Cod Liver Oil vs Fish Oil: Which Is Better? | Life Hack

Omega-3 fatty acids have so many benefits, such as a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, type 1 diabetes, certain types of cancer, glaucoma, and stroke. This nutrient is essential for the body’s function, but our bodies are unable to produce them on their own. Therefore, it’s important that we get enough Omega-3 fatty acids from outside sources.

If you’re looking for a way to get your Omega-3 fatty acids in, there are so many ways to do so. If introducing Omega-3s into your diet by eating two to three servings of fish per week doesn’t seem feasible, supplements such as cod liver oil and fish oil are here to help.

Many people use these supplements to boost their health and prevent chronic diseases. In fact, research from the National Institutes of Health showed that, in 2012, 7.8% of adults in the United States and 1.1% of children had taken a fish oil supplement in the previous 30 days.

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