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Sony’s 4th Generation Noise Cancelling Headphones |

The MDR-1000X started it all in 2016, followed a year later by the WH-1000XM2, and then the XM3 in August 2017. Now, the highly anticipated XM4 noise-canceling headphones have been announced.

Until we tried on a pair of the original 1000X headphones at IFA 2016, we had thought that Bose was going to rule the noise-canceling roost for a long time to come. Sony’s over-ears impressively removed the background hustle and bustle from the show floor and allowed us to completely focus on the sample music being offered.

The technology has gone from strength to strength with each successive generation, with us noting after taking the XM3s for a proper workout that “it’s the noise canceling capabilities that really sell these headphones, setting a new bar for other headphone manufacturers to strive for.”

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Oculus will stop selling its PC-connected Rift S in spring 2021 | Mashable

Pour one out for the Rift S because it’s about to go the way of the dodo.

Come springtime next year, Oculus will cease production and sales of the Rift S, its current PC-connected VR headset. The bittersweet news, announced on virtual stage at this year’s Facebook Connect conference (formerly known as Oculus Connect), marks a stark shift in strategy for the two companies, and is perfectly timed for the introduction of Oculus’ newest headset, the wireless Quest 2.

It’s an unfortunate and shockingly early end for the Rift platform which has its roots in the original DK1 developer headset that catapulted to fame during a successful 2012 Kickstarter campaign. Not long after in 2014, Facebook made a surprise $3 billion acquisition of Oculus, bringing its founders and nascent VR hardware into its fold, and promising to invest in the burgeoning industry.

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Why people are flocking to ugly produce during the pandemic | CNN

When the pandemic hit the United States in March, Imperfect Foods found itself scrambling to keep up with a sudden spike in demand.

In early 2020, the five-year-old online grocery startup was delivering about 100,000 food boxes a week. By May, that weekly figure had doubled. From June to August, weekly orders have remained at about 200,000 to 210,000 per week. On average, order sizes have doubled year over year.

The surge shouldn’t come as a surprise. Imperfect Foods, an online subscription service that sells discount “ugly” fruits and vegetables along with staples like baked goods, meat and dairy, is in many ways a business fit for the coronavirus era. Its model appeals to shoppers desperate for groceries who have turned to online offerings to avoid long lines or crowds at the supermarket.

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Intellectual Property Rights in the Workplace | Business News Daily

In many cases, intellectual property (IP) created on behalf of a business in exchange for compensation is considered the property of the business that commissioned it.

The terms of a signed business agreement might stipulate who owns any intellectual property created on company time or using company equipment. Review all agreements carefully before signing.

Though intellectual property laws favor businesses, employees have rights. Consult with an attorney if you believe a business agreement you’ve signed violates state or federal law.

This article is for professionals and creatives who regularly develop intellectual property on behalf of businesses and need to know who owns the rights to their work.

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Why You’re Not Interested in Anything And Have No Motivation | Life Hack

Let’s clarify something before we move forward: This article is in no way meant to cure, treat, or diagnose depression. Actually, this article isn’t even about depression. Depression is the result of a combination of unique events and genetic, psychological, and environmental predispositions. When you’re depressed, you lose all hope for the future, always have no energy, consistently feel sad without knowing why, and are not interested in anything. If you feel like you might be suffering from this illness, you need to seek psychiatric help as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, what we’re talking about here focuses on something similar to yet entirely different from depression: lack of motivation or interest.

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On launching new subscription model for recyclable shoes | Fast Company

The Swiss running brand On will become the latest athletic company to meet the challenges of sustainable footwear—but with a notable difference: The Cyclon, its new, fully recyclable shoes, made primarily from castor beans, will be available solely via a monthly subscription. For the three Swiss founders of On, creating recycled, bio-based shoes is only a small slice of the company’s long-term sustainability vision. They also want to achieve full circularity, so that discarded clothing items are reused in their entirety to create new ones. But, as other brands have explored this vision, they’ve hit roadblocks. Adidas publicly shared that its Futurecraft.Loop pilot struggled because consumers wouldn’t send the shoes back in time for Adidas to generate the next batch and keep the circle in motion.

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Ready to Get Back to Business? Now Is the Perfect Time to Up Your E-Commerce Game |

As many years as I’ve been out of school, September still feels like a time of renewal. An opportunity to start anew, to reinvent some aspect of your life or your business, to refocus on tasks that got forgotten in the heat and lazy days of summer.

This year has been tough for most of the country, with so many of us trying to live and work under safer-at-home policies. It’s been a rough year for retailers, in particular, with so many stores closed for months due to the coronavirus. In fact, eMarketer has adjusted its 2020 retail sales forecast from its original projection of a 2.8% sales increase to $5.6 trillion in total retail sales to a 10.5% sales decline to $4.9 trillion in sales.

But there is a brighter side to that forecast, and it’s e-commerce. Online sales are, according to eMarketer, expected to rise 18% this year to $710 billion. This represents 14.5% of total retail sales, which eMarketer says is “both an all-time high and the biggest share increase in a single year.”

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Google Pay vs. Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay |

You no longer need to carry a bulky wallet filled with numerous credit cards or cash.

Paper money is so 2015. Today’s mobile payment platforms streamline transactions for consumers by combining cash, credit cards, debit cards and gift cards in one mobile application – you just pull out your phone when you’re in the checkout line and tap to pay your bill. But which app should you use?

What’s the best mobile payment app?

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are popular options that are compatible with many merchant card readers, credit cards and banks, but there is also Chase Pay, MasterCard PayPass, PayPal and Visa Checkout to consider.

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Understanding Trademarks vs. Copyright |

Learn about the subtle differences between trademarks and copyrights.

As a business, you want to protect your assets. This can mean anything from writing a good privacy policy to taking plagiarists to court. When you’re producing graphics for your website, whether it’s a logo for the corner navigation or an illustration for a blog post or landing page, those are assets to your company. You might have paid a graphic designer for them or made them yourself, but either way, they’re worth protecting. So, can you trademark them? Find out with this guide on how to get a registered trademark, how to submit a trademark, and how to decide whether a copyright or trademark is right for your valuable assets.

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Why Your Next Leather Goods Could Be Made Of Fungus | Digital Trends

Your next leather jacket, pair of shoes, or bag could be made from specially engineered fungi, if research coming out of the University of Vienna, Imperial College London, and RMIT University in Australia turns out to be prophetic. Scientists at these institutions have been investigating the possibility of creating a sustainable leather substitute made from mushroom material — and it may compare very favorably to both traditional animal-based leather and the more recent plastic-derived versions.

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