Custom Business Planning and Solutions Co-Brands as Mom and Pop | Peter Mehit

We’re Mom and Pop.  We’ve been in business since 2004 and we’ve learned who our customers are and what they need.  We know who we can help with our breadth of experience.  Lifestyle businesses; the people who we believe are heroes.  Lifestyle businesses hire first, fire last and support a huge swath of the economy.  The vast majority of our clients over the last 13 years have been mom and pop’s, small partnerships, friends, lovers and other teams of like-minded people who’ve come together to follow a dream.

All this time we’ve been here to provide them with information, structure and creativity that help them become stronger, better focused and more successful.  We love them and want them to win.

For these reasons and more, we are rebranding ourselves as Mom and Pop with a new website which we’ve just launched in beta version.  Within a few weeks, we will be rolling out a second URL in-line with our branding.  We will also be rolling out a new logo and other goodies as we move forward.  We will continue our work with entrepreneurs and institutions that are looking to grow scalable enterprises, but this branding reflects where our heart has always been.

Please check out our new site and if you have comments, please drop us a line.  We’d appreciate it.

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