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The decade of ignoring your gaming PC’s power supply is over | Digital Trends

I never think about the power supply in my gaming PC. It’s an 850W bequiet! Straight Power that I’ve owned for years and transferred between several builds.

Like most PC builders, I intended to replace it once it had reached its end of life, which would mean I have a few more years before that becomes a problem. That is, with the hardware I have now.

We’re standing on the edge of the next generation of GPUs from AMD and Nvidia, and all signs point to them drawing more power than ever before. As innocuous as the best PC power supplies are, PSUs are primed to see lower supply and higher prices when next-gen GPUs arrive, especially if a lot of builders need to upgrade. It’s been easy to ignore your power supply for the better part of a decade, but that time is coming to an end.

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Workers are Seeking or Planning to Seek New Jobs |

Public health crises past and present have caused labor shortages that ripped out and reworked the fabric of society. The Great Plague liberated serfs, the Spanish Flu brought women to the workplace, and COVID-19 is empowering modern employees to redefine work-life balance and find roles that fit their lifestyles.

In upending the economy, the coronavirus also reshaped views of the workforce. Hourly earners were finally seen as essential and many office workers logged in from home, while government assistance allowed millions to reconsider their employment status. Many workers delayed their returns to the office or quit their jobs to seek more favorable terms as part of The Great Resignation.

Now low unemployment and rising wages have made good workers harder to hire. Our new research into what American workers need to stay on the job revealed a workforce in turmoil, with many employees dissatisfied and actively looking for new positions. Specifically, our study of workers and job seekers found:

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8 Tips to Ensure That Your Startup Doesn’t Fail | The Startup Magazine

The life of an entrepreneur can be exciting and filled with ups and downs. While certain aspects of setting up a startup can be exhilarating, especially in the early stages of the business, there are also plenty of bumps along the road, big and small.

If you are planning to start your own business, then there is a good chance that you are prone to failure. So, before you start your startup and invest your time and money in it, you have to ensure your startup does not fail. Here are eight startup tips to keep your startup alive and kicking.

Build a healthy support network

Any entrepreneur who has faced failure or encountered challenges along the way knows how important it is to have a good support network. A good support network can give entrepreneurs the encouragement they need to continue with their business. It can also help them bounce back after encountering failure and other challenges along the way because they know that they are not alone in this journey.

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Instagram warns users who share Russian state media, hides following lists in Russia and Ukraine | TechCrunch

Instagram announced Tuesday that it would implement steps to dampen Russian government propaganda and protect the privacy of users across Ukraine and Russia.

The company will begin downranking posts from Russian state-affiliated media, placing any stories from those outlets below other content from other sources. Users who go to share stories originating with any of these accounts will now see a pop-up message cautioning them against spreading “Russia state-controlled media.”

“Instagram believes the account that created this post may be partially or wholly under the editorial control of the Russian government,” the message reads.

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Google Pixel users can now use live captions during calls | Mashable

Google announced its latest accessibility update Monday — real-time phone call captions for Google Pixel users who cannot or prefer not to speak on the phone.

The Live Caption feature for phones will let users initiate two-way text-to-speech tools within a call, providing live captions of what the other person says in real time and letting users type a response that’s read out loud by Google’s text-to-speech voice during the call. Once initiated, the phone call converts into an easily navigable text chat exchange on the user’s side. It also alerts the caller on the other line that the person is using these services, making it easier for everyone involved.

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Who Invented the Bicycle? | Live Science

You might think that an invention as simple as the bicycle would have an uncomplicated past. But as it turns out, this highly popular invention has a history fraught with controversy and misinformation. While stories about who invented the bicycle often contradict one another, there’s one thing that’s certain: the very first bicycles were nothing like the ones you see cruising down the street today.

The first known iterations of a wheeled, human-powered vehicle were created long before the bicycle became a practical form of transportation. In 1418, an Italian engineer, Giovanni Fontana (or de la Fontana), constructed a human-powered device consisting of four wheels and a loop of rope connected by gears, according to the International Bicycle Fund (IBF).

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Alive Day – October 25, 2020 | Peter Mehit

I had a heart attack on October 25, 2020, which coincidentally, was my 23rd wedding anniversary.  No, I don’t think the two are related.

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Bang & Olufsen Outdoor Speakers | Cool Business Ideas

Denmark’s luxury hi-fi brand Bang & Olufsen has unveiled a new outdoorsy member of its portable speaker range called the Beosound Explore, which rocks an eye-catching aluminum shell for durability and IP67 waterproofing for all-weather adventuring accompanied by B&O’s signature sound.

“We created Beosound Explore to be our toughest speaker that can withstand the outdoor elements,” said the company’s Christoffer Poulsen. “The speaker is dust- and water-proof, embodied in a scratch-resistant type 2 anodized aluminum surface. The exceptional sound quality for its size makes Beosound Explore the perfect companion for any adventure.”

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Vaccinated Americans Will Reportedly Be Allowed Back In Europe This Summer | Forbes

American holidaymakers who have received a coronavirus vaccine will be permitted to enter the European Union in time for summer vacation thanks to the success of the U.S. vaccine rollout, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told the New York Times Sunday.

The timing of the policy change is still unclear, and will depend on the spread of the virus in both the U.S. and Europe over the next few months, Von der Leyen said told the newspaper.

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Why is bitcoin going down? Here are a few reasons

Some investors are saying bye-bye to bitcoin, which is causing the cryptocurrency’s price to crash.

Is the COVID-19 pandemic to blame?

Unlike for most things these days, the answer is no.

Fingers instead are pointing to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, because of reports that President Joe Biden is planning to raise the tax on capital gains.

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