How To Make Cereal Pancake, Latest TikTok Trend | HYPEBAE

If you’re bored in the house and you’re in the house bored, pancake cereal is the next recipe to add to your list of TikTok-famous foods. Essentially a batch of mini pancakes doused in maple syrup and butter, the new trend has even led to IHOP teasing a new cereal dubbed Panflakes. To learn more about the recipe and variations to try, read our quick guide to the delectable treat.

Just like most other viral TikTok food trends like the three-ingredient peanut butter cookie and dalgona coffee, pancake cereal is easy to make. The recipe begins with making regular pancake batter, which can be store-bought or made at home using flour, eggs and milk. After pouring the mixture into a Zip-loc bag or squeeze bottle, all you need to do is make mini pancakes by squeezing out small portions of the batter onto a buttered pan. Once they’re golden brown, toss them around and let them cook a few minutes more to achieve a crispy texture. To finish off, serve in a bowl with butter, maple syrup or any topping of your choice, along with milk if preferred.

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