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How To Hack Into Your Flow State And Quintuple Your Productivity | Fast Company

If you want to do more, learn more, and gain more, you might want to think like surfer.

Surfing is a 1,000-year-old sport, and 20 years ago the biggest wave ever ridden was 25 feet. Today surfers push into waves 100 feet tall. Or consider snowboarding: In 1992, the biggest gap ever cleared was 40 feet; today that jump is 230 feet.

What’s behind the insane progress in adventure sports? Flow, says Steven Kotler, author of The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance.

“Flow is an optimal state of consciousness, when you feel and perform your best,” he says. “It’s the moment of total absorption. Time speeds up or slows down like a freeze-frame effect. Mental and physical ability go through roof, and the brain takes in more information per second, processing it more deeply.”

Sometimes called “being in the zone,” flow isn’t just an experience for record-breaking athletes. “It’s ubiquitous,” says Kotler. “Anybody anywhere can apply the triggers for any task. And the amount of time someone spends in flow has a massive and powerful correlation to life satisfaction.”

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Corporate Social Responsibility Fails Without Trust |

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is all the rage among brands today. “Giving back” and “doing good” have become the mantras of many companieshoping to appeal to the modern generation of consumers, who are increasingly concerned about global and social issues. But the motivation behind many companies’ CSR efforts actually provides the very reason that they shouldn’t take on socially responsible initiatives.

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More Trouble Than They’re Worth? 6 Valid Reasons to Fire a Client |

You are probably willing to work with any and every client who comes your way when you are just starting out in business. However, not every client is a good one. The emotional, physical, and mental drain caused by a bad client relationship can keep you from enjoying your job and negatively impact the work you do for other clients. At times, the best way to grow your business is to let go of those clients who are holding you back.

How do you know when it’s time to move on? Here are six warning signs for clients who bring more trouble than they are worth:

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LeVar Burton Raised $1,000,000 in One Day To Revive Reading Rainbow|

Kickstarter projects and similar sites are amazing because they allow entrepreneurs, or enterprising helmsmen, to fund ventures with small amounts of money from a large number of people via the internet.

LeVar Burton recently took to Kickstarter, a crowdfunding website, to raise funds to revive a popular children’s television program he used to host called Reading Rainbow.  The educational PBS series ran from 1983 until 2006 and Burton is looking to bring it back.

The former Star Trek actor is not the only one to benefit from this online fundraising platform. Kickstarter projects can relate to any kind of product or service, including clothing, inventions, apps and art. Whether you are interested in financing tech-integrated desks or affordable belonging tracking devices, there is no shortage of innovative ideas on the site

100 Kickstarter Projects – LeVar Burton Raised $1,000,000 in One Day To Revive Reading Rainbow TOPLIST.

GM made $22.6 billion since bankruptcy. Taxpayers lost $10.6 billion on bailout |

GM has earned a stunning $22.6 billion since the dark days of the financial crisis, when the automaker was bailed out by the U.S. government. Taxpayers didn’t fare nearly as well. They’d lost $10.6 billion by the time the U.S. Treasury department closed the books on the $49.5 billion bailout in December.GM, which filed for bankruptcy five years ago this Sunday, has repaid everything it was obligated to pay Treasury. Taxpayers came up short because the U.S. decided to buy GM stock to keep the automaker alive instead of giving it a loan and saddling it with more debt.Although GM has been very profitable since 2009, its stock price never rose to a level that let Treasury to recoup that investment.

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Why Millennials Are Immature, Entitled and the Best Hire |

As it has been pointed out countless times in the media and through anecdotes, millennials in the workplace feel entitled to undeserved promotions and raises, are addicted to their smartphones and job hop every few years. The litany of complaints goes on, but of course no generation is as bad — or as good — as reported: Generation X was more than just a bunch of slackers and Baby Boomers’ strengths shook off their juvenile delinquent label.

In the case of Generation Y, twenty-somethings bring new perspectives and habits to the workplace that add value to their employers, even though those strengths also carry inherent weaknesses.

Whether you’re managing millennials or are a twenty-something yourself, here are the unique and creative talents Gen Y brings to the table, the lessons they still need to learn and the opportunities they have to establish themselves as the next generation of leaders.

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Weekly Business Update | LAEDC



10 Ways to Improve Your Webinars |

Web conferences or webinars are a great way to attract new customers, engage with existing ones, or provide training and insights to employees or clients. Making your Web conference engaging can be more challenging than it sounds, however.

The key, experts say, is making the most of your interactions and personalizing the webinar experience. Here are 10 suggestions for making the most of your Web conferences.

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6 Tips to Honing the Perfect Elevator Pitch |

An elevator pitch is a concise, carefully planned, and well-practiced description of your business that you could pitch to someone you meet in an “elevator.” Small business owners and managers should have an elevator pitch prepared to sell their products and services at any opportunity. A good elevator pitch should quickly grab the interest of the person you are talking to in the first couple of sentences. It should be short and show your passion and enthusiasm for what you are pitching. Typically, it should end by asking for an appointment or referral.

Follow these six tips to develop a strong, successful elevator pitch to attract customers wherever you might meet them:

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Why Nascar Is Putting RFID Sensors On Every Person In The Pit| Fast

MotionWorks allows race teams the ability to measure every aspect of their crew’s performance, from every angle, without the inconvenience of obstruction–of which there can be quite a bit on pit row. The high-frequency location-based system measures proximity within a 3-D space devoid of line-of-sight limitation

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