5 Crucial Security Features for Your Home Office | The Startup Magazine

With the current state of the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have been forced to work from home. Whilst this may be wonderful for some, it is important that we do not neglect the basics of securing your home office. With countless people sadly losing their jobs entirely, we must remain vigilant if we want to have a safe and happy working environment. Below we have listed five of the most crucial security features to implement in your own home office space.

Doorbell Camera

With a wide range of doorbell cameras and intercoms available these days, there is no excuse for not knowing who is at your front door (or back door if that is your workspace entrance). With modern technology, you can now be alerted on your mobile phone or computer once the motion sensors have picked up a person nearing your door. You can directly speak to the person through your phone or computer microphone. This is a fantastic feature for packages from delivery personnel as well.

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