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Impossible Foods previews meatless burger that cooks, smells, and bleeds like beef | Inhabitat

Impossible Foods has perfected a juicy, bleeding, meatless hamburger that mimics beef down to its distinct aroma – and they just debuted the revolutionary vegan patty in San Francisco. Engineered to evoke the taste, smell, and cooking reactions of beef, this food innovation could change family cookouts forever. Impossible Foods founder Patrick Brown told The Wall Street Journal, “The whole mission of this company is to make eating animals unnecessary. So, we don’t want our product to just be delicious, we want it to be as delicious as meat.”

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Leadership Language: Why Your Word Choices Matter | Business News Daily

Common wisdom about leadership often favors “leading by example,” so you might not think too much about the way your team interprets what you say. But the truth is, the words and phrases you use can have a very real impact on your team’s morale and productivity.

“Words are important,” said Isaac Oates, CEO of Justworks, an HR, benefits and payroll platform. “It’s through our words that we communicate our intentions. They are the main tools that we have for sharing our vision with our teams.”

This is especially true when you’re discussing an employee’s performance and engagement, said Vip Sandhir, founder and CEO of employee engagement platform HighGround. Leaders’ conversations about performance can have the biggest impression on their team members.

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China is crushing the U.S. in ‘economic warfare’ | Money CNN

It’s China 1, USA 0 when it comes to so-called “economic warfare.”

As China has risen to become the world’s No. 2 economy, it has repeatedly used its business and financial clout to get what it wants on the world stage, say foreign policy experts Robert Blackwill and Jennifer Harris.

When Norway gave Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, China dramatically scaled back its salmon purchases from Norway and halted trade talks. When tensions escalated between the Philippines and China over a territorial dispute in the South China Sea, China let Philippine bananas rot in its ports.

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15 Facts That Can’t Be Ignored about U.S. Manufacturing | Getentrepreneurial

While it’s true that the number of jobs in the United States’ manufacturing sector fell in recent years, manufacturing still plays a crucial role in the country’s workforce, gross domestic product, exports, and other economic factors. In fact, today’s manufacturing companies make more products than they have in decades. Even though the manufacturing sector struggled to add jobs during the economic challenges of the early 2000s, productivity has increased dramatically. This improved productivity makes the United States one of the world’s top manufacturers.

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update set to launch August 2 | Mashable

Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the no-brainer update for most Windows 10 adoptees, now has a ship date: Aug. 2.

Microsoft announced the delivery schedule on Wednesday in a blog post by Microsoft Corp. VP for the Windows and Devices Group Yusuf Mehdi.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is, compared to the original Windows 10 launch, a relatively minor set of feature enhancements. That said, there is some significant interface house cleaning, like a reorganizing of the Start Menu and Apps list and Action and Notifications Center shift to a more logical position on the right side of the screen.

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So How Will Drone Deliveries Work Exactly? | Co.Exist

Ukraine has joined a number of postal services that are testing drones. But these tests are doing more than hooking up a parcel to a quadcopter, flying it, and then discussing the implications. The Ukrainian postal service, UkrPoshta, is working with the Israeli drone company Flytrex to bring regular drone deliveries to the country.

The chief advantage of drone deliveries is that they are cheap. Each drone delivery costs just $0.15, even though it runs point-to-point, heading out from the depot to the delivery destination and back again for each package. Three drones are expected to be able to ferry the same amount of cargo as one van—without the expense of a driver. “It never needs to take a lunch break,” says Flytrap CEO Yariv Bash.

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EU referendum fallout: Markets and political analysis, Brexit legality | Business Insider

Britain is getting exactly what it voted for when it pipped for an exit from the European Union.

It is hurtling toward a recession and a fractured political landscape that now seems irreparable.

This is not fearmongering. The warnings were laid out repeatedly across a seemingly endless raft of reports from the Treasury, bank analysts, and independent research firms and think tanks.

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Which is the Best Online Marketplace: Amazon, Etsy or Ebay? | Small Biz Trends

When you sell crafts online, choosing the right platform is paramount. There are plenty of different options available to handmade business owners. Three of the most popular are Etsy, Amazon and eBay. But each one offers different options and benefits for handmade shop owners. Here are some comparisons and basic information that can help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing Handmade at Amazon, Etsy or eBay.

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Weekly Economic Update | LAEDC

LAEDC-LOGOv.20 n.23 – Released June 27, 2016

This Week’s Headlines:

5 Ways to Make Content Marketing Easier This Summer | Entrepreneur

Summer is here, and that means vacation season is upon us. We’ll all be traveling more, taking a little time off and soaking up the sun. But, as an entrepreneur, you may find it strange to leave behind your passions and projects, even for a few weeks.

One of the hardest projects to leave completely alone is your content — it’s coming from you, after all. And consistently creating more remains a challenge for teams everywhere. In fact, 60 percent of marketers in one survey said content creation was their biggest challenge last year.

And, honestly, the warm summer months that pull you away from your desk, to the lake (or mountains or ocean), don’t make that challenge any easier.

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