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Custom Business Planning and Solutions Co-Brands as Mom and Pop | Peter Mehit

We’re Mom and Pop.  We’ve been in business since 2004 and we’ve learned who our customers are and what they need.  We know who we can help with our breadth of experience.  Lifestyle businesses; the people who we believe are heroes.  Lifestyle businesses hire first, fire last and support a huge swath of the economy.  The vast majority of our clients over the last 13 years have been mom and pop’s, small partnerships, friends, lovers and other teams of like-minded people who’ve come together to follow a dream.

All this time we’ve been here to provide them with information, structure and creativity that help them become stronger, better focused and more successful.  We love them and want them to win. Continue reading

Rebranding Helps Nudge Clothing Lines to a New Level | Apparel News.net

Last year, iconic fashion house Yves Saint Laurent renamed itself Saint Laurent Paris, and just recently, its parent company, PPR, one of fashion’s most esteemed companies, announced its own name change. It will be called Kering, according to Chief Executive and Chairman Francois-Henri Pinault.

DENISE’S NEW LOOK: Alpinestars by Denise Focil changed its name to AS by DF and debuted a more contemporary look.

The new name demonstrates growth and new focus, Pinault said. “In a few months’ time we will have completely transitioned from a holding company with an unfocused portfolio into a cohesive, integrated, international group focused on apparel and accessories,” he said.

Some veteran Los Angeles–area fashion lines are in the process of renaming, or “rebranding,” themselves, too. The process is risky, but rebranding can make the difference between sagging sales and stellar business.

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