010 introduction are, “Employee to Entrepreneur Now”, an internet based program for those considering starting their own businesses; employee performance training delivered both in person and via internet, an internet based business workflow and procedure course and at least two publications.

“Our legacy clients will find that we will still deliver the best business planning and process solutions available. This change will allow us to bring this same experience to more people,” said Peter Mehit, COO.

Contact: Lydia Mehit 800-741-8444,

Maintenance-Free Cars – This Cadillac Built to Last 100 Years Without Gas or Tune-Up|

Inside and out, the car has been designed to run for 100 years without maintenance.

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ROCK ON! Iron Maiden’s 757! | Yeah Bra! |

Click on any of the images below to see a larger image.

Check out the tour cities painted on the fuselage like bombing runs:  Belgrade, Dubai, Bangalore… Bangalore, India? I’ve been to Bangalore. Imagining a stadium full of Bangalorian’s rocking out to Maiden while moshing and making devil horns is a mental stretch for me. The sole American date is Fort Lauderdale. Shouldn’t they be flying Southwest?
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Recessionary Cartography – Enormous Aerial Auto Maps |

Automakers are facing trouble across the world due to global recession. Thousands of unsold cars are parked in factories and warehouses waiting for delivery to customers and dealers. (thewondrous)

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Bankers Without a Clue | Paul Krugman –

Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase declared that a financial crisis is something that “happens every five to seven years. We shouldn’t be surprised.” In short, stuff happens, and that’s just part of life.

But the truth is that the United States managed to avoid major financial crises for half a century after the Pecora hearings were held and Congress enacted major banking reforms. It was only after we forgot those lessons, and dismantled effective regulation, that our financial system went back to being dangerously unstable.

It’s the equivalent of “Hey, who can know why these things happen? What am I, an expert? Fuggetaboutit.”

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