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TikTok may be fined £27m for failing to protect children | BBC News

TikTok could face a £27m fine for failing to protect children’s privacy when they’re using the platform.

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found the video-sharing platform may have processed the data of under-13s without appropriate consent.

The watchdog said the breach happened over more than two years – until July 2020 – but that it had not yet drawn final conclusions.

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Meta Imposes Strict New Policy for Restructuring Workers | Entrepreneur

A new report by the Wall Street Journal claims that Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook, has told certain employees they must find another job within the company within a 30-day time limit or face termination during the company’s restructuring. Employees set to be terminated if they don’t find a new position internally have reporedtly been put on a “30-day list.”

The harsh push comes as the social media behemoth attempts to cut costs by 10%. A spokesperson for Meta confirmed to WSJ that reports of the attempt to move around employees are accurate.

“We’ve been public about the need for our teams to shift to meet … challenges,” Tracy Clayton, spokesperson for Meta platforms, told the outlet.

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TikTok officially rolls out its dislike button for comments | Mashable

The comments section on any social media platform can be a cesspool, but on TikTok, it’s especially hard to parse through all of the unhelpful and tasteless comments to find actual discourse. Now, the platform is making it easier to dictate which comments you see first by introducing a dislike feature.

The new dislike button is the thumbs-down icon located to the right of the heart-shaped like button next to each comment on a TikTok. In April, TikTok announced the feature and began testing it. Today (Sept. 23) the dislike button for comments has been rolled out globally.

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Meta hit with lawsuits claiming Facebook uses loophole to get around Apple privacy rules, still tracks iPhone users | Mashable

Facebook and Instagram are using a sneaky loophole to collect Apple iPhone users’ data, according to two new class action lawsuits filed against the social network’s parent company, Meta.

According to the lawsuits, Meta has been injecting javascript tracking code into websites that users visit via the in-app browsers in Facebook and Instagram for iOS, but without user permission.

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Walmart and Target push to lower credit card fees | CNN

Frustrated by extra credit card fees when you shop?

A pair of bipartisan bills in Congress aim to lower the swipe fees, also known as interchange fees, that retailers pay every time a customer makes a purchase with their card. The effort is backed by retail giants including Walmart, (WMT) Target (TGT), and Kroger (KR), as well as convenience stores and independent grocers.

“Swipe fees for credit cards are higher in the United States than anywhere else in the industrialized world — more than seven times as high as Europe,” a coalition of businesses wrote in a letter to lawmakers last week. “They are an inflation multiplier.”

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NASA will smash its DART spacecraft into an asteroid on Monday. Here’s how to watch. | Live Science

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft is set to slam into an asteroid on Monday (Sept. 26), in the first ever test of humanity’s ability to deflect life-threatening space rocks before they collide with Earth.

The 1,210-pound (550 kilograms) DART craft, a squat cube-shaped probe consisting of sensors, an antenna, an ion thruster and two 28-foot-long (8.5 meters) solar arrays, will smash into the asteroid Dimorphos while traveling at roughly 13,420 mph (21,160 km/h).

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The iPhone 14 Pro has a nasty camera-shaking problem | Digital Trends

Apple’s latest smartphones have just started shipping, but iPhone 14 Pro users have already run into a serious camera problem. Multiple users have taken to social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit to complain about a worrying issue where the camera shakes and vibrates every time they launch the in-app camera while using TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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Talks continue in effort to avert crippling freight rail strike | CNN

Talks continued throughout Wednesday in hopes of averting a freight railroad strike set for early Friday that could cripple the nation’s struggling supply chain and send prices higher for goods from gasoline to food to cars.

Two rail unions, representing more than 50,000 engineers and conductors who make up the two-person crews that make the trains run, are threatening the first rail strike in 30 years as of 12:01 am ET Friday. Union leaders and the railroads’ labor negotiators were meeting throughout the day with Labor Secretary Marty Walsh at his Washington, DC, office. The talks were still continuing as of 6:30 pm ET, which was taken as a hopeful sign that perhaps progress was being made

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Watch the lunar occultation of Uranus on Sept. 14 | Live Science

Depending on where in the world you’ll be Wednesday night (Sept. 14), you may be able to see Uranus disappear. (Don’t worry; it’ll be back again a few hours later.)

On Wednesday, the sixth planet from the sun will appear to pass directly behind Earth’s moon, going completely out of sight for three and a half hours. The great disappearing act, also known as the lunar occultation of Uranus, begins around 4:41 p.m. ET (2041 GMT) and ends by 8:11 p.m. ET (0011 GMT on Sept. 15), according to However, only viewers in Europe, northern Africa and western Asia will be at the exact right angle to see the illusion work.

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Instagram fined €405m over children’s data privacy | BBC News

Irish regulators have fined Instagram €405m for violating children’s privacy.

The long-running complaint concerned children’s data – particularly their phone numbers and email addresses.

Some reportedly upgraded to business accounts to access analytics tools such as profile visits, without realising this made more of their data public.

Instagram’s owner, Meta, said it planned to appeal against the decision. It is the third fine handed to the company by the regulator.

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