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Coinstar machines will start selling Bitcoin at the grocery store | TechCrunch

You know those machines at the grocery store that transform your gallon jugs worth of change into more usable currency? They’re about to start selling Bitcoin .

To make this impulse shopping dream come true, Coinstar, the company behind those ubiquitous change-counting kiosks, has partnered with Coinme, a startup that operates a small network of cryptocurrency-dispensing ATMs around the country.

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The Detroit Auto Show Proves Americans Sure Love SUVs | WIRED

THE DETROIT AUTO Show circa 2004: Gas prices are low. Auto sales are is good. Bigger is better. The only electrics on the floor are the hybrids brought along by the Japanese automakers like Toyota and Honda. Tesla is a Silicon Valley startup with big ideas, safely ignored. Cars are machines that people buy, own, and drive themselves. Automakers are taking the wraps off their latest machines, talking up power and comfort while the metal gleams in the spotlights.

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You’ve Already Abandoned Your New Year’s Resolution. Here’s a Better Path to Reach Your Goals. | Entrepreneur

It’s only mid-January, but chances are pretty good that all those lofty resolutions you made before the clock struck midnight on Dec. 31 have fallen by the wayside. You’re not alone.

A small, but oft-cited, longitudinal study of New Year’s resolutions by John Norcross, a professor of psychology at the University of Scranton, revealed that nearly a quarter of people abandoned their goal after one week. That number swelled to 46 percent at a month and 64 percent after six months. Less than a fifth, 19 percent, were able to hang on for two years.

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Secrets to Creating Your Own Profitable, Sustainable, Successful Business |

Growing a successful business is something every entrepreneur and business owner aspires to. So why do so few actually succeed and experience business success?

Having worked closely with very successful business owners and entrepreneurs, and having built my own successful business, I’m here to tell you it isn’t easy.

True success comes from two things: Knowing the business and/or marketing strategy that’s perfect for you, and mastering your inner blocks and mindset.

Both are easier said than done.

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Ossia Partners With Spigen To Bring Phone Cases With Wireless Charging | Digital Trends

The idea of sending power wirelessly over a distance dates back to Nikola Tesla, who proved the concept more than a century ago, but it has been slow to develop. That could be about to change thanks to recent developments from Ossia. We wrote about Ossia’s forever battery at CES last year and we saw them at MWC, but at CES 2019 the company announced a partnership with case manufacturer Spigen to bring the technology to your phone case.

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Why You Can Crave Stodgier Food In Winter | Goodhousekeeping

Rainbow, schmainbow. When Luther is back on TV and it gets dark outside 20 minutes after your lunch break, only beige food will do.

First, let’s debunk the myth that this is your body’s way of fattening you up for winter – you’re not a hibernating woodland creature. So, what is going on? Blame your hormones, says registered dietitian Jo Hollington.

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Google employees will hold Twitter campaign to end forced arbitration | Mashable

Google CEO Sundar Pichai might just want to check his Twitter tomorrow.

A group called Googlers for Ending Forced Arbitration will hold a tweetstorm on Tuesday, Jan. 15 to educate the public about forced arbitration agreements and advocate for their removal from the tech industry. The group, which says it’s run by organizers of the Google Walkouts and dozens of other employees, announced the plan in a Medium blog post to inform people about “how forced arbitration denies 60 million Americans access to their civil rights.”

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YouTube reveals what curse words will get your video demonetized | Mashable

Hell yeah. YouTube is finally letting creators know what curse words they can use without taking a financial hit.

In a video uploaded to its Creator Insider channel, YouTube has finally defined what exactly constitutes profanity on the platform. YouTube creators have often struggled with censoring their own content over fear that their videos will be demonetized, thus affecting their earning potential.

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Why retailers are fleeing Fifth Avenue | CNN

Midtown Manhattan has been one of the most coveted spots in the world for fashion houses. Now, it’s emptying out.

Calvin Klein announced Thursday that it would close its Madison Avenue store in the spring. It joins an exodus that includes Ralph Lauren (RL), Lord & Taylor and Henri Bendel. Gap (GPS) also said over the holidays that it was on its way out, and Versace is reportedly looking to leave Fifth Avenue, too.

The departures show how the role of the flagship fashion store has changed. In many cases, high rent in Midtown Manhattan has made a physical store there untenable. And changes in consumer behavior have forced many of these brands to rethink their strategies.

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Here’s How Many People Have Caught the Flu So Far This Season (Hint: It’s a Lot) | Live Science

We’re in the midst of flu season, and millions of people have caught the virus already.

Influenza has sickened an estimated 6 million to 7 million Americans since October, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Although health officials closely track the flu every year, this is the first time the CDC has provided estimates on the number of flu illnesses in the midst of flu season, the agency said in a statement released today (Jan. 11). Typically, the CDC waits until the end of flu season before calculating the estimates.

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