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The White House Allegedly Has A Marijuana Smear Squad. Cannabis Experts Say Bring It On. | Forbes

The Trump administration has supposedly assembled a team of federal agency leaders for the purpose of promoting negative views on U.S. cannabis legalization. Cannabis industry members and advocates say the effort would be deeply misguided, and ultimately too late.

On Wednesday, BuzzFeed News reported that the White House has “secretly amassed” a committee of federal agencies meant to “combat public support for marijuana and cast state legalization measures in a negative light” while also “attempting to portray the drug as a national threat,” based on interviews and documents acquired by BuzzFeed.

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How to Get a Traditional Bank Loan for Your Business |

Whether it’s for operating costs, expansion or to pay off debt, being able to access additional capital when it’s needed most can be critical to the survival of your business.

A study from researchers at the University of Texas at Austin; the University of California, Los Angeles; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and the Universidad de Piura discovered that a loan of just $11,000 can increase a business’s three-to-five year survival rate by more than 50 percent.

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3 Business Terms All Self-Employed People Need to Understand | Due

Starting a business is more than quitting your day job and putting together a website for your new project. It involves the law, your money, and your daily energy. When it comes to being your own boss, knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you can both protect and grow your business.

I’m not talking about the more you know about marketing or the more you know about your competition. I’m talking about the more you know about business itself. Here are three common business terms all self employed people need to understand.

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30 Years Ago, Women Entrepreneurs Couldn’t Do This One Simple Thing | Small Business Trends

The other day, I read an article that blew me away. Writing in Forbes, entrepreneur Deborah Sweeney reminds us that until 1988, women entrepreneurs could not get business loans without a male relative as a cosigner. It didn’t matter if the male relative was even involved in the business, or if he was under 18; he was essential to experienced businesswomen getting the loans they needed to grow their companies.

“As a 43-year-old female CEO, it is difficult for me to get over that in my lifetime women business owners had to rely on men to obtain a business loan,” Sweeney writes.

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Study claims e-bikes get you just as fit as non-electrics | New Atlas

Two years ago, we heard about a study which indicated that even though e-bikes require less rider effort to travel at a given speed, they’re still a decent source of exercise. Now, a new study suggests that they’re just as good as regular bikes at improving fitness – at least when it comes to overweight riders.

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Astell & Kern A&futura SE100 Hands-On Impressions | Digital Trends

Astell & Kern is one of those pesky audio companies that just won’t stop innovating, like that annoying classmate who was always pushing the grade curve and reminding the teacher of that missing pop quiz. This utterly meticulous engineering is what has kept the niche brand in business so long, and it’s also what leads to impressive evolutions like the company’s new A&futura SE100 portable player ($1,700).

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How Do You Know Your Employees Are Putting in Their Hours | The Startup Magazine

If you have employees that work from home or from the road, the thought has probably crossed your mind: How can I be sure my people are working and not goofing off while billing my company?

This issue is probably most prevalent for those who work with an outside or traveling salesforce or a team of people who work from home. Traveling is part of the job in sales, but how can you be sure they are out there selling? For those workers who work remotely, how can you be sure they are working instead of napping?

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What could happen next after Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort convictions | Business Insider

Last week featured some of the biggest drama of President Donald Trump’s tenure so far.

In courtrooms separated by about 200 miles, Trump’s former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to eight counts of federal felonies, two of which were campaign-finance violations that he said Trump “directed” him to make, while the president’s ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted on eight felony counts while the jury was hung on another 10 counts he faced.

So what’s next?

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Who is Your Customer? | Peter Mehit

We all need more customers. Growing top line revenue is survival. Without setting the table, you have no chance to make a profit, or even just stay in the game. With so much hype around the internet and social media, more established forms of marketing are being discounted. Yet the elevation of social media, which is a tactic, as an end all, be all strategy to reach your customer, does a disservice to those who must plot the direction of their company’s marketing efforts.

No where is this more apparent than in small business where owners and managers are bombarded by sales pitches for different types of tactics. Some owners will be swayed by a good pitch and buy the tactic. Others will not feel comfortable and will not do anything. If neither of these persons has identified their customer, neither choice is helpful to their business.

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Uber ‘to focus on bikes over cars’ | BBC News

Uber says it plans to focus more on its electric scooter and bike business, and less on cars, despite the fact it could hurt profits.

Boss Dara Khosrowshahi said that individual modes of transport were better suited to inner city travel.

He also forecast users would make more frequent shorter journeys in future.

“During rush hour, it is very inefficient for a one-tonne hulk of metal to take one person 10 blocks,” he told the Financial Times.

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