How You Can Flourish in the Gig Economy | Lucy Reed


Starting your own business can be empowering, as it allows long-held passions or skills to be pursued. Thanks to the growth of the gig economy, there are now many avenues available to establish your own freelance business. Here are a few ways you can realize your ambitions.

Do Your Research

Joining the gig economy can be done on a budget. So long as you have the right attitude and are patient, you can build up your business without much expense. Research is essential to bringing your vision to fruition. You may have a skill ideal for freelance work, but it’s important to have a defined plan. Look to other freelancers to see how they started. See if you can adapt their ideas and approaches to your own strategy. You may not need an elaborate business plan, but it’s good to have contingencies in place just in case. Decide how you will promote yourself and your business, how you will be paid, and what thresholds will allow for growth.

Harness Your Passion

 One of the key aspects of success as an entrepreneur is mindset. The right characteristics can be critical when running a business in the gig economy, as it is a less certain environment. Competition can be intense; you will be dealing with other freelancers who are courting prospective clients. Tenacity and persistence will be essential. You need to take risks and provide innovative solutions to a client’s needs. Above all, you need to be able to adapt to any given situation. Your success will depend upon this and the passion that you have. Freelance work offers no certainties, but with the right attitude, your business can thrive.

Set Goals

Goals are the perfect complement to research and planning. Assessing the merits of a particular job, client, or direction sometimes is determined by instinct. However, goals provide an important source of stability. Write a list of whatever goals and ambitions you have for your startup. Introduce a timetable, one that is realistic and attainable. Review your goals regularly, and don’t hesitate to adapt or modify them to changing circumstances or needs. So long as you have a clear vision grounded in reality, having goals that you can tangibly review can be a compelling motivator to progress and grow your business.

Create Your Presence

A portfolio is paramount in the gig economy, as it enables your business to secure lucrative work. If you’re starting out in the freelancing economy, however, it may be a good idea to offer your services to other startups to flesh out your portfolio and gain valuable experience. This will help build your profile and make you more attractive to prominent clients. A well-made portfolio website, in addition to profiles on websites where you can seek freelance work, is essential to making a strong impression on clients. Emphasize your skills, show off your best work, highlight your accomplishments, and make sure your personality shines. Regularly update your portfolio, as this will demonstrate growth and dedication to your field.

Reach Out

The gig-based economy may require a different approach to traditional methods of growing a business. Freelance work relies far more on personal interaction and social media. As with creating a portfolio, reaching out to potential clients will be an important part of creating strong first impressions. Think about establishing yourself on social media sites and start a blog that you could either maintain on your portfolio or a platform like WordPress. Additionally, think about contributing guest posts to established blogs. This is a great way to market your talents and business within a low-cost budget. Social media and blogging are great promotional tools. They can also allow you to communicate with those who enjoy your work, who themselves can be an effective means to raise your profile and get others talking about you.


Developing a business in the gig economy will take time. You will need to have the right mindset, a clear vision of what you want, and an engaging online presence. With the proper commitment and effort, you can thrive in the gig economy and realize your business ambitions.

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