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5 Ways That Charity Can Boost Your Business |

There are two reasons to get your company involved in charitable activities: It’s good for the world and it’s good for business.

A survey from just two years ago shows that 88 percent of consumers want their favoured companies to help them make a difference.

Your business will receive several advantages in partnering with a charitable organization, including improving image, more productive employees, boosting your brand, building a network, and a healthier bottom line.

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Allbirds creates a plant-based leather | Inhabitat

Allbirds put its best foot forward when it stepped into the sustainable footwear sphere. Now, the company is going further with the development of a new, plant-based leather. Made with rubber, vegetable oil and other natural ingredients, this leather alternative, aptly named Plant Leather, has 40 times less carbon impact than animal-derived leather and 17 times less carbon impact than synthetic leathers made from plastics.

The leather industry is a huge polluter. Many chemicals are used to process leather, and tanneries generate a lot of waste. The runoff from leather production negatively impacts air and water quality. It also means killing animals in order to use their hides. While this used to be done in a more sustainable, nose-to-tail manner for thousands of years, today, the process of making leather is not environmentally friendly

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Canoo Electric Pickup Truck |

LA-based electric mobility company Canoo has pulled back the curtain on its third vehicle, following the launch of a subscription-based people mover and a delivery van. The company has now joined the likes of Tesla, Bollinger, Rivian and others to add an all-electric pickup truck to its vehicle fleet.

“Our pickup truck is as strong as the toughest trucks out there and is designed to be exponentially more productive,” said Canoo’s Tony Aquila. “This truck works for you. We made accessories for people who use trucks – on the job, weekends, adventure. You name it, we did it because it’s your platform and she’s bad to the bone.”

The vehicle certainly has a different look to it than other electric pickup trucks that have been announced, which tend to be very much like their ICE brethren. Gone is the long hood, and instead the cabin has been pushed way forward for maximum visibility.

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Does coffee really stunt kids’ growth? | Live Science

One reason coffee isn’t usually given to kids may be the widely held belief that the caffeinated beverage can stunt children’s growth. But is there any truth to this idea?

The answer is a resounding “no”: There’s no evidence that coffee or caffeine stunts childhood growth and development.

Instead, a person’s height is largely governed by other factors. For example, hundreds of genes so far identified are thought to be responsible for approximately 16% of a person’s adult height.

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What Is the FDCPA? |

The FDCPA is a federal law that protects consumers from predatory debt collection activities.

  • The FDCPA is a federal law that governs third-party debt collectors’ interactions with debtors. It generally protects consumers only, not businesses or corporations.
  • The FDCPA applies to most third-party debt collectors but not the company that is seeking debt repayment.
  • The FDCPA mandates that third-party debt collectors do not lie, call the debtor outside of certain times and at certain locations, or threaten debtors.
  • This article is for business debtors who want to know what their rights are during collections and business creditors who want to be aware of the law as they try to collect on past-due accounts.

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23 Foods That Give You An Energy Boost Instantly | Lifehack

Our lives are increasingly busy, and our to-do-lists seemingly endless. Tending to the constant flow of things that need our attention can leave us feeling stressed and drained, which can seriously affect our productivity.

While reaching for a sugary power drink may be your go-to solution when looking for a quick pick-me-up, there are plenty of healthy foods that give you energy and provide you with an instant power boost. You just need to find the ones that work best for you.

I have prepared a list of 23 energy-boosting foods that not only give you a boost of energy quickly but also provide essential nutrients to keep your body healthy and alert all day long.

If you are unsure what your next shopping list should look like, read on to learn about the best energizing foods that help fight exhaustion.

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How to Generate More Leads from Your Webinars |

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has not only led to severe implications on people’s health, but it has also forced organizations to rethink and realign their businesses. With people locked in their homes, marketers and salespeople have had to find new ways to connect and engage with clients and customers. This was when webinars became more popular than ever.

Although webinars are not a new concept, they have seen tremendous growth during the pandemic. Statista reports that between February and March 2020, the number of B2B brands offering webinars in the United States grew by 36%, from 245 to 332. As webinar hosting activities have seen a huge rise, Zoom has turned out to be the most preferred webinar hosting platform.

With features like interactivity, flexibility, and wider reach, webinars are revolutionizing the way brands connect with audiences. There is no denying the fact that webinars have become one of the top digital marketing trends these days, helping businesses create brand awareness and close more deals.

Before you plan your next webinar, review these tips on how to maximize the impact of your event:

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55% of Small Business Owners Say Providing Healthcare is Their Biggest Challenge | Small Business Trends

More than half (55%) of small businesses say providing health insurance to employees is the biggest challenge they face.

Providing adequate healthcare cover comes ahead of Covid challenges, taxes, and competition from large corporations.

This was the finding of Small Business for America’s Future national survey of small business owners. Small Business of America’s Future is a national coalition of business owners and leaders. The coalition’s aim is to provide small businesses with a voice at each level of government. Its recent national survey asked 827 small business owners their opinions on the cost of health and potential solutions to bring down these costs.

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5G vs. 4G: Key Differences Between Networks Explained | Digital Trends

The fifth generation of mobile networking is here and getting more prominent by the day — despite the ongoing pandemic and the recent unsubstantiated rumors about the dangers of 5G. With the rise in remote working in 2020 and into 2021, the rollout of 5G network coverage may come faster than we’d anticipated as more activities move online. Already, all three of the major service providers have rolled out their nationwide networks and are set to expand and improve their 5G rollout over the next few years.

5G could eventually change the way we use technology. But is it really worth upgrading to a 5G phone? It’s time to find out what you need to know about 5G technology and see if it’s really everything it’s cracked up to be.

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Should You Ask Your Startup Employees to Clock In and Out? | The Startup Magazine

Any new startup owner with employees has to eventually ask themselves a big question: should they ask their employees to clock in or out on a time clock?

Time Clock Apps – Pros and Cons

When you’re running a startup, chances are you use a time clock so that employees can quickly, and sometimes remotely, clock in and out. It’s much more flexible and easier to implement compared to a traditional time punch machine.

However, there are several pros and cons to asking your startup employees to use a time punch app. Let’s break these down one by one.

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