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How You Can Flourish in the Gig Economy | Lucy Reed


Starting your own business can be empowering, as it allows long-held passions or skills to be pursued. Thanks to the growth of the gig economy, there are now many avenues available to establish your own freelance business. Here are a few ways you can realize your ambitions.

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The Sharing Economy is Revealing What’s Next | Peter Mehit

downloadUber, Lyft, Task Rabbit, you name it, there’s a service that will do all kinds of work for a ridiculously low price at your convenience.  It seems like we’re on the cusp of a truly liberating time, where creative busy people can be freed from dealing with the routine and time consuming tasks.  As we outsource more and more of our lives, the companies that are arising to meet this demand are disrupting old business models.  Without getting into the pros and cons of these companies, there is a more important aspect to the sharing economy and the underlying automation that supports it:

It’s killing living wage jobs.

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