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Is SafeMoon the Next Major Crypto Currency? | The Startup Magazine

The appetite for crypto currencies is not losing its breath. SafeMoon wants to join the rank of the major virtual devices, by creating a safer version. Its plan is to charge high fees per transaction, in order to limit them. Will it work? Here is what the situation looks like, currently.

A Market High on Crypto Currencies

If you are wondering how hungry the market is for crypto currencies, look no further than the example of SafeMoon. There are already 2 million traders that have bought some of this virtual device, that is currently worth $.000007. But don’t let that fool you. It is already 202% higher, in just one month. That is greatly due to the fact that cryptocurrencies, as a whole, have been gaining through the last months. If you want to get into the action, with SafeMoon or others like Bitcoin and Ethereum, find the best trading platform online, today.

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Facts About Bitcoin Mining | The Startup Magazine

BTC mining is a crucial part of the Bitcoin ecosystem and the blockchain network. Without Bitcoin mining, it would be impossible to create a decentralized peer-to-peer-based blockchain system that works without the influence of third-party financial institutions.

Bitcoin mining is still as important as it was in the beginning, but it is very much competitive, and Bitcoin mining is considered an industry today. If you want to get into Bitcoin mining, or you’re new to the crypto world, we provide top facts about Bitcoin mining that will be useful to you.

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Why is bitcoin going down? Here are a few reasons

Some investors are saying bye-bye to bitcoin, which is causing the cryptocurrency’s price to crash.

Is the COVID-19 pandemic to blame?

Unlike for most things these days, the answer is no.

Fingers instead are pointing to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, because of reports that President Joe Biden is planning to raise the tax on capital gains.

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Elon Musk announces Teslas can now be bought with Bitcoin | Fast Company

Elon Musk took to Twitter this morning to announce that customers will soon be able to buy a new Tesla using bitcoin instead of fiat currency.

The move to accepting bitcoins as payment comes roughly a month after Tesla announced it bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin and that it had plans to enable bitcoin as a payment option in the future.

In a further tweet, Musk clarified that Tesla would not convert the bitcoin payments into fiat cash, and would instead hold onto the bitcoin as bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Plunge Erases $100 Billion In 24 Hours–Here’s How Long The ‘Bloodbath’ Could Last | Forbes

960x0Despite still-booming institutional adoption, the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency is tanking Thursday morning as analysts warn of massive volatility on the horizon, pushing bitcoin’s losses to nearly 15% since an all-time high on March 13.


As of 11 a.m. EDT, the price of bitcoin has tanked 9.4% over the past 24 hours, pushing its market capitalization down to about $970 billion, from nearly $1.1 trillion at the same time Wednesday, according to crypto-data website CoinMarketCap.

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5 Tips for Beginning Bitcoin Investors | The Startup Magazine

You’ve heard about that teenager or grandmother or your brother-in-law’s co-worker’s cousin who invested a little bit of money in bitcoin and struck it rich and you want part of the action. Investing in a cryptocurrency like bitcoin in 2020 makes a lot of sense. The stock market is saturated with day-traders and new investors and it seems like there isn’t much opportunity to turn a profit, especially a big, quick profit. Bitcoin investing is the new frontier, the Wild West, a place where the playing field is relatively even and anyone can make some money.

If you think you would like to invest in bitcoin, there are a few points you should know before you take the plunge. Armed with this knowledge, some seed money, and a little bit of luck, you can be the next bitcoin success story. To help you as you get going with your investments, here are five tips for beginning bitcoin investors.

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Bitcoin ‘halving’: What does the much-hyped event mean? | BBC News

Bitcoin has just gone through a much-hyped adjustment that reduced the rate at which new coins are created.

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency’s so-called “halving” happens roughly every four years.

The digital currency relies on what are known as “miners”, who run software that races to solve complex maths puzzles in return for Bitcoins.

Monday’s halving event means that the reward for unlocking a “block” has been cut from 12.5 new coins to 6.25.

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The Real Reason Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, And Litecoin Suddenly Rocketed? | Forbes

Bitcoin, ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, and litecoin suddenly rocketed this weekend, with the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, bitcoin, shooting past the psychological $10,000 per bitcoin mark to highs of $11,200 on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange.

Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, and litecoin all made double-digit gains, meanwhile, with the sudden push higher causing many to recall the great bitcoin and cryptocurrency bull run of late 2017 which saw the bitcoin price go from $10,000 per bitcoin to almost $20,000 in under 20 days.

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Bitcoin could change the game for foreign aid | CNN

Today’s humanitarian aid model is fundamentally broken. Whether you’re a foundation making a donation to a nonprofit abroad, a government distributing aid to another government, or an individual sending emergency funds to family members across borders, your money only gets to where it needs to go after passing through intermediaries. Even in the simplest payment scenario, there’s your bank; a coordination network; and the aid recipient’s bank. But often, there are even more middlemen, with money moving along complex chains of third parties.

Such a system has obvious flaws. One is that each intermediary between you and the person or organization you are trying to help can delay, surveil, censor or steal your funds. In 2012, the UN’s then-secretary general Ban Ki-moon said that “corruption prevented 30% of all development assistance from reaching its final destination.”

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Coinstar machines will start selling Bitcoin at the grocery store | TechCrunch

You know those machines at the grocery store that transform your gallon jugs worth of change into more usable currency? They’re about to start selling Bitcoin .

To make this impulse shopping dream come true, Coinstar, the company behind those ubiquitous change-counting kiosks, has partnered with Coinme, a startup that operates a small network of cryptocurrency-dispensing ATMs around the country.

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