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Alive Day – October 25, 2020 | Peter Mehit

I had a heart attack on October 25, 2020, which coincidentally, was my 23rd wedding anniversary.  No, I don’t think the two are related.

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40 Years in Business, the Owner of L.A.’s Honey’s Kettle Restaurant Has Mastered Surviving and Thriving |

Vincent Williams has been in the fried chicken business for almost 40 years. In his tenure as a business owner, he’s been through it all: his Culver City restaurant Honey’s Kettle has survived lack of funding, a devastating fire, the Great Recession, and most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, he’s been a witness to decades of social change and racial tension in his native Los Angeles. Below, he reflects on what’s he’s seen, heard, and lived through. –As told to Lindsay Blakely.

I was born in 1955 and moved to a perfectly integrated neighborhood in Pasadena in 1960. When the riots in L.A. happened in 1965, we were as frightened as anyone else–there was a scary level of lawlessness and fire and police in the streets.

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Custom Business Planning and Solutions Co-Brands as Mom and Pop | Peter Mehit

We’re Mom and Pop.  We’ve been in business since 2004 and we’ve learned who our customers are and what they need.  We know who we can help with our breadth of experience.  Lifestyle businesses; the people who we believe are heroes.  Lifestyle businesses hire first, fire last and support a huge swath of the economy.  The vast majority of our clients over the last 13 years have been mom and pop’s, small partnerships, friends, lovers and other teams of like-minded people who’ve come together to follow a dream.

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Millennials as a Target Customer | Lydia Mehit

downloadMillennials have been the target of more scrutiny than any other generation. Why?  Because as a generation, they are larger than the Baby Boomer generation that clocked in at 77 million.  Baby Boomers were a significant force in terms of purchasing power, political direction and now retirement as they have moved through their lives.  Millennials, sometimes called Echo Boomers, are expected to have an equal or greater influence on society.

Representing 25% of the population, and 80 million strong, Millennials are generally agreed to have been born between 1980 – 2000.  You will also hear them referred to as Generation Y.   The youngest Millennials are 17 years of age while the oldest will be 37 in 2017.  What has this intense scrutiny revealed about these consumers?

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The DraftCard App Launches: Share Your Student Athlete Experience | Peter Mehit

draftcard-articleOur client, DraftCard, Inc just launched their new iOS mobile application. DraftCard allows student athletes to create a FREE shareable card that highlights:

  • Sport and position
  • School, city, class and level of play
  • Statistics and performance milestones and achievement
  • Height, weight and GPA
  • Showcase cards as images or embed in a webpage

DraftCard is designed with the young athlete in mind, and helps student athletes show off their skills. The application will eventually have a search feature that will allow recruiters and college programs to search for prospects using the app.

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Millennials: 10 Things Old Farts Won’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship (Tenth in a Series) | Peter Mehit


10. Plan for Daylight | Peter Mehit

I was flying from Philadelphia to Dallas.  It was an early Thursday morning flight and almost empty.  I got a complimentary bump to first class and sat at the front bulkhead, half awake with a pile of papers in the empty seat next to me.  The cabin PA crackled to life.

“We got a problem,” the captain said in that droll voice that we all make fun of.  Then the plane went into the steepest dive I’ve ever experienced. “Everything’s going to be okay,” he added, I think as an afterthought.

But things were pretty far from okay.  Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling and then floated in the air, weightless.  My papers were floating off the seat cushion and in that moment, I noticed that I was weightless too.  It only lasted for about five, maybe ten seconds and it would have been the coolest thing ever, if it weren’t totally terrifying.

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A Perfect Day | Peter Mehit

img_20170121_103120Come with me, if you will, to a place that was as full of love as you can imagine.  Set aside how you felt about the election or who you voted for and let me show you how great our country already is.

Going to protests is not something I do anymore, but my conscience kept nagging at me.  All week long I remembered saying to my daughters when they were young, “If you don’t like something, speak up.”  And here I was, unhappy and silent.

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10 Things Old Farts Won’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship (Ninth in a Series) | Peter Mehit

download9. You Define Success

“The things you own end up owning you.” So said Tyler Durden as he opened a round of Fight Club in the cellar of Lou’s bar.  That statement feels right because it is.  We get attached to goals, to things, and we lose ourselves.

When you’re starting out, the excitement of doing carries you along.  Each new success, each milestone achieved places you closer to where you believe you want to be.  The late nights, panicked preparations for demos, the sweaty palmed waits in law office lobbies, they take a toll.  You think you’ve rounded the corner to easy street, things fall apart.  Just when your heart is about to shatter, you catch a break.

It’s exhausting and exhilarating, but it brings your team together.   You become more than friends or teammates.  You become stronger than family because you live through more intense experiences in one month than most families go through in a year.  This bonding continues as you struggle with one mind to achieve a kind of birth.  You believe that nothing will come between you and your partners after all you’ve been through.

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Millennials 10 Things Old Farts Won’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship (Number 7): Be Wrong, Be Strong | Peter Mehit

The ability to be truthful goes directly to the heart of whether you get funding, attract customers and recruit great employees. But that is just one part of it. The ability to be wrong can determine if you survive at all.

We’ve all had bosses, friends and relatives that just couldn’t admit they’d made a mistake.  We know how we feel when we know the facts and someone tells us we’re wrong or don’t understand.  The longer we are in that environment, the less we trust the person, the more we doubt reality, or both.

Make no mistake, we presently live in a say anything to win environment.  Sometimes people are intentionally dishonest.  These situations tend to be self-liquidating.  Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos, who famously said that having a backup plan is admitting failure, is the latest example where outright deceit brought someone crashing down. While spectacular, these cases relatively rare.

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Millennials 10 Things Old Farts Won’t Tell You About Entrepreneurship (Number 8): Who Is More Important Than Where | Peter Mehit

new-york-1What is the right channel for my product?  Where is the best place for my ads?  Should I be mostly on Facebook?  There are a million questions for which you will get an equal number of answers.  You will get advice on which channels are hot.  People will try to sell you programs and services to reach your customer.  In fact, when talking marketing tactics, you’ll get so much input it’s almost useless.

If you ask people starting businesses where they think they will be successful in finding new customers, most will say social media, but ad spending was only 23% of all ad dollars spent in 2015.  Television is still the dominant media platform with 39% of the dollars.  What about print, radio and billboards?  This is another 26% of ad spend.  If the SEO and AdWords were enough, you wouldn’t hear or see ads for websites and mobile apps in these other channels, but you do.

This explosion of channels has fragmented the marketplace by income, race, educational experience, sports, personal interests, politics and marital status.  The list goes on and gets more granular.  What can someone looking to launch into this environment do to have a chance at success?  Hint: “If you build it, they will come” is not one of the options.

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