The DraftCard App Launches: Share Your Student Athlete Experience | Peter Mehit

draftcard-articleOur client, DraftCard, Inc just launched their new iOS mobile application. DraftCard allows student athletes to create a FREE shareable card that highlights:

  • Sport and position
  • School, city, class and level of play
  • Statistics and performance milestones and achievement
  • Height, weight and GPA
  • Showcase cards as images or embed in a webpage

DraftCard is designed with the young athlete in mind, and helps student athletes show off their skills. The application will eventually have a search feature that will allow recruiters and college programs to search for prospects using the app.

Created by Chris Burget, a recruiter for a large national college recruiting firm, along with Kristin Currey and Robert Peterson, the application was envisioned as a tool both for recruiters and student athletes to connect. “There’s nothing like it in the market right now,” said Mr. Burget, who is also known as CoachChris99 to over 34,000 Twitter followers, “We see it as a natural next step in putting colleges and young players together.”

“We’re excited about the launch and the feedback we’ve gotten so far,” said Ms. Currey, the COO of DraftCard.  The application launched in January.

CBPS created a detailed business plan, financial projections and pitch deck for DraftCard that resulted in a successful funding round for the company.  This plan represents the 14th mobile application business plan the company has created and the fifth to be successfully funded. “The mobile app space is a tough, crowded place right now,” remarked Peter Mehit, COO of CBPS, “all the more reason to develop a plan early, before you have expended a lot of time, treasure and energy.” CBPS offers discovery workshops for those considering launching applications to determine viability and monetization.

The launch team also included PhD Labs, who developed and are marketing the application, Bart Greenburg of Pivotal Law, who helped with entity and deal structuring and Hector Castro, CPA, who provided accounting services.

DraftCard is available at the Apple App Store.  You can also visit their website and blog here.

CBPS can be contacted at 800-741-8444 or you can email Mr. Mehit at

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