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How to Provide Efficient Customer Service | Business

Greeting your customers with a smile is important, but efficiency matters even more. Learn how to provide efficient service for your customers.

Anyone who’s worked in customer service knows you can’t please everyone. When you’re dealing with a large number of customers daily, it’s difficult to give everyone the experience they expect. This task can be especially challenging if your company has multiple locations. So how do you ensure each branch is sending the same message and delivering the same level of quality service?

Plus, in the age of social media, small issues with customers can quickly get blown out of proportion online and become a big headache for your company. That’s why it’s so important to focus on creating an efficient customer experience, which may be even more essential than offering a friendly face.

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I followed Alexa’s prompts for a day: here’s what I learned | Digital Trends

As a smart home writer and editor, you can likely imagine the amount of smart technology I have throughout my home. I can hardly go a few feet without seeing some smart tech, whether it’s a smart plug, lights, kitchen appliances, air purifiers, security cameras, or home hubs — they’re all there to help a sister out. I have Google Home Nest and Amazon Echos and Dots throughout the house.

They can all be a bit intrusive and completely off the mark when watching TV. The Google Nest will say something totally off topic because of something it heard on TV. The Echo Show will also try to be helpful and offer up a recipe for a phrase it heard while I was watching Top Chef. FYI, Alexa, I do not want a recipe for clam chowder because you heard the phrase clambake.

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Still Struggling to Fill Empty Positions? Try Easing the Requirements |

Not enough résumés crossing your desk? Try following the lead of CEOs across the country and getting creative with whom you consider a potential hire.

Without enough traditional applicants, companies have broadened their scope and dropped requirements that would have been considered the bare minimum before the pandemic. About a quarter of CEOs have altered their hiring criteria, according to a new report from the Conference Board. The midyear study surveyed 750 executives between May 10 and May 24.

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TikTok’s eel pit guy has found fame on the app | Mashable

Nick Tobler is a 25-year-old aquarium store manager in Kentucky, but you might know him better as TikTok’s eel pit guy.

More than 380,000 people follow his TikTok account @cowturtle and have kept up with Tobler’s absolutely wild adventure of turning a creepy, unused rainwater cistern under his garage into an even creepier 5,000-gallon pond fit for a dozen eels.

This week, he finally filled the pond with 12 American eels, and we all watched with a mixture of curiosity, excitement, and, frankly, fear. Fans pitched names for the eels — like Bathtub, Crunchwrap Supreme, Eelon Musk, Steely Dan, Mentally Eel, Eelissa, and Neel. A crayfish named Mayonnaise is also inside the spooky pit.

Naturally, we had questions. Tobler got on the phone with Mashable to answer everything from “are your eels in your will” to “why haven’t you introduced them to a dog?”

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Are meal replacement shakes healthy? | Live Science

In the world of weight loss, replacing meals with shakes seems fairly commonplace, but are meal replacement shakes healthy?

You may have seen meal replacement shakes on billboards, in magazines and down certain supermarket aisles, from low-calorie shakes to shakes that are aimed at helping you gain weight – without a knife and fork in sight. In fact, if they’re not already pre-made, they will tend to be sold in powder form, which simply needs mixing with milk or water.

These shakes come in various flavors, from chocolate through to vanilla, and even unflavored should you wish. They are filled with varying levels of calories, vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients, including protein, fats, and carbs. Some may be more fiber-filled than others, whilst some shakes have been specifically tailored to meet certain individual’s needs.

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How Cloud Storage Differs From Data Center Storage |

Cloud storage and data center may seem like similar solutions, but they have significant differences.

  • Cloud storage is a scalable solution with redundancy and anywhere access, but it relies on an internet connection, which makes it vulnerable to cyber threats.
  • A data center is a fully customizable storage solution over which you have complete control, but it costs more, takes up space, and can only be accessed through an onsite corporate network.
  • Some businesses may be restricted from using cloud storage, based on their industries and government policies and regulations.
  • This article is for small business owners and information technology (IT) managers considering the benefits and drawbacks of different data storage options.

When storing and accessing massive amounts of your organization’s data, cloud data services are a cost-effective alternative to setting up and running a data center.

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How To Learn Faster And Smarter (Your Complete Guide) | Lifehack

Why Aren’t You Learning Fast?

Years of observing people at college and at work have led us to discover three specific reasons why many people are unable to learn quickly and efficiently. See if you can spot yourself in any or all of these learning blockers:

1. Struggle To Kickstart Learning Something From Scratch

As you’ve probably experienced yourself, sometimes when wanting to learn something new you find yourself not knowing where to start.

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The Best Fonts for Your PowerPoint Presentation |

Around the world, PowerPoint has become the default medium for presentations, conferences, and a reliable way to communicate your ideas.

If you are looking to create a great PowerPoint presentation, there are a lot of conventions and considerations to keep in mind. These include keeping things concise, drawing attention to compelling points, and importantly, using PowerPoint fonts that actually stand out.

If your font knowledge starts and ends with Comic Sans, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the best PowerPoint fonts you can go with and why they’re hitting the sweet spots—and what makes others not so great.

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How Staffing Agencies Work |

Employers in need of temporary workers can partner with staffing agencies to find qualified candidates quickly.

If you are an employer and have ever found yourself in need of temporary staffing, then you have experienced a need that staffing agencies can help with. Staffing agencies match willing candidates with employers in need of staffing assistance.

What do staffing agencies do?

Staffing agencies, also known as recruitment agencies or temp agencies, match companies that have short-term staffing needs with candidates who are looking to work for short periods or want to try out a new job. They usually specialize in a particular industry or type of work, but they tend to work similarly, regardless of the type of position or industry.

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Novice Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start a Business | The Startup Magazine

Among the most exciting and gratifying experiences you can have, is to start a business. But, where do you begin? There are many different ways to start a business but consider your business idea, the time you will invest, and the money you want to invest before making any decisions. Starting a company needs meticulous financial, legal, and strategic preparation. You’ll find some simple measures and startup tips to help you get your business off to a good start below.

Are you Ready?

It’s more about mentality than timing when choosing if you’re ready to start a business. Are you willing to win? If you didn’t respond yes, you should think about whether entrepreneurship is the right route for you. The fact is that announcing your intention to establish a business is simple. But executing it, converting nothing into something profitable, may be more complicated. You must also be psychologically prepared to take on a challenge. Why? There will be hurdles, such as designing advertising that encourage sales. If your mind isn’t in the right place, any failure might be harmful. That’s why you should consider hiring small business advisors for a good start and progress your business in the right path.

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