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Best tablets 2021: Because the iPad is no longer your only option | Mashable

Even if you have a very capable smartphone and a nice laptop, tablets are still a worthwhile hunk of tech to add to your arsenal.

The touchscreen that can be carried anywhere makes for a portable studio for creatives, a crucial sidekick for commuters and frequent travelers, and a mini TV for people who aren’t missing the newest episode of Loki just because they’re on vacation.

A simple question kicks off the process of narrowing down your options: Are you an Apple person? Whether that’s yes, no, or an “I have no idea,” the buying guide below lays out the pros and cons of the main picks from Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft.

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What are asteroids? | Live Science

Asteroids are flying space rocks occasionally featured in sci-fi movies and perhaps in our low-level fears of going the way of the dinosaurs. But just what are these potato-shaped chunks of rock, and what are the odds that one could hit Earth sometime in the near future?

“You can think about asteroids as planets that didn’t make it,” Federica Spoto, a research scientist at the Minor Planet Center, an institute that studies small bodies, told Live Science. “They are what’s leftover from the origin of the solar system.”

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9 Emails to Help You Make the Sale |

These nine transactional emails will help you boost your sales, communicate important information to your customers, and improve the customer experience overall.

Transactional emails serve to boost sales and customer satisfaction by keeping your customers informed and engaged.

Transactional emails are useful for cart abandonment, welcoming new subscribers, resetting lost passwords, and more.

In addition to confirming different steps in the customer journey, transactional emails are an opportunity to further inform your customers about your brand and encourage future purchases.

This article is for e-commerce business owners who want to improve their email communication with customers or streamline their email marketing program.

As you plan your digital marketing strategy, transactional emails will play an important role. Transaction emails can help you communicate important information to your customers and improve your sales over time. Let’s look at what transactional emails are, as well as some examples of how you can use them in your own business.

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7 Best Goal Planners To Get in 2021 | Life Hack

A few of the many obstacles to setting goals is that you either forget your goals entirely or you put them off for so long. One of the most effective tools in handling this problem is through having goal planners.

Goal planners are a way to put your goals to paper and allow you to focus on that goal. These are great tools to be implementing new habits and boosting your overall productivity.

With so many of these goal planners available, our editors picked out a small sample of some of the best goal planners that you can get.

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15 Smart Video Conferencing Etiquette Tips to Follow | Life Hack

During the pandemic, video conferencing replaced in-person meetings and has now become the standard option for business meetings. Over the past 17 months, most workers have gotten past the video conferencing learning curve with Zoom or Microsoft Teams (or their platform of choice).

But just as with in-person meetings, attention can wax and wane. Some say we’re just not used to staring at ourselves so much on the screen. Instead of fixating on that, try employing smart video conferencing etiquette, or you may risk indiscretions that will flag you as a slacker.

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10 Community Tips for Building a Quality Small Business Website | Small Business Trends

A quality website can go a long way toward communicating your brand message with customers. Whether you run a local business or luxury brand, there are a few key elements you must consider when designing your site. Learn key tips from members of the online small business community below.

Use the Golden Ratio in Web Design

Web design is an art, but it’s also a science. The golden ratio can help you ensure your website directs visitors’ eyes where you want them. Learn more about it in this Pixel Productions post. Then head over to BizSugar to see what members are saying.

Perform Keyword Research

Keywords are an essential part of every website, since they can help relevant visitors find your site. Before adding keywords, research the topics that are most relevant to your target customers. John Jantsch details the process in this Duct Tape Marketing post.

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Digital Marketing Platforms: Strengths and Weaknesses |

Every business faces the difficult challenge of determining where to best direct its digital marketing spend. Figuring out which platforms will be the most profitable for your business depends on your target audience, your budget, and how people find products and services like yours.

But there are some overall strengths and weaknesses to each of the major digital marketing platforms, and your brand should consider them before determining how and where you allocate your digital marketing budget.

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The Pros and Cons of VPNs |

A VPN is a great tool that can help protect any organization’s online presence, but it comes with a few drawbacks.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a great way for any organization or person to upgrade their online security and privacy. By creating an encrypted connection to the internet, a VPN filters all of your traffic through a network server, hiding your online activities from potential cybercriminals or even your internet service provider (ISP).

While there are several great VPN services, such as PureVPN and CyberGhost VPN, that offer a wide variety of benefits, it’s not a perfect technology – as with any other product or service, there are trade-offs. Although a VPN service can add some safety and anonymity to your online activities, what they don’t tell you is that it can also slow your connection speed, or that some providers log your activity to sell to third parties. This is why you should fully explore both the pros and cons before deciding whether a VPN is right for your business.

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6 Reasons To Set Up A Virtual B2B Event For Your Clients | The Startup Magazine

Virtual events have not always been as essential as they currently are, but many businesses already reaped the benefits of online conferencing long before it started to become the norm. Most people are used to face-to-face meetings, so it’s understandable how making the transition to hosting them online can sometimes be a struggle. B2B events are unique in the opportunities they provide for companies in many different departments. Whether your company is still contemplating the option or has already started making preparations for switching to online events, it’s never too late to discover the advantages of virtual conferencing.

Incorporating virtual B2B events into your business strategy can offer multifold benefits. Nowadays, we face a universal set of circumstances that requires companies to do most of their assignments online.

It was only a few short years ago that online conferencing was considered unique to the technology industry. However, virtual events have found their role across many business sectors, and for good reasons. Keep on reading to discover why it might be a good idea for you, too, to incorporate virtual events into your schedule.

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Zoom bets billions on home working continuing in Five9 deal | BBC News

Video conferencing firm Zoom has struck a multibillion dollar deal to buy a cloud-based call centre operator in a bet on the future of hybrid working.

The firm announced the $14.7bn (£10.7bn) acquisition of Five9 in a blog post on Sunday.

Zoom boss Eric Yuan said the deal would allow its customers to “reimagine the way they do business”.

It marks the firm’s biggest takeover, and comes even though staff are beginning to return to the office.

Investors have been watching for clues as to how the firm would fare as social distancing restrictions lift and more people are vaccinated.

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