3 Ways to Handle an Upset Customer That Actually Make Them More Loyal to Your Brand | Entrepreneur

Being in business and handling all that comes with it to ensure your product’s services are doing what you promise to your customers, you will sometimes encounter unsatisfied customers. How do you currently handle them? How have you set up training or modified it now with the remote ways business is being handled during the pandemic and your adjustments for moving forward? Having an upset customer is not always a bad situation to find yourself in. They may have identified a gap in your process or service that they are looking to provide insight to by voicing their disappointment. When they choose to be vocal about it is a great way to show them the true pedigree of your company and how you handle all circumstances with your customers. An upset customer who has taken the time to speak, call or email you about a problem is looking for an immediate resolution or to see a process change implemented to benefit not only themselves but others in the future as well. One of the best things you can do is listen to them, show empathy and really hear what caused the issue. There are three steps you can take to show empathy in your actions, and then execute on them, although I am sometimes amazed at the level in which some firms show a blantant disregard for the care of their customers when they have issues.

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