Control Your Home Office Devices From Anywhere with This Smart Plug | Entrepreneur

If you’re working from home, you need all kinds of things to build an effective home office. But one of the most obvious things is also one of the easiest to overlook. You have a number of devices that draw power, right? So how are you going to power them all? A surge protector is essential and the Wireless Wall Tap Smart Plug gives you that multiple outlet portability with an extra perk: It can make some of your electronics smart.

This smart plug offers all-in-one protection for anything you plug in. That means protection against short-circuiting, over-current supply, surging, fires, and voltage surge faults. It provides four USB fast charging ports, a three-sided power strip, and four adapter-spaced outlets to accommodate all of your devices. It even has built-in high-speed internet connectivity to access scheduled services with an app on your smartphone.

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