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What’s Stripe’s deal? | TechCrunch

Stripe eyes exit, reportedly tried raising at a lower valuation The big news in fintech this week revolved around payments giant Stripe.

On January 26, my Equity Podcast co-host and overall amazingly talented reporter Natasha Mascarenhas and I teamed up to write about how Stripe had set a 12-month deadline for itself to go public, either through a direct listing or by pursuing a transaction on the private market, such as a fundraising event and a tender offer, according to sources familiar with the matter. The news, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal, came as a surprise considering the rather dry public market activity in the tech world. Later that day, it also came to light that Stripe had reportedly approached investors about raising more capital — at least $2 billion — at a valuation of $55 billion to $60 billion.

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3 Easy Ways to Save More Money in 2023 |

The New Year is finally here, meaning that many people are beginning to create and attempt to follow their New Year’s Resolutions. One of the most common resolutions among people all around the world is to take control of their finances and save more money. Whether you’re looking to grow your emergency savings fund in 2023 or want to save up for a home renovation project like the installation of custom made bathroom cabinets,here are a few simple tips for saving money in the New Year that can help you keep your resolution and meet your financial goals.

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Solar Reactor Converts Co2 Plastic Into Useful Products | Cool Business Ideas 

Greenhouse gases and plastic waste are two of the biggest environmental problems the world faces today. A new reactor from Cambridge is designed to tackle both at once, converting CO2 and used plastic bottles into useful materials, powered entirely by sunlight.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide is at its highest levels in millennia, leading to devastating climate consequences. Meanwhile, our reliance on plastic is causing a huge buildup of the stuff in rivers, oceans and everywhere from pole to pole. Research in both of these fields has led to scientists designing reactors that convert either captured CO2 or plastic waste into oils, fuels and other useful chemicals and materials.

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Southwest Develops Software Fix to Prevent Travel Meltdowns | Entrepreneur

Following its disastrous Christmas travel season, which saw the cancellation of 16,700 flights, Southwest Airlines is testing new software fixes — and facing an inquiry from the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) for “unrealistic scheduling of flights.”

CNN reports that the airline’s existing software system will remain in place. However, changes stemming from Southwest’s review include a new command center team, telephone system improvements, and overall improved preparedness for inclement weather.

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Review: LIFX smart bulbs are easy to use and cheaper than other brands | Mashable

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been a fan of smart bulbs for a few years. Originally, I definitely hesitated — I’ve always been someone who didn’t really see the point of going full “smart home” (because do you really need everything to be WiFi-enabled?) — but once I tried my first smart bulb, I was absolutely hooked.

Weirdly enough, my first foray into smart lighting sucked. My partner purchased a random brand from Amazon, and the bulbs were finicky, hard to set up, and barely produced any light. However, it was obvious that there was potential there. We loved the ability to change the lights to suit our mood, but we quickly realized that — when it comes to smart lighting — the brand you choose definitely matters. So is LIFX one of those brands? Here’s what you need to know.

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Too many companies botch mass layoffs | CNN Business

You commute to the office only to find your security badge no longer works.

You log on to your work computer and are denied access.

A pre-dawn email arrives that you miss — especially if it’s sent ahead of a major holiday.

A dispassionate Zoom call is held with hundreds of people.

You get an automated call.

Or — surprise! — you get a severance payment for the job you thought you still had.

When it comes to mass layoffs, there seems to be no end to the worst, most bungled ways in which some employees first learn they are being let go. These all involve organizations blindsiding employees, leaving people feeling like their years of service and dedication meant nothing.

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Biden administration unveils rent protections | CNN Business

In response to rent payments soaring across the country in recent years, the Biden administration unveiled new actions Wednesday to protect tenants, make renting more affordable and improve fairness in the rental housing market.

Multiple agencies are expected to take part in improving conditions for renters, taking actions in tandem with a set of principles outlined by the administration focused on renters’ rights.

This blueprint informs further action by the federal government, state and local entities, as well as the private sector, in efforts to strengthen tenant protections and encourage rental affordability.

And it follows some of the most robust federal support for tenants in history, in which the government provided an unprecedented $46 billion in emergency rental funds to struggling tenants impacted by the pandemic.

Source: Biden administration unveils rent protections | CNN Business

Microsoft services, including Xbox Live and Outlook, are down for many users | Mashable

Numerous Microsoft services are experiencing problems early on Wednesday, with thousands of people complaining about the issues on social media.

According to Downdetector(Opens in a new window), Xbox Live, Microsoft Store, in a new window), Microsoft 365, Azure, Teams, and several popular games, including Minecraft and Destiny, have been experiencing outages in the past 24 hours. (Editor’s note: Downdetector is owned by Mashable’s parent company, Ziff Davis).

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Panic Disorder: Causes and Treatment for Panic Attacks | Live Science

Panic disorder is a mental health condition that causes sudden and repeated bouts of extreme fear that can last for several minutes or even longer. These episodes are referred to as panic attacks. The attacks are characterized by heightened feelings of disaster or of losing control, even when there is no immediate threat.

At first, the fear can be limited to a specific circumstance, such as getting in an elevator or driving over a bridge. That can lead to situational avoidance, according to the American Psychological Association(opens in new tab) (APA). As the disorder progresses, the person begins to fear not just the situation, but also the possibility of having an attack, and retreats from many daily activities.

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Why do horses wear shoes? | Live Science

Horses have been central to human transportation and agriculture for centuries. These symbols of power and speed require hoof care and new shoes every four to six weeks to stay on the job. But why?

Horses (Equus caballus) that are domesticated for human use and selectively bred for performance wear shoes because their feet are delicate and therefore need protection, said Dr. Fernanda Camargo(opens in new tab), a veterinarian and equine extension agent at the University of Kentucky. “Shoes provide protection to some areas of the foot of the horse,” Camargo told Live Science in an email. “They prevent the hooves from wearing out too much, and thus becoming sensitive.”

The exterior of the hoof, known as the wall, is made of a horn-like material that grows continuously and has to be trimmed, just like a person’s fingernails, according to University of Missouri Extension(opens in new tab). “Shoes also help the foot maintain its proper shape,” Camargo said.

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