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How to group stream Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and more with your friends | Mashable

Maybe your state is staying closed. Maybe it’s opening back up, but you still don’t feel safe going out. Either way, movie nights with friends are still vital and most of the major streaming services have official and non-official solutions to facilitate them.

We’ve done a good deal of group streaming coverage at Mashable since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and the space has evolved greatly in just a few months. Arguably, the biggest developments have come from the streaming services themselves. Six months ago, the idea that Hulu and Amazon would officially let users join a remote watch party might have seemed unthinkable. Now, it’s a reality born from unfortunate circumstances.

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Workplace Thermostat Wars (and How to End Them) | Business News Daily

The office temperature debate is nothing new. Everyone works better at their preferred room temperatures. But how you decide to raise this issue with your office managers or enforce your own thermal comfort matters to the productivity and morale of your workplace.

The debate as old as HVAC

The conversation around the temperature in the office can echo “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” – some like it hot, some like it cold, and some are just never satisfied. It is impossible to please everyone, but most employers and employees agree that a concerted effort to accommodate as many people as possible goes a long way.

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How To Develop A Strong Goal Setting Mindset | Life Hack

When you are feeling stuck with your goals, many solutions come to mind. Perhaps you need to read some books or consider other strategies to complete your goals. But another avenue to consider is to develop your goal setting mindset.

Like with everything in the self-improvement world and beyond, mindset matters. How you view your problems and your overall belief and thinking process can dictate many things. Some are more direct while others we won’t see further down the line.

With this in mind, here are some things you can consider when you are developing or growing a goal setting mindset.

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Lost in the Amazon: How to Write Amazing Online Descriptions That Help Your Products Stand Out |

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, attracting more than 200 million unique visitors every month. It’s also home to millions of sellers worldwide, which makes for some tough competition. So how do you make your listings stand out in such a crowded arena? The short answer is unique and compelling product descriptions.

Given Amazon’s fiercely competitive environment, it’s crucial to get your listing right. This has become somewhat of an art form. You need to balance meeting Amazon’s guidelines but also add a touch of creativity to set your products apart in such a saturated market.

In this article, we cover all you need to know about writing Amazon descriptions that deliver ready-to-buy customers to your listings and help you to grow your sales.

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16 Survey Questions to Ask Customers | Small Business Trends

There are several reasons why survey questions are important to marketing research. They can:

Give your business a good idea about who your target market is

Supply a clear answer of how well your branding is working

Help to grow sales by boosting foot and online traffic.

Keeon Yazdani, Chief Marketing Officer WE R CBD, supplies some other advantages.

“Surveys are extremely important to market research,” Yazdani writes. “That’s because they allow a business to receive feedback on how consumers feel about their products and customer service. Product feedback gathered from customer surveys can help a business make the adjustments needed to improve their products.”

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How to Change Your Business Structure |

Is your original business structure no longer a good fit for your company? Change it.

The business structure for your company is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. However, you can change the structure at any time.

Most owners review liability protections and tax advantages as part of choosing the right business structure.

Common business structures include corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, cooperatives and limited liability companies.

Your business structure is the backbone of your company. It dictates your control, liability, and taxes and sets the pace for your entrepreneurial journey. However, the first structure you choose doesn’t have to be permanent.

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YouTube TV is Still Worth It Despite the Price Increase | Digital Trends

On Tuesday, YouTube announced that YouTube TV, one of the most popular options for streaming live TV, would be getting a price hike to $65 a month, up from $50.

The increase was met with angry tweets from customers and led to some questioning why YouTube TV is even necessary considering there are more affordable options, like Sling, FuboTV and Hulu with live options that all come in for less than YouTube TV now does.

I’m planning on sticking with YouTube TV, despite the rate hike, because it’s simply the best live TV streaming service around. Here’s why:

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3 Key Things You Must Know To Make Money Trading Cryptocurrency | The Startup Magazine

The main reason someone gets into trading is that they want to make money. Nobody likes to lose money in any business they get into. The same thing applies to cryptocurrency trading. Losing money causes frustration. Then you might have to borrow more money, getting yourself into more debt. This causes frustration and you can easily lose your patience, then give up. This means you have failed.

What are the things you must know in order to succeed in trading cryptocurrencies? Below you can take a look at 3 key things you must know to make money trading cryptocurrency.

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What To Know About Subrogation Claims | The Simple Dollar

When you get into a car accident, your insurance company will reimburse you for the damages as quickly as possible. But if you didn’t cause the crash, they work with the other driver’s insurance company to recoup the payout. This process is called subrogation, and while drivers don’t usually get involved, it’s helpful to understand the process in case you ever have to sign a waiver of subrogation.

What is subrogation?

Subrogation is a legal process that is used in various types of insurance claims, including auto, home and health insurance. Essentially, it’s the legal right for an insurance company to reimburse a policyholder for a loss and seek repayment from the third party that is responsible for the damages.

The process of subrogation makes it easier for policyholders to get a settlement after a major loss. With subrogation, the insurance company assumes the financial burden of the policyholder and tries to get the payout from the party or company that is at-fault. Subrogation is a common process, although many drivers aren’t aware of it.

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Skills To Master Before Launching A New Business |

Launching a business before you’ve done the legwork to determine your market and identify your challenges is nearly impossible. Similarly, if you’re becoming the head honcho without mastering some important skills first, you may find success harder to come by.

Here are some of the most important skills any entrepreneur should know, and where to learn them. All these courses are on sale for Memorial Day, so make the savvy business decision and take advantage.

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