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Should You Move From Your Home Office into a Coworking Space? | AllBusiness.com

One of the biggest benefits of being in business today is the technology at our disposal. New platforms and tools have made it easier to reach people, and you can see, talk, and engage with coworkers across geographic barriers better than ever before. It’s this lack of boundary restrictions that has opened the door to owning and working in a geographically dispersed business.

One way for people who work in different locations than their peers to get out of the home office and operate more efficiently is to work in a coworking space. If you’ve ever considered working in a shared office space, here are a few pros and cons to consider before moving in.

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Seven Tips For a Better Home Office | The Startup Magazine

Whether a business is being run from your home office or there is an occasional telecommute or perhaps it is where you pay your bills and plan your schedule, you deserve more than a simple metal desk and an additional chair placed in a corner. Why is this important? If your office reflects the decor and comfort level of the rest of your home, it will be an area you do not minding spending working hours in.

Here are seven tips to help create a working space that is comfortable, practical and charming:

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Simple Tricks To Make Your Office More Appealing | The Startup Magazine

Seeing the same things over and over again in your office can make you tired and bored. Even a comfortable setting can become dull after a while, so it’s easy to understand why so many people lose their motivation and their excitement, and start behaving like robots at work. If you are in this situation, you can easily change your mood and your state of mind by doing a few smart changes around you. You don’t need an extreme makeover of your work space, in order to reignite the spark of excitement for your job. Here are a few tips to help you overcome this issue.

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