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10 Signs That Earth’s Climate Is Off the Rails | Live Science

Climate change is happening, it’s real and it’s our fault. The evidence is overwhelming — our planet is changing faster than it ever has before. Here are 10 stories from the past year demonstrating how Earth’s climate has gone completely off the rails.

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The business of spaceflight: The 7 biggest moments of the year | CNN

This year didn’t end up exactly how many in the spaceflight industry had hoped.

Rocket launches were delayed. Explosions and development setbacks pushed off exciting milestones. NASA astronauts still don’t have the option to fly aboard American spacecraft.

But there were also numerous indicators that the burgeoning commercial space industry is in good health.

Investments in the sector are growing exponentially. And Wall Street banks, from Goldman Sachs to Morgan Stanley, predict the global space industry will grow to $1 trillion or more over the next two decades.

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How to Use Venmo for Business | Business News Daily

Venmo isn’t just for peer-to-peer payments; small businesses can accept it too.

If you already accept PayPal, you can accept Venmo payments at no extra charge.

There are lots of digital wallets out there – you should get to know all the major players

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How to Prioritize Work When Everything Seems Important | Life Hack

Even with all of the advances in modern technology, there are only so many hours in the day to cram in everything that we need to do. A simple “to-do” list doesn’t always cut it, and it’s easy to feel adrift in a sea of tasks without an oar. The key to managing all of the work responsibilities on your plate is prioritization.

In theory, prioritization is pretty simple: write down what you need to do and then start doing it.

Here’s the thing about prioritization though — it’s always changing. Every project manager knows that things come up, fall through, and get moved around. How we adapt to those changes can determine the success or failure of our effectiveness in completing that ever-growing to-do list.

In this article, we’ll look at various ways to help you become a master of time management at work and keep all of those proverbial spinning plates from crashing to the ground.

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Equifax breach victims get $7 each. Lawyers get $77 million | Fast Company

We were going to remind you of the January 22 deadline to file your claim for a $125 Equifax settlement, but your payout will now only be $6.80, CNBC reports—which is not worth the time it takes to fill out the application.

What changed? Equifax is paying out $700 million in the wake of its 2017 data breach, of which only $380 million is earmarked for consumer compensation. Of that fund, only $31 million was set aside for cash compensation to typical consumers, which is enough to pay $125 to 248,000 applicants. How many people applied? Four and a half million, which nets out to $6.80 per person. “Public response has been overwhelming,” says the FTC.

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Busting the Myths That Keep Your Business From Reaching Millennial Customers |

Even though the oldest millennials will turn 38 in 2020 (based on U.S. Census Bureau stats) marketers are still trying to figure out the generation. Assumptions about their “teen behavior” have seemed to persist (how long was this generation labeled “entitled”?) far past the natural expiration date. Does your business understand how to connect effectively with millennial customers?

This is particularly challenging for B2B companies. Millennials have taken over from boomers as the largest generation in the workforce. That means their business decision-making and purchasing power is increasing as they rise through the corporate ranks.

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Christmas Day Sees The Third, Final And Most Dangerous Solar Eclipse Of 2019 | Forbes

In 2019, Christmas comes a little late in the day for nature lovers, sky-watchers and astronomers as the decade’s final solar eclipse rips across the globe.

Unlike the events of August 21, 2017’s “Great American Eclipse”, this one won’t be visible from North America, and nor will it be as impressive as that day’s total solar eclipse.

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How to Stop Micromanaging Your Employees |

One of the most common struggles a new leader faces is learning to delegate and let go of the “little things.” While you may feel like you need constant oversight into your team’s work, micromanaging employees damages morale and drives away your top performers. It also prevents your team from doing truly creative or innovative work.

Part of solving this problem requires establishing healthy communication routines with your team members or leads. The rest comes down to gaining—and keeping—their trust. To help you break any micromanagement tendencies, we asked members of YEC Next this question:

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Business Gift Giving Etiquette and Mistakes to Avoid | Small Business Trends

For business owners, the holiday season is often a time for purchasing client, employee, and partner gifts for everyone who supports your business throughout the year. However, it’s important to give gifts in a way that won’t offend or create awkward situations among those who are important to your small business.

Before shopping for holiday gifts for clients, colleagues, or employees, consider the following business gift giving etiquette tips for all occasions.

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When Your Consulting Firm Should Give Free Advice | David A. Fields

Jo Uppalnite, CEO of Cocoa Roasters, calls you in search of advice because she’s mired in a challenge. Jo’s smart to call you because: 1) your consulting firm specializes in Jo’s issue; 2) you’ve spent your consulting career developing skills in this area; and, 3) she’s too amped up on roasted cocoa to make decisions without supervision.

While Jo’s problem perplexes her, your consulting firm has untied her tangle many times at many clients. You could point her in the right direction during your short chat.

Should you?

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