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How to Stop Micromanaging Your Employees | AllBusiness.com

One of the most common struggles a new leader faces is learning to delegate and let go of the “little things.” While you may feel like you need constant oversight into your team’s work, micromanaging employees damages morale and drives away your top performers. It also prevents your team from doing truly creative or innovative work.

Part of solving this problem requires establishing healthy communication routines with your team members or leads. The rest comes down to gaining—and keeping—their trust. To help you break any micromanagement tendencies, we asked members of YEC Next this question:

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Is Micromanaging Your Employees Hurting Your Business? | AllBusiness.com

Many small business owners are guilty of micromanaging. It’s no secret that delegating tasks is often very hard for small business owners to do. After all, how many of you started your business thinking, “I can do it better than my boss can!” or something similar?

When you’re the best at something, it’s tough to let anyone else take the reins. But micromanaging can hurt you, your employees, and your business.

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