Fully Nolan Standing Desk Review: Fantastic Four Legged Stability | WIRED

FULLY’S JARVIS IS my favorite standing desk, and it ranks as one of my best purchases ever. It glides up and down as smoothly as the day I assembled it, and the eye-catching curved bamboo desktop still draws admiring comments, even if it has picked up a couple of dents over the years. However, it very much looks like a standing desk. Shop around for other alternatives and they all somewhat look the same.

That’s where the Fully Nolan comes in. Where the Jarvis relied on L-shaped legs with two motors to move up and down, the Nolan has a more traditional desk design with four telescopic legs. The controls are embedded in the desktop, and a metal frame outlines the underside. The headline improvement here is superior stability thanks to four motors. But with the Nolan starting at $1,299, compared to $569 for the Jarvis, this is an expensive upgrade.

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