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Best New Crowdfunding Projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo this Week | Digital Trends

At any given moment, there are approximately a zillion different crowdfunding campaigns happening on the web. Take a stroll through Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you’ll find no shortage of weird, useless, and downright stupid projects out there — alongside some real gems. We’ve cut through the fidget spinners and janky iPhone cases to round up the most unusual, ambitious, and exciting new crowdfunding projects out there this week. Keep in mind that any crowdfunding project — even those with the best intentions — can fail, so do your homework before cutting a check for the gadget of your dreams.

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Magic of Physics Makes This Fridge Chill Food Without Fans or Electricity | Digital Trends

Coolers are big business on Kickstarter, dating back to the multi-function Coolest Cooler, which racked up an epic $13 million in pledges several years ago. Now a new refrigeration system has landed on the popular crowdfunding platform — and it’s missing one big feature. What feature is that? Just a little thing we call the need for electricity!

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Your Personal Air Conditioning Unit | CoolBusinessIdeas.com

Summers would be so much cooler without the heat. In Florida, summertime means spending most of the day inside to avoid sweltering temperatures and sweat-inducing humidity. Hell, if it wasn’t for air-conditioning, Florida would probably still be a balmy, pristine, practically uninhabitable tract of land jutting out from the United States.

So it makes sense that a couple Floridians recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for what may be the next evolution in air conditioning — the Airwirl.

Taking the form of a fortified 7-Eleven Big Gulp, the Airwirl is actually a personal cooling (or heating) device that is small enough to fit in a cup holder and big enough to pack a punch of cool (or hot) air into your face, providing much-needed (albeit temporary) relief when temperatures reach certain extremes.

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Why This Bean Bag Chair Has Raised More Than $350,000 on Kickstarter | Inc.com

Fiorentino decided the classic bean bag chair was due for an update.

His version is called the MoonPod, and it’s a uniquely-shaped bean bag that is designed to create the sensation of “zero-gravity weightlessness.” The bag, which weighs around 10 pounds, holds your shape no matter how you bend it–use it as a seat when you want to do work or stretch it out to take a nap. The bag can also stand upright and be put away in the closet. The Kickstarter project launched this week and has already surpassed its $21,500 goal, raising over $350,000.

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11 Ingenious Kickstarter Ideas We Wish We’d Thought Of | Business News Daily

With entrepreneurs on the rise, there are creative businesses taking off each day. Kickstarter, a valuable crowdfunding tool for inventors, artists and entrepreneurs, helps gain financial support and attention for innovative ideas across the globe.

To stand out on Kickstarter, you must be unique. Businesses that find the most success on the platform are those that stand out from the crowd. Here are 11 Kickstarter projects we wish we’d thought of first.

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This Brooklyn Company Just Introduced a Way Cool Folding Chair (Yes, That’s Possible) | Inc.com

Jessica Banks designs magic tricks. The thing is, Banks’s magic tricks are disguised as furniture.

She’s the founder of RockPaperRobot, a robotics furniture maker in Brooklyn. Her newest offering, the Ollie chair, is her company’s first attempt to appeal to a mass-market audience and to make her sleight of hand more accessible to the not-ultra-rich — without breaking the bank herself. To fund, manufacture, and sell the chairs, RockPaperRobot turned to Kickstarter. The campaign has raised $220,000 so far, well beyond its initial goal of $80,000, and will end on March 29 at 9 a.m. ET.

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The Craziest Things That Have Been Funded on Kickstarter in 2017, So Far | Entrepreneur

Kickstarter is a great way for entrepreneurs to get funding for their out-there ideas. And when it comes to crowdfunding — no idea is too crazy. You’d be surprised at some of the things people are willing to fund.

In 2014, Zach “Danger” Brown wanted $10 to make a potato salad — so he started a Kickstarter campaign that wound up raising more than $55,000. From an ostrich pillow to a Grilled Cheesus (i.e. a sandwich press that toasts the face of Jesus in bread) — you’d be surprised at some of the campaigns that gained traction.

A pen made from air pollution, an origami canoe, a levitating timepiece — this year, we’ve already started seeing wild campaigns. Check out the craziest Kickstarter campaigns of 2017 — so far.

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These High-School Students Found a Way to Make Any Headphones Wireless | Entrepreneur

Wireless headphones have been around for awhile, but a device that can make any old set of headphones wireless is about to hit the market.

Launching their Kickstarter campaign today, the team behind the Spiro X1 wants to give you a no-strings-attached listening experience. The Spiro X1 (or “X1” for short) is a circular device that plugs into headphones using the connection typically taken by a wire. A user would simply disconnect their wires from the headphone jack and plug in the X1 in its place. Once connected, bluetooth technology allows users to listen to music and answer calls through their headphones with no physical wire.

In addition to making headphones wireless, customers can use the product to answer calls and play or pause songs using the X1’s center button, as well as adjust the volume via the side buttons. Also notable are the X1’s proprietary circuit board and near-weightlessness (it weighs less than a quarter of a pound, measuring an estimated 38 millimeters in diameter and approximately 12 millimeters thick).

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Nederland startup Solar Greens nears launch of My Terrace Farmer compact greenhouses | Boulderopolis

NEDERLAND — Startup Solar Greens Co. in Nederland is working on fulfilling the first 16 orders of its balcony-size greenhouses, with plans for an official launch in the fall once pre-production and external field-testing are complete.

The hope is that the My Terrace Farmer greenhouses will appeal to a variety of gardeners and would-be gardeners who might have limited outdoor space or live in a harsh climate with a short growing season like the mountains.

The company wrapped up a Kickstarter.com crowdfunding campaign earlier this month, raising nearly $21,000. Since then, another $6,000 in orders has come in. Solar Greens owner Greg Ching said he’s hoping to have the Kickstarter and other pre-orders filled by April.

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This Card Game Just Raised More Money Than Veronica Mars | WIRED

Two weeks ago, Elan Lee got a call that made him feel like he was living in the movie Jaws. It was about two weeks into the highly successful Kickstarter campaign for his new card game Exploding Kittens, and one of his potential suppliers called “to see if you were still interested in that order for 500 decks of cards.” By that point he already knew he was going to need about 500 thousand.

“I had flashes,” Lee says, “to that scene where Roy Scheider (Brody) sees the immense great white for the first time and says in a stupor “you’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

When Exploding Kittens—a tabletop card game that’s essentially Russian Roulette with cats—ended its Kickstarter run tonight, it had raised more than $8.7 million. (They’d initially asked for $10,000.) For context, that’s about $3 million more than Rob Thomas scared up to make a friggin’ Veronica Mars movie. It got more than 200,000 backers—more than any other Kickstarter project, by a longshot—and is the most funded game in the site’s history. “Until Exploding Kittens came along, we hadn’t seen the Internet at large descend on a project and embrace it at this crazy scale,” says Luke Crane, Kickstarter’s lead for games projects.

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