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Lawyers see crypto regulation coming in 2023 because industry needs to rebuild trust | TechCrunch

Despite an uneven year in the crypto markets, many market participants are unperturbed about the long-term health of the sector and say that legal frameworks in 2023 could restore trust in the industry.

“Crypto will recover,” Katherine Dowling, general counsel member at Bitwise Asset Management, said to TechCrunch. “This is not the death of crypto.”

Given the belief by many that crypto remains here to stay, it’s worth looking ahead. Crypto denizens certainly are — after the FTX collapse, questions circulated concerning crypto’s future and what regulators would do next.

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10 Things To Know Before You Buy Bitcoin | The Startup Magazine

What to remember before buying bitcoin (BTC)?

The increasing popularity of cryptocurrency may indicate that folks are more interested in learning some basics about this new investment opportunity. Unfortunately, surveys have shown that 96% of American respondents failed to answer simple questions regarding bitcoin. That’s why future investors must boost their crypto-related know-how before they start investing in the BTC bubble. The recent market crash, in essence, serves as a warning to those who consider bitcoin a make-money-fast method without learning some essentials about cryptocurrency. Since bitcoin remains the most popular form of virtual money, we’re describing some of the most important factors people should remember before buying it.

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Best 5 Crypto Apps to Buy Bitcoin in 2022 | AllBusiness.com

Cryptocurrency trading has become more accessible than ever, driven by iterative upgrades to the services offered by leading crypto exchanges and brokers. In fact, the global cryptocurrency trading market is forecast to reach $4.94 billion by 2030. Nowadays, crypto apps are one of the most popular ways for investors to operate within the market, allowing for a seamless trading experience while on the go.

5 best crypto apps to trade with in 2022

The following are five of the best crypto trading apps available to investors. We will review all the elements investors must consider before deciding which to choose.

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EU agrees on rules to tame ‘Wild West’ crypto market | CNN

The European Union has agreed on ground-breaking rules for regulating crypto assets, EU lawmakers said on Thursday, as the rout in bitcoin piles pressure on authorities to rein in the sector.

Globally, crypto assets are largely unregulated, with national operators in the EU only required to show controls for combating money laundering.

Representatives from the European Parliament and EU states thrashed out a deal on the markets in crypto assets (MiCA) law, which is expected to come into force around the end of 2023.

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What You Need to Know About Bitcoin for Your Small Business | Small Business Trends

As a small business owner, I have been avoiding thinking about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin for many years. But on this week’s The Small Business Radio Show, we discuss what you need to know about Bitcoin for your small business, your customers, and vendors.

Chris Brady is a New York Times best-selling author and speaker with a new book called “The Bitcoin Bride”. He was listed Richtopia’s Top 200 list of most influential authors in the world.

According to Chris, Bitcoin is not that complicated. He says that “it’s just money. Bitcoin was created to fix the money system since it’s broken. Governments and banks can expand its supply anytime they want…. backed by nothing. This is bad news for consumers since it results in inflation, erodes business profits and personal savings.  Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation.”

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World with Bitcoin | The Startup Magazine

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown programmer, or group of programmers. The overall world Bitcoin impact permeates a growing portion of the financial ecosystem. Bitcoin can be used to make purchases online and in brick-and-mortar stores using mobile apps. Bitcoin is the first of hundreds of “cryptocurrencies,” which are forms of currency that exist digitally through encryption. Bitcoin has become increasingly popular since its creation, with the total number of Bitcoin users around the world growing to more than 5 million today from 500,000 in 2013. Bitcoin Revolution can help you in providing proper tips and tricks for bitcoin investment.

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Millions in Bitcoin pouring into Ukraine from donors | BBC News

Cryptocurrency analysts say at least $13.7m (£10.2m) has so far been donated to the Ukrainian war effort through anonymous Bitcoin donations.

Researchers at Elliptic, a blockchain analysis company, say the Ukrainian government, NGOs and volunteer groups have raised the money by advertising their Bitcoin wallet addresses online.

More than 4,000 donations have been made so far, with one unknown donor gifting Bitcoin worth $3m to an NGO.

The median donation is $95.

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Putin’s sabre rattling is shaking the cryptocurrency market | Fast Company

Cryptocurrencies around the world are getting pummeled today. A quick glance at CoinDesk’s tracker will show you a wall of red. At the time of this writing, most major cryptocurrencies are down at least 5% or more, including Bitcoin, which is down nearly 7% to $40,443; Ether is down almost 6% to just over $2,900; and Dogecoin and Shiba Inc are down 4.5% and 6.5%, respectively.

So what’s causing this downturn? Unlike recent selloffs, which were largely driven by the threat of increased regulation by the likes of China or the United States, today’s selloff appears to be purely geopolitical. With the threat of Russia going to war over Ukraine, and Russian President Putin announcing he’ll oversee nuclear military drills this weekend, investors are ditching volatile stocks and digital assets in favor of more stable assets like gold.

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Goldman Sachs predicts bitcoin could hit $100,000 | CNN

Bitcoin prices have pulled back lately — but Goldman Sachs still sees strong gains ahead in the coming years.

The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency has fallen to about $46,000 after surging to a record high near $69,000 in November. Yet Goldman Sachs (GS) said in a report this week that bitcoin (XBT) could more than double, to a little over $100,000 per coin, within the next five years.

“We think that bitcoin’s market share will most likely rise over time as a byproduct of broader adoption of digital assets,” Zach Pandl, the co-head of global foreign exchange, rates and emerging market strategy for Goldman Sachs, said in the report.

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Bitcoin’s Biggest Corporate Investor Buys Another $177 Million | Forbes

Data analytics firm MicroStrategy, which owns more bitcoin than any other corporation in the world, announced another big investment in the world’s largest cryptocurrency on Tuesday morning, doubling down on its staggering commitment as the nascent market recovers from a $1 trillion crash this year.

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