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Unsurprisingly, TV streaming devices are collecting data, too | Mashable

A new report seems to confirm what you could probably already guess: that, like every other device you own, some TV streaming devices are collecting lots of data about what you do.

The report comes from Princeton University and the University of Chicago, and focuses on two platforms: Roku and Amazon Fire TV. To see what apps on these two services tracked, the people behind the study created what they call “smart crawlers.”

They essentially did the same thing humans would do — install apps (the top 1,000 on each device) and watch videos — while taking a look at the data that was collected any time an ad was shown. You can guess where this is going.

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Tesla owners in California receive warnings to recharge amid blackouts | CNN

When Wendy Bedolla got into her Tesla Model 3 Thursday morning there was a message waiting for her.

“Stay Fully Charged,” the message on the car’s big computer screen said. “A utility company in your area announced they may turn off power in some areas of Northern California beginning October 9 as part of public safety power shutoffs, which may affect power to charging options.”

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See the Full Hunter’s Moon Shine Bright Tonight | Live Science

October’s full moon, called the Hunter’s Moon, will rise tonight (Oct. 13), reaching its peak fullness at 5:08 p.m. ET.

The Hunter’s Moon, which is the full moon following the Harvest Moon and the closest full moon to the fall equinox, is reportedly the best time for hunting deer and other animals, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. In northern locations, leaves have fallen, deer have fattened and harvesters have cleared the fields, making it easier to see the animals under the light of the big bulb in the sky, according to NASA.

But people of different cultures and regions gave their own names to full moons. The Algonquin tribes, for example, called October’s full moon the Travel Moon, the Dying Grass Moon and the Sanguine or Blood Moon; the latter three are thought to be named after the changing colors of the leaves and dying plants, according to NASA.

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Creative Job Applications | Business News Daily

Unconventional hiring methods are becoming more popular with younger generations of workers who are eager to demonstrate their skills.

Social media can be difficult for companies to navigate well, so make sure you have a good reason for creative recruiting.

A good way to start is with a hybrid of traditional and creative hiring methods.

Ever landed a job interview via selfie? A decade ago, you likely would have been laughed out of the office; these days, it’s not so ludicrous. In June of 2017, McDonald’s launched its Snaplications program, which lets job seekers start their application by sending in a 10-second Snapchat video explaining why they’d be a great employee. The idea is to give applicants a chance to showcase their personalities, which McDonald’s feels is key to a customer-facing role.

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Hulu just added offline video downloads, but there’s a catch | Fast Company

Hulu has added offline video downloads to its on-demand video service, but there’s a catch: the feature is only available with Hulu’s $12-per-month ad-free service, not the more popular $6-per-month service with ads. If you’re eligible, downloads are available today on iOS and are coming soon to Android.

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Why IoT Will Have a Big Impact on Health Care |

IoT will eventually have an impact on health care.

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) entails the use of electronic devices that help to capture or monitor data and are linked to a public or private network, empowering them to mechanically initiate certain events. In this article, we will study the context of IoT in the health care industry and come across the myriad of benefits it has bestowed upon it.

Internet of Things and the health care industry

Before the arrival of IoT, the patient’s interactions with doctors were restricted to physical visits and tele and text communications. There was absolutely no way in which the doctors could continuously monitor a patient’s health and suggest treatments accordingly.

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China Grows Cotton Plant on the Far Side of the Moon in Biological First | Digital Trends

China has broken new lunar ground, successfully growing cotton on the moon for the first time. The experiment was part of the Chang’e 4 project, in which China is exploring the far side of the moon with a lander. This is the same lander that recently discovered a mysterious gel-like substance on the moon’s surface.

The cotton plant was one of several organisms encased in a mini biosphere weighing just 2.6 kilograms (5.7 lbs) with a pressure of 1 atmosphere which was aboard the lander. The organisms experienced an environment largely similar to that on Earth, however, they did have to contend with both space radiation and microgravity.

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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Can Avoid | The Startup Magazine

No business can survive without an online presence today. Hence, investing in digital marketing is not optional whether you run a startup, a small business or an enterprise. Just having a plan does not work because you need to go the extra mile to ensure that the marketing strategy gets you viable results. After all, the competition out there is fierce and nothing less than the best will work. Moreover, the constant algorithmic changes by Google makes digital marketing even more challenging.

So is your digital marketing strategy moving in the right direction? Are the results good enough? Are there some errors that are harming your site? You need to answer these questions to understand how your strategy is affecting your business. Beyond that, there are some common digital marketing mistakes to be aware of so that you can steer clear of them. Here are the ones that you should absolutely avoid.

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KFC To Trial Plant-Based Chicken |

The move away from meat is attracting more and more big names, and now the Colonel himself is getting onboard. KFC has announced its plans to trial a plant-based chicken substitute from Beyond Meat, in a one-store, one-day limited test with an eye towards a possible national rollout across the US.

Beyond Fried Chicken, as its known, will be on the menu on August 27 at the Cobb Parkway restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. The chickenless chicken will be available in the form of nuggets and boneless wings, which can be bought on their own or as part of a six- or 12-piece combo meal.

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Roku has lost 40% of its value as competition heats up | CNN

Roku could be in trouble. Competition from much bigger companies is coming to the streaming market, and investors are bailing out of Roku’s stock.

Shares of Roku (ROKU), after a huge run up this year, plunged nearly 20% Friday after an analyst issued an extremely gloomy report. Roku stock was up 1% on Monday. The stock has now lost a third of its value since Apple (AAPL) unveiled its streaming service, Apple TV+, would cost only $4.99 a month. Roku’s stock is about 40% below its all-time high on September 9.

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