A Million Great Marketing Ideas – Here’s One! | Barry Davis

As a small business owner, I’ll bet that you sometimes begin to wonder…how am I ever going to get my marketing message out?  With all the choices out there, such as newspapers, magazines, radio & television…how do I make the “right” decision?  All these choices can cost you an “arm and a leg” and just exactly what do you get in return?  A full page ad in a local magazine will set you back $10,000.00.  Not bad if you have the money.  But once the reader turns the page, you’re not in his/her mind anymore…how many new customers will you have to get in order to re-coup your $10,000.00 investment.. I’ll bet a lot.

People will tell you if you advertise on the radio, your commercial must be consistent and it must play at all hours of the day and night.  Just exactly how much will that run you?  Probably a lot more then you’re spending on marketing & advertising right now.  It’s all so expensive.  What’s a small business owner to do?

Well, don’t  get your “knickers” in an uproar…bet you haven’t heard that phrase in a long time.  There are marketing & advertising tricks you can use, TODAY, that will help to get your message out, and it won’t cost you half as much as a good radio campaign, or a full page ad in a magazine.

Would you like to know how you can get your message out to the right people without spending any more money then you’ve already spent on your business cards right now?  Sure you would…don’t tell anybody else, this is just between you and me…..

Go to your local bookstore (Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.) and find the section that pertains to your business “niche”…in my case, it’s all about the books that tell you how to build your own website.  Once you find that section, look at all those books on the shelf.  Place your business card in each of those books….so when your prospective client picks up the book, your card will be staring him/her in the face and they will already know of a professional in that field.  I’ve done this for a while, and it works….four clients of mine came from just placing my business card in a book at the local bookstore.  Go ahead, I dare you, give it a try…you have nothing to lose.

Part of what my company does is come up with no or low-cost marketing & advertising ideas that anyone can use to promote their business.  If you liked the “business card” idea, I’ve got  more that will  “knock your socks off”.

To find out more about these ideas,  Click Here .

We actually tried this at a local chain book store and got about a 15% call back rate. -Ed.

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