Tree-hugging luxury hideaway overlooks breathtaking Norwegian fjord | New Atlas

Helen & Hard has designed a particularly stunning treehouse in rural Norway. Named Woodnest, the forest dwelling is supported by a living pine tree that runs through its center, and it offers a well-stocked interior that sleeps up to four people.

The Woodnest shown is one of a pair of identical treehouses situated in a forest near the Hardangerfjord in Odda, Norway. It consists of a glulam (glued-laminated timber) frame that’s fastened to the trunk of a pine tree with a steel collar. The tree runs through the center of the interior, rather like Ethan Schlussler’s amazing treehouse, and exits through the ceiling. The firm told us that there’s a little extra space for the tree to expand in width as it continues to grow in height. The exterior is finished in timber shingles.

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