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Importance of Finance to Your Business | The Startup Magazine

Finance is one of the very subtle sectors of a business that can make or break entrepreneurs. Ideally, all companies need finances for daily operations. This is what makes the concept of finance very important as an area for all organizations to cover. In South Africa especially, there is an underlying need to keep a business well financed and managed, in alignment with the economic development goals of the country. Below are some of the reasons finance matters to business organizations:

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Acclaimed Chef Michael Solomonov Didn’t Hit His Stride Until He Embraced Something He Had Long Hoped to Forget: Where He’s From |

Michael Solomonov is co-founder, with Steve Cook, of CookNSolo, a 300-employee Philadelphia company comprising 11 restaurants. He has won four James Beard awards, including Outstanding Chef in 2017 for the Israeli restaurant Zahav. With the introduction of Federal Donuts, now in five locations around the city, CookNSolo ignited the national trend of coffee-doughnuts-fried chicken restaurants. Solomonov’s success required both exercising his culinary imagination and vanquishing his personal demons. –As told to Leigh Buchanan

My mother’s father was a pediatrician: the Jewish doctor in this little town in Ohio. They traveled to Israel a lot. That’s where she met my father, who had moved to Israel from Bulgaria in 1948. After I was born they came back to the United States. My father took over a jewelry store that was a family business on my mother’s side.

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Fighting Debt With Debt: America’s Penchant for Personal Loans | The Simple Dollar

Taking out a personal loan to consolidate or pay off mounting debts is not exactly a new development.

However, according to a recent Lending Tree study, it has grown to be the overwhelming reason Americans access personal loans these days. In fact, the study revealed that managing existing debt represented 61% of personal loan requests in 2018. The next closest category was home repairs, at a meager 7.7%. That’s a significant gap.

What’s more, consumers seeking a personal loan to pay off debt requested the highest origination amounts: $14,107 on average for credit card refinancing, and $12,670 for debt consolidation.

But is this growing penchant for using personal loans to tackle debt the wisest approach? Is it smart to fight debt with more debt? Here’s what the experts had to say.

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A Duke Athlete Invented a Simple App. Now the NCAA Can’t Run March Madness Without It |

Sixty-eight teams. Thirteen cities. Buzzer-beaters and surprising winners. The same things that make March Madness one of the most spectacular events in sports also make it a logistical nightmare.

Enter Teamworks. In 2005, Zach Maurides was an offensive lineman on the Duke University football team, struggling to juggle his class and practice schedules–plus meetings with coaches, advisors, trainers, nutritionists, and team doctors. “There were about 10 or 15 distinct parts of our program that were all trying to develop me in a different area,” he says. “They didn’t work together very cohesively, and they didn’t communicate with me in any kind of streamlined fashion.”

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4 Lucrative Careers You Can Move Into Without Getting Another Degree | Entrepreneur

Switching careers can feel intimidating, but you’ve got to make some moves if you’re spinning your wheels at your current job. Tech industry jobs are hot right now, and you can make great money once you’ve got the know-how to compete with other tech candidates. Here’s a breakdown of the fields with the best opportunities.

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Best Promotional Events For Businesses: 4 Marketing Ideas |

A significant proportion of marketing advice for small businesses focuses on digital marketing – using your blog, targeted advertising, or social media – and this approach makes it seem as though digital advertising is the only kind that matters. In doing so, this advice overlooks the power of in-person contact and any exciting and affordable ways to reach your community. Build deeper connections with these classic strategies, standbys from a brick-and-mortar era, that never stopped working.

Join Your Chamber Of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce may seem like a minor organization, especially if you’ve been in business for a few years, but joining forces with your area branch can yield a number of benefits. In particular, the Chamber of Commerce tends to promote new members and can increase the visibility of area businesses through their events, social media activity, and community outreach events. Your Chamber of Commerce also offers valuable networking opportunities, which can create connections and foster cross-promotion with other local businesses.

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The Importance of Deep Sleep for Your Mind and Body and How to Get It | Life Hack

Do you want the secret to health and wellness?

Sure you do, everyone does. Everyone is looking for the miracle supplement, workout or tip that can change their lives seemingly overnight. Well such a thing does exist, is available to you anytime, and will cost you nothing.

It’s sleep — specifically deep sleep.

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What is a Click and Mortar Model and How Can It Work for your Business? | Small Business Trends

Simply put, a click and mortar business is an integrated model that combines both online and off-line operations. Retailers have a website here that customers can shop on but these same folks still have the option of buying products in a brick-and-mortar store. The strategy involved is often called omnichannel.

One of the big bonuses is the fact that there’s an enhanced shopping experience with more flexibility, service and convenience.

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5 Online Marketing Funnels You Probably Aren’t Using (But Should) |

An online marketing funnel is a marketing strategy for companies to get a consistent stream of new leads or sales from their website. Most online entrepreneurs should have at least one type of lead or sales funnel in place. However, there are several types of marketing funnels that many online entrepreneurs and business owners are not using.

Here we will go over five online marketing funnels you may not be using right now, but should.

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Essential Customer Service Skills Every Business Needs | Business

Customer service is one of the most drivers of customer retention and business growth for any company. As a skill, it not only impacts the core business metrics but is responsible for talent retention in the company as well.

There was a time in business when customer service was only one of the many cogs in the machine. But now, in the digital age, customer care is the name of the game. More than ever before, consumers have the ability to share customer experiences and truly shape the success or failure of a business.

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