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Weekly Economic Update | LAEDC


iPad scammers swindle $180 from South Carolina woman –

Examine your purchases carefully. Thanks to Dan Williford for the article. – Ed.

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Education Management Corporation Accused of Widespread Fraud –

The complaint said the company had a “boiler-room style sales culture” in which recruiters were instructed to use high-pressure sales techniques and inflated claims about career placement to increase student enrollment, regardless of applicants’ qualifications. Recruiters were encouraged to enroll even applicants who were unable to write coherently, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs or who sought to enroll in an online program but had no computer.

Yet another example of why we should privatize education – Ed.

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To Spread Your Brand On Facebook, Don’t Target Your Fans–Target Their Friends | Fast Company

Facebook and ComScore have teamed up for a new service, Social Essentials. It offers unprecedented insights into the influence of brands on social media, complete with detailed credit card behavior, and findings suggest it’s not really your brand’s fans you need to worry about–it’s their friends.

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Brains And Bots Deep Inside Yahoo’s CORE Grab A Billion Clicks | Fast Company

The company started work on a powerful personalization algorithm four years ago. Now it’s paying dividends. The system generates 45,000 totally unique versions of the Today module every five minutes. (All five screenshots in this post were taken within minutes of each other, using different Yahoo accounts.)

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The vanishing checkout lane: will today’s point of sale satisfy tomorrow’s retail customers? |

The retail point of sale is fundamentally changing. It is moving from traditional checkout lines to wherever the customer may be: shopping on the Internet, walking a store’s aisles, traveling or lounging on the beach. Are you prepared for what this means to capturing and retaining customers?

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Police Say They Can Detain Photographers If Photographs Have ‘No Apparent Esthetic Value’ | Techdirt

Apparently the police in Long Beach, California, have a policy that says if a police officer determines that a photographer is taking photos of something with “no apparent esthetic value,” they can detain them.

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Long Beach was my hometown for about 20 years and I can tell you it’s not a good idea to mess with any cop in that town – Ed.

It’s Time to Purge the Word Entrepreneur | Duct Tape Marketing

I believe there are really only two kinds of small businesses – healthy ones and unhealthy ones.

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Paint With Your Eyes? |

In the future, an artist may be able to paint a surface miles away using nothing but his or her pupils, a pair of glasses and custom software.

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‘Torrent of abuse’ hindering ME (chronic fatigue) research | BBC

“It’s direct intimidation in the sense of letters, emails, occasional phone calls and threats,” says Professor Simon Wessely, of King’s College London, who has received a series of death threats and threatening phone calls, and now has his mail routinely scanned for suspect devices.

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