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Uncommon Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Thrive | The Startup Magazine

No wonder, the demand to pursue entrepreneurship has been rising in recent years. Around 5.4 million new businesses have been registered in 2021. Besides, 78% of small businesses say that they are profitable. Although statistics show that about 20% of new businesses fail within the first two years, the desire to become a successful entrepreneur is increasing constantly.

However, there is no specific personality or demographic profile that makes a successful entrepreneur. Some of the entrepreneurship skills needed to succeed include basic money management skills, having a growth mindset, networking, etc. While these are common skills, let’s discuss some of the uncommon ones that not many entrepreneurs bother to develop.

  1. Adaptability

Adapting yourself to the constantly changing needs of the market is what makes an entrepreneur successful. Adaptability is an important feature that most business owners lack. Besides, it can lead to making unfavorable decisions for the business and might attract consequences.

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6 Ways Your Business Can Get High Ticket Sales | The Startup Magazine

There exist two kinds of entrepreneurs in the business world: those who are satisfied with selling products that generate low rewards; and those that prefer to work with high ticket sales financing clients that are willing to spend more money compared to regular customers. Here we’ll focus on high ticket sales tips that will drive revenue growth.

It might sound like a very lucrative opportunity to land clients that are willing to spend more than the normal person. However, it also comes with higher risks. Many business advisors even suggest sustainable models with low ticket sales with fewer risks. But you may find that your financial growth is moving at such a slow pace. You might not be able to focus on expanding your business as you’ll end up investing a lot of time searching for new leads.

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3 Ways To Keep Customers at Your Small Business Happy | Cool Business Ideas

We know that it can be a challenge at times to keep all your customers happy. That’s why we are offering up a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to fostering and maintaining a quality relationship with your customers!

Go The Extra Mile

Creating an atmosphere your customers feel comfortable in has such a positive impact on your business. You want to keep them there longer, and you want to keep them returning! In order to do this, you need to stand out among the rest. Consider the question: how can I be different than my competition? Then, ask yourself: what can I do to keep my customers happy? You can look at businesses like Inhstl.com which is a natural health facility that is uncommon in the area they are in. What are other businesses doing that works for them, and how can you do it better?

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Higher Education in the Face of New Technologies Is an Opportunity for Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes in higher education. Higher education includes general, technical or professional education, which requires a level of training greater than or equal to the baccalaureate or its equivalent. During the moments of confinement, the research laboratories were closed, the courses were given remotely, and the students and staff, not being used to this mode of operation, were forced to adapt despite the increase in social inequalities, xenophobia and student mental health issues.

Almost two years after the confinements, higher education is becoming more than necessary to focus on other future eventualities, considering the world’s socio-economic needs: economy and community. Not only has the pandemic redirected higher education, but the challenges and issues related to public evolution and the strong presence of digital technology today require the university to set new objectives and different methods based on innovation using technological tools.

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How Businesses Can Survive Inflation and Recession | Inc.com

As we all gradually get over the massive economic and societal hurdles the Covid-19 pandemic brought about, the U.S. economy is sliding into more drama: inflation and recession.

Prices are rising, supply chains are still in turmoil, and customers and business owners alike are pinching every penny as their lives get more expensive. Economists agree that this high inflation could be long-lasting and play a major part in the oncoming recession. They see hard times ahead, particularly for small business owners and new entrepreneurs.

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The ultimate guide to pricing your services | Getentrepreneurial.com

If there is one thing that budding entrepreneurs struggle with the most, it is pricing their services. There are umpteen reasons behind this – all of which we will tackle through today’s article – but, ultimately, it can pose monumental, bottom-line problems. After all, if you’re not pricing yourself accurately, you’re faced with two situations. Firstly, you could bottom-out and not make sufficient profits. Or, if you go the other way, you won’t attract the clients. So, how do you start? Let’s dive into the best practices for pricing your products and services.

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Franchise Trends That Make 2022 the Year of Opportunity | Entrepreneur

The newly released 2022 Economic Outlook for Franchising shows franchise economic output in proportions unmatched by almost any other sector in the economy.

Last year saw one of the best comebacks the United States has ever seen. Across the country, people had more cash in their pockets, more investments in the stock market and more confidence in a continued recovery for their businesses than we have seen in years, perhaps decades.

With the latest surge of the Covid-19 pandemic waning, the economic recovery will almost certainly continue, and it’s being led by the franchise industry. With continued growth across every franchise sector, 2022 will be a year of new opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to reimagine their careers as owners and operators of highly successful, recognizable franchises.

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Overworked? | Getentrepreneurial.com

It’s well-known that entrepreneurs must dedicate a lot of their time to getting their businesses off the ground in order to be successful. It’s not uncommon to hear of a business owner working 60 or more hours a week in pursuit of that success. However, this amount of work can have a major negative impact on one’s mental and physical health.

Tips to Cut Down Working Hours

To address the issue, busy professionals need to find a way to work smarter and gradually reduce the number of hours spent running their businesses. That’s why we asked 12 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following:

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How To Grow Your Business Quickly | The Startup Magazine

Rapid business growth is a critical motivator for business owners. Bare Metrics mentions that businesses should be aiming for a value between 15% and 45% in year-over-year business growth. However, these numbers seem pretty unattainable when you’ve first started the business off. For the first few months, you’re probably going to be operating in the red. Profits might not even begin to roll in until well after the initial start.

In some cases, this never happens, and the business fails to get off the ground. It’s always better to aim for the sky when it comes to business. However, to do so requires the business owner to be dedicated, motivated, and determined to make growth happen. How does a business owner do that? Let’s explore some of the ways that entrepreneurs can help their businesses grow rapidly.
























































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Turn Your Employees into Mad Scientist Entrepreneurs | Entrepreneur

What are you doing to offer your employees value while they are in your flock and preparing them for their next ascension in either corporate America, philanthropy, social giving or as an entrepreneur? I hear of the horror stories of business professionals seeking to try their hand at being a business owner but fear that their current job will be in jeopardy or their role as a provider is in limbo seeking to take the step. Employers unknowingly are often hiring future entrepreneurs that will either create a service or product that will make their current company obsolete or struggle for survival. These “silent” entrepreneurs endure the pain of holding their desires to venture out and try entrepreneurship. It seems that too often, we speak about the risk entrepreneurs take in leaving their jobs or careers to try being an entrepreneur and not focus on the risk taken by firms to not embrace them by helping them grow. Companies are taking a risk by foregoing identifying and embracing the skillsets for qualified personnel on their teams that show true foundational character traits of entrepreneurs that can be leveraged to build them up and assist them in reaching their goal.

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