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What Are Standard PEO Services? | business.com

A professional employer organization, or PEO, is an organization that provides human resources and payroll services to businesses of all sizes. Through co-employment, a PEO becomes the manager of record for tax purposes and provides employee benefits packages under its own tax identification numbers.

Generally, PEOs offer several HR and administrative services designed to support the needs of a business. Don’t mistake a PEO for an HRO, also known as human resources outsourcing, though. HROs are independent companies that may provide a portion of a business’s HR needs, but they don’t operate under the co-employment model that PEOs use.
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Good Stuff Happens When You Have an HR Department of 1 | Entrepreneur

Many startups begin without a human resources department. The company is small, and hiring someone to manage just a few employees isn’t the priority. But, as the company grows, things start to get complicated: The business needs HR.

And, oftentimes, that starts with “an HR department of one.”

That’s right. Growing businesses don’t need an enormous HR team; even just one person can get the job done. Eventually, when the organization gets big enough, a larger HR department will be a necessity. But until a full team becomes necessary, a one-person HR department can be an amazing force.

Here are three issues that even an HR department of one can help you solve:

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Managing Employees: 5 Scary Small-Business Mistakes | AllBusiness.com

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Yes, your employees can make or break your business, but battling zombies can be easier than managing people.

When ‘Giving Your All’ Gets You Nowhere

Case in point: I received an email recently from an employee who wanted to know how to turn down a “promotion” that meant doing two jobs without a pay, title, or bonus increase. She wrote:

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