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Etsy Did Nearly $20,000 in Sales Per Minute Last Cyber Monday. Here’s How Its Engineers Plan to Survive the Surge This Year |

Cyber Monday is like the Super Bowl of shopping for e-commerce sites. As such, it’s usually not the day to roll out changes to website code. After all, a golden four-hour window during Cyber Monday could make or break or sales.

Etsy takes a different tack. For the 14-year-old marketplace, the biggest online shopping holiday of the year–when Etsy sees double the sales and search activity that it does on a normal day–is not off limits for code tweaks. Etsy continuously deploys code onto the site, sometimes as many as 30 times a day, says chief technical officer Mike Fisher. Continual deployment, he argues, helps keep the staff in the rhythm of making fixes quickly too. “I think that’s the best way to keep things stable.”

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Daily Crunch: Twitter will delete dormant accounts | TechCrunch

1. Twitter will free up handles by deleting inactive accounts

“As part of our commitment to serve the public conversation, we’re working to clean up inactive accounts to present more accurate, credible information people can trust across Twitter,” the company said. Sounds like a smart move, with one big catch: If someone with a Twitter account died more than six months prior and no one else has their login, their account will be deleted. So hopefully, Twitter will come up with a way to memorialize these accounts.

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I’m a Vegetarian—Will I Eat Lab-Grown Meat? | WIRED

Eschewing meat requires explanation, especially if you were raised an omnivore. Every forkful carries culture and identity in the memory and effort of its preparation. So, on days like Thanksgiving, when vegetarians turn down their family’s lovingly basted golden brown turkey in favor of a Gardein Holiday Roast, a savory loaf of soy protein isolate and vital wheat gluten that comes in a box, the people around them often feel rejected, even judged. Saying no to turkey becomes saying no to tradition, to family. No wonder people turn such baleful eyes on the bloodless lumps of beans and grain brought into their midst.

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5 Secrets for Maintaining a Successful Business (and Marriage) | Entrepreneur

Bryan and Shannon Miles have been married since 1997, and in full-time business together since 2010. In 2017, they reorganized their five companies into one, BELAY, which provides virtual support to businesses and has generated just under $100-million in revenue since its inception.

The couple shared their insights via email about what they’ve learned it takes to build a company and a marriage that is happy and healthy.

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Making Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media |

Businesses and brands are constantly competing for attention on social media, and with all the noise and incessant messaging, how can you make your voice heard?

You have to find ways to cut through the noise and stand out like a unicorn in a sea of donkeys.

But how? By knowing how to standout on social media.

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Smart Curtains |

Although there already are “smart” powered curtains on the market, the things can be complex to install, and often need to be plugged into a power outlet. The SwitchBot Curtain, on the other hand, is a battery-powered device that simply gets added to existing curtains.

The idea behind the product is that users just hang it on their third-party curtain rail, after which it moves back and forth along that rail via a powered rubber roller, pushing and pulling the curtains open and closed as it does so. It’s reportedly compatible with a variety of rail styles, including telescoping rods that have humps where the sections meet.

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20 Thanksgiving horror stories to stress you out before the big day | Mashable

Thanksgiving dinner is high-stakes. It’s labor-intensive. And people have a lot of opinions about it. Basically, it’s a recipe for disaster.

As home cooks across the country prepare their fridges for this year’s feast, stories of Thanksgiving dinners gone wrong are also popping up on Twitter. Take them as funny anecdotes or serious warnings, but please take that Pyrex off the stove and don’t forget to defrost the turkey this year.

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Target and TJ Maxx are killing department stores | CNN

Department stores like Macy’s have a big problem, and it’s not Amazon: Discount retailers Target and TJMaxx continue to take their customers.

Macy’s struggled during its latest quarter, adding to a string of poor results at department stores. This comes as lower-priced retailers grow sales and consumer spending in the United States remains strong. Americans are still shopping, but they are hunting for bargains elsewhere.

Macy’s posted a sales decline of 3.9% at stores open for at least a year, the company said Thursday.

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Can a Person Survive Eating Only Beef? | Live Science

Some people want you to pay them money so they can tell you to eat only beef. You should not follow their advice, nutritionists say.

The all-beef diet fortunately isn’t much of a fad at this point, though it’s got a handful of prominent supporters. And it’s barely a diet. Unlike other, more popular meat-heavy diets that have at least some scientific backing, there are no reputable nutrition experts who think eating only beef is a good idea. The people who promote the diet are minor internet celebrities, spreading their ideas based on personal anecdotes of miraculous health changes and weight loss — and, of course, cashing in on the idea, as The Atlantic reported last year.

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