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This is why women hold more jobs than men | CNN

Women held slightly more jobs than men in December — the first time that’s happened in nearly a decade.

The numbers are super close, with women holding 50.04% of American jobs, but economists note it’s a data point worth watching because it could mark a turning point in the US labor market.

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2019 Was the Second Hottest Year on Record, NASA Says | Live Science

It’s the award no one wanted to win: 2019 was the second hottest year on record, government scientists confirmed yesterday (Jan. 15).

That’s according to two separate analyses: one conducted by NASA and one by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Each study compared 2019 Earth temperature data with scientists’ historical records, which begin in 1880. Of those 140 years, only 2016 was warmer than last year; the analyses also show that the five hottest years on record have been the five years beginning in 2015

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Package delivery emissions could increase 30% by 2030 | Fast Company

The rise in e-commerce is wreaking havoc on our cities, the millions of packages delivered each day are worsening traffic congestion and generating a glut of emissions—and these side effects of online shopping are only expected to get worse. The demand for this kind of urban, last-mile delivery will increase 78% by 2030, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum, and without serious, effective change, delivery-related carbon emissions could increase more than 30% in the world’s top 100 cities in the next 10 years.

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Elon Musk Promises a Lot of Tesla Features. A Lot of It Never Comes Through | Digital Trends

It’s 2020, and everyone’s a little disappointed that the flying cars aren’t here yet. But one 1980s fantasy of the future may soon come true: One day soon, your Tesla could be talking to you.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk appeared to show off a new feature for his electric cars: The ability to talk to people outside of the car in a British accent. Musk added that the talking car could cause some “epic robber confusion” by adding the functionality to the car’s already existing sentry mode, a monitoring system that’s part of the car’s security.

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Will online privacy make a comeback in 2020? | TechCrunch

Last year was a landmark for online privacy in many ways, with something of a consensus emerging that consumers deserve protection from the companies that sell their attention and behavior for profit.

The debate now is largely around how to regulate platforms, not whether it needs to happen.

The consensus among key legislators acknowledges that privacy is not just of benefit to individuals but can be likened to public health; a level of protection afforded to each of us helps inoculate democratic societies from manipulation by vested and vicious interests.

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Please Stop Sending Terrifying Alerts to My Cell Phone | WIRED

Last month a police officer in Houston was run over and killed during a traffic stop. The suspect got away. The next day, millions of phones across Texas buzzed with news of the officer’s death after the state’s Department of Public Safety blasted out what’s known as a Blue Alert. This prompted considerable concern and confusion. A man in Odessa, some 500 miles away, spoke for many when he tweeted: “wtf is a blue alert?”

Blue Alerts are mass notifications, now used in 35 states, that are sent to mobile phones and flashed on electronic highway signs when a suspect on the loose is thought to be an “imminent and credible threat to law enforcement.” The hope is that pinging the public will lead to tips for the police, and then a speedier capture. It’s an idea that originated with the better-known Amber Alert program, named after a 9-year-old abductee from Arlington, Texas, who was murdered, which aims to help authorities recover kidnapped children. Along with Blue and Amber alerts, there are Silver Alerts, issued for elderly people who are lost and might be suffering from dementia, and Camo Alerts, dispatched in at least three states when current or former members of the military are missing and thought to be a threat to themselves or others.

Source: Please Stop Sending Terrifying Alerts to My Cell Phone | WIRED

Major League Baseball Drops Weed From Its Drugs Of Abuse List | Green Entrepreneur

Major League Baseball made a major change to its drug-testing policy in December, removing cannabis from its list of Banned Substances. The league now plans to treat weed like alcohol, offering players optional treatment.

That’s a major change in how most professional sports league’s treats cannabis, which many athletes have turned to for training and recovery.

Also, in the wake of the overdose death of a pitcher — the Los Angeles Angels’ Tyler Skaggs — the league has focused on testing for opioid misuse. The policy amendments also provide players treatment when they test positive for substances on the Drugs of Abuse list, which now includes opioids, cocaine, LSD and MDMA, among other drugs.

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Impossible Foods reveals plant-based pork | CNN

Impossible Foods, known for its meatless burgers, is launching plant-based pork.

Impossible Pork debuts at tech conference CES in Las Vegas this week, and attendees will be able to taste the new product. Like the Impossible Burger, the plant-based pork is made with soy protein and is designed to look, taste and cook like real meat.

Others will be able to try a sausage version of the product when it arrives at 139 Burger King restaurants later this month. Some locations in Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico and Alabama will serve a croissant breakfast sandwich featuring the Impossible Sausage for a limited time

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10 Signs That Earth’s Climate Is Off the Rails | Live Science

Climate change is happening, it’s real and it’s our fault. The evidence is overwhelming — our planet is changing faster than it ever has before. Here are 10 stories from the past year demonstrating how Earth’s climate has gone completely off the rails.

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The business of spaceflight: The 7 biggest moments of the year | CNN

This year didn’t end up exactly how many in the spaceflight industry had hoped.

Rocket launches were delayed. Explosions and development setbacks pushed off exciting milestones. NASA astronauts still don’t have the option to fly aboard American spacecraft.

But there were also numerous indicators that the burgeoning commercial space industry is in good health.

Investments in the sector are growing exponentially. And Wall Street banks, from Goldman Sachs to Morgan Stanley, predict the global space industry will grow to $1 trillion or more over the next two decades.

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