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Investors and entrepreneurs need to address the mental health crisis in startups | TechCrunch

Colin Kroll, was the co-founder of Vine and HQ Trivia, both consumer sensations that brought joy to millions; Anthony Bourdain, had been a chef, journalist and philosopher, who brought understanding and connectedness to millions of lives; while Robin Williams built a career as a brilliant comedian and actor.

What these three share in common is that they were all people at the pinnacle of their industry and they all died too soon. Their premature loss is a tragedy.

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2018 Was the Year of the Scooter. What Happens Now? | WIRED

IF YOU SAY you saw this coming, I don’t believe you. In 2018, electric scooter-share stole the mobility show. They arrived unannounced in cities. They provoked fierce council meetings and protests. They launched debates about who owns sidewalks, anyway, and what role regulators play in bossing around big business. They sucked up VC dollars, mountains of them, as upstarts crowed about the revenue generated per scoot. They got damaged and fixed, they launched their own new gig economy jobs.

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10 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019 | Entrepreneur

It’s difficult to predict which methods will connect with consumers most effectively in the ever-changing landscape of marketing. Just when marketers believe they understand their audience, a new technology, new behavior or even an entirely new audience alters everything.

That said, it’s practical to reflect on the past year’s patterns and pay attention to growing trends that will influence next year’s success. Here are 10 marketing trends you would be wise to keep your eye on going into 2019.

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5 Ways to Get to Know Your Audience |

Regardless of your marketing goals, the only way for you to reach them is to get to know your audience. Now, identifying them by their gender, age, education, income and similar characteristics is simplistic and it doesn’t reveal nearly as much as you might hope.

For instance, you can see that your audience is predominantly female and see that Facebook and Pinterest are predominantly female platforms. From here, it’s logical to assume that posting your content on these two platforms will yield the best results, right? Well, both yes and no. You see, marketing is both a delicate science and a subtle art, which is why there are so many different factors to consider. The first step in doing so, nonetheless, lies in getting to know your audience. Here are five ways in which you can do so.

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Can You Become a Digital Nomad? |

“Digital nomad” has become a favorite buzzword over the past several years, thanks to the burgeoning trend of remote working and the universal desire to travel. But what exactly is a digital nomad? And can you become one if you have the right business?

What Is a Digital Nomad?

First, let’s define what a digital nomad is—and how it relates to business. A digital nomad is someone with the potential to work practically anywhere in the world, because their business or their profession allows them to accomplish their responsibilities using only digital devices and an internet connection. As the name suggests, digital nomads often drift from place to place, traveling around the world while working to satisfy their wanderlust while maintaining a decent income.

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Making Money – Everything You Need to Know About Big Commerce Vs Shopify |

BigCommerce and Shopify are two of the most popular e-commerce solutions known to the world. Both the companies claim to power over 600000 online retailers. Big Commerce is a little younger as it was found in only 2009 but has managed to create an influence in the online retailing world.

If you are someone who is thinking about opening up their own little startup, you need to know a few facts before taking a decision. Both of these platforms have their own very unique features and USPs, but the fact remains that entrepreneurs are shifting from Big Commerce Enterprise to Shopify. Why is that? Does Shopify really have some advantages over BigCommerce.

Let’s take a quick look at all the drawbacks of BigCommerce that Shopify users don’t experience.

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Twitter releases 2018 Transparency Report including policy violation stats for the first time | Mashable

Twitter released its biannual Transparency Report on Thursday outlining current trends in government information requests, content removal requests, and other privacy matters regarding the network.

This year’s report marks the thirteenth time in the company’s history that Twitter has expounded on its privacy practices in such tremendous detail. The new report also expands on the type of data Twitter is making publicly available.

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Viral crowdfunding campaigns took on new meaning in 2018 | Mashable

When James Shaw Jr. decided to launch a GoFundMe in honor of victims of a deadly shooting at a Waffle House in Nashville earlier this year, he set a modest goal of $15,000.

Shaw, however, had just become famous as the “Waffle House hero” after tackling and disarming the alleged gunman. The GoFundMe he launched with a few of his friends quickly went viral, and it ultimately raised $241,000.

“I was doing it just to help out, ’cause I know losing a child in that kind of way, and you have to plan that funeral, as young as they were, they probably didn’t have insurance,” says Shaw. “It was just my way of trying to ease the pain.”

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Toys and electronics lift Amazon | CNN

Retailers are battling hard over toys, flat-screen TVs and new tech gadgets this holiday season, and Amazon appears to be in a strong position.

The company said on Tuesday that it sold 18 million toys between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Amazon did not disclose toy sales from last year, but it has been stockpiling toys since Toys “R” Us’ closed its stores in June.

Amazon (AMZN) expanded its toy efforts in the run-up to the holidays. It mailed out a 70-page toy catalog with top items and deals, and even began selling toys at Whole Foods. Last week, Amazon offered discounts on Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and Lego.

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Why Do I Get Sore Days After I’ve Worked Out? | Live Science

You crush your morning workout — running farther, lifting heavier or getting in one more round of that circuit. But that sweet satisfaction can quickly turn to regret the next morning when you’re too sore to swing your legs out of bed.

Many of us have experienced the burning, aching, jelly-leg feeling that begins hours, or even days, after exercise. But where does it come from and why does it always show up a couple days after certain workouts?

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