A Million and Two Great Marketing Ideas (NEW POST)| Barry Davis

In my last article, “A Million Great Marketing Ideas-Here’s One”, I told you about the “bain” of every small business.  Exactly how do you get your message out to the most number of people, without having to take out a second on your house?  In today’s media savvy environment, we are getting hit with thousands of messages each day…how do customers pick your company to do business with….and just exactly how do you stand out?

I have a few new ideas that might just make you “different” than all of your competitors and won’t break the bank.

Here’s a clever idea that will go a long way to ensure that just about every customer you do business with will refer your business to their friends, family and business associates.  What’s this clever trick?  Simply add 3% onto every job estimate or quote that you submit to prospects & customers.  When the job is complete, rebate the 3% back to them in the form of a check, nicely wrapped in a customer appreciation thank-you card.  No one wants to pay more; and we are thrilled to get a cash rebate back when we weren’t expecting to receive one.  At the end of the job pay a surprise visit to your customer and present them with the rebate check and an explanation that you managed to stay under budget while still providing the best quality products and the most qualified labor.  This simple marketing trick can generate an enormous amount of new referrals and a tremendous amount of good will for your company.

One more idea that has generated a lot of business for one of our clients….they are an auto repair show in Riverside, CA. that has a “tag” line of being a “Female Friendly Shop”…most women hate having their car repaired, because they believe they will be “ripped off” by the owner.  We needed to get their message out in front of as many women as we could…so we wondered, where do women “hang out?”  We also need them to be there for more than 15 to 20 minutes so they could absorb our message.

It was decided that we would “target” OBGYN & Obstetrics Doctors.  In each office, there are a collection of approximately 15 to 20 different women’s magazines that patients read before seeing the doctor.  We proposed to purchase and maintain these magazines for the office and would change them out every month…on each magazine we put on a plastic cover, and on the front of the cover we then attached a sticker with all of the information of our “Female Friendly” Auto Repair Shop….

We knew that an average office sees approximately 20 women per day/4 weeks in a month/50 weeks a year (giving the doctor 2 weeks off for vacation).  Our advertising would be placed in front of around 5,000 women per year…each of the magazine subscriptions only cost on the average $10.00 per year for 12 issues…total cost for this promotion was approximately $120.00 for the magazines, and another $50 for the covers and stickers.  Their female business has increased almost 63% just from this simple marketing tip…find out where your customers are and go to them.

Part of what we do at IdeaBox Marketing & Design is continually coming up with these innovative marketing & advertising ideas…if you would like a few more…click here

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