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A Brief History of The War on Drugs | TIME.com

It’s a war without a clear enemy. Anything waged against a shapeless, intangible noun can never truly be won — President Clinton’s drug czar Gen. Barry McCaffrey said as much in 1996. And yet, within the past 40 years, the U.S. government has spent over $2.5 trillion dollars fighting the War on Drugs.

A Brief History.

2009 UN World Drug report – The Big Picture – Boston.com

2009 UN World Drug report – The Big Picture – Boston.com.

The 2009 United Nations World Drug report, released earlier this year, notes that 2009 marks “the end of the first century of drug control (it all started in Shanghai in 1909)”, and that the illicit drug market worldwide has now become a $320 billion-per-year industry. As drug-related violence in Mexico appears to continue unabated, and crackdowns in Afghanistan are being made against its massive opium crops, new efforts are also being made worldwide in methods of enforcement and treatment of recovering addicts. Collected here are a handful of recent images from the rough world of illegal drugs across the globe. (37 photos total)

Cartels Face an Economic Battle | washingtonpost.com

If anyone needs an argument about why marijuana should be legalized, this would be it.

The shifting economics of the marijuana trade have broad implications for Mexico’s war against the drug cartels, suggesting that market forces, as much as law enforcement, can extract a heavy price from criminal organizations that have used the spectacular profits generated by pot sales to fuel the violence and corruption that plague the Mexican state.

Anyone who says they believe in ‘free markets’ should be for the immediate repeal of  the marijuana ban. The free market will eliminate the drug underworld because ultimately, it’s less competitive. Billions can be used in more productive ways. We will have a new green industry for America (and these are jobs Americans would do). And finally Hershey, Coke and Taco Bell would see huge increases in revenue. Win-Win-Win-Win.

Ending the War on Drugs itself would reduce state and federal expenses government expenses by $50 billion dollars a year, almost enough to bail out a bank. We have spent over a trillion dollars, if you count back to 1971, when this all began. With that money, we created an organized crime machine more diverse and powerful than the Mafia, which was also created by a prohibition.

The War on Drugs should really be called the ’50 Years War On Drugs’ or ‘The Industry Against Drugs We Can’t Make Money On’. Or maybe it’s really the War on Drugs because everybody involved in it are taking drugs; Oxycontin, Viccodin, Viagra, Ambien….zzzzzzz….

William F. Buckley, a thought leader in the U.S. conservative movement believed all drugs should be legal on both libertarian and fiscal grounds. Come on all you free marketeers and fiscal conservatives. We’re wasting time and money when we should just be wasted.

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