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Your Personal Air Conditioning Unit |

Summers would be so much cooler without the heat. In Florida, summertime means spending most of the day inside to avoid sweltering temperatures and sweat-inducing humidity. Hell, if it wasn’t for air-conditioning, Florida would probably still be a balmy, pristine, practically uninhabitable tract of land jutting out from the United States.

So it makes sense that a couple Floridians recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for what may be the next evolution in air conditioning — the Airwirl.

Taking the form of a fortified 7-Eleven Big Gulp, the Airwirl is actually a personal cooling (or heating) device that is small enough to fit in a cup holder and big enough to pack a punch of cool (or hot) air into your face, providing much-needed (albeit temporary) relief when temperatures reach certain extremes.

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Apply These 10 Insider Tips for Using Instagram Stories to Make Sales | Small Business Trends

Instagram is currently rolling out a new feature within Instagram Stories that lets businesses tag products so that customers can shop directly within the app.

Susan Buckner Rose, Director of Product Marketing, Instagram Business Platform said in an email to Small Business Trends, “The Shopping in Stories feature allows people to shop products directly from their Instagram Stories. Essentially, when you see a sticker with a shopping bag icon, the user can tap on it to see more details about the products in the Story.”

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Amazon Will Let Entrepreneurs Start Their Own Delivery Business and Earn Up to $300,000 a Year | Entrepreneur

Amazon Delivery Service Partners is a new program designed to help Amazon scale and meet the growing demand for package deliveries. In 2017, Amazon shipped 5 billion items to Prime members alone, and its operating income increased 20 percent year over year to $2.8 billion. To keep up, the company is seeking “hundreds of entrepreneurs” to start their own delivery companies in the U.S. through Amazon, according to a press release. Over time, Amazon aims for these Delivery Service Partners “to hire tens of thousands of delivery drivers.”

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How Two Young Entrepreneurs Are Tackling The Plastic Problem With Swimwear | Forbes

Brother-sister duo from Colgate University pitched a novel idea in 2015 to Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hyman, Neil Blumenthal, and MC Hammer, panelists at an entrepreneurship program: swimwear made out of recycled plastic bottles. They didn’t know much about the technology then to convert old, used plastic bottles into clothing, but as children who grew up on the beach, they knew plastic was becoming a problem.

Turns out, they had a good idea, which garnered them $20,000 for their first production run, and then 21-year-old Jake and 18-year-old Caroline Danehy went on to raise nearly $25,000 more on Kickstarter for their startup, Fair Harbor Clothing.

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How I became a used car dealer, short term | Gen X Finance

This bank did not want to be a used car dealer so they just sold off the cars they reposesed really cheap. That is where I came in. I would pick up these cars at amazing prices, keeping in mind that the prior owner did not have the money they needed to take care of the car.

The first car I got was a Honda Accord.  It was the nicest newest car we had ever owned. This Accord was a V6 with power everything, sunroof, leather seats and all the other bells and whistles. As is common with repossessed cars there was a number of things that needed to be fixed on this car. I was pretty handy with fixing cars so it worked out well for use. I only had to put another $500ish into it and did a really nice cleaning before it was in mint condition. I remember after we got it thinking this would be a nice car to keep for ourselves. But as Corinne and I talked about it more we decided it was best to flip this car and bank the extra money so would have more money to work with on future deal. First I put it up on for sale. Then I also put a sign on it and parked it in a few high visible areas where other cars where parked with for sale signs. I priced it at $8,500 which was a few thousand below the blue book on it so it would sell fast. It sold in about a week to someone that was happy to be getting such a good deal on a great car. That was $4,500 profit in just two weeks!

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Why This Bean Bag Chair Has Raised More Than $350,000 on Kickstarter |

Fiorentino decided the classic bean bag chair was due for an update.

His version is called the MoonPod, and it’s a uniquely-shaped bean bag that is designed to create the sensation of “zero-gravity weightlessness.” The bag, which weighs around 10 pounds, holds your shape no matter how you bend it–use it as a seat when you want to do work or stretch it out to take a nap. The bag can also stand upright and be put away in the closet. The Kickstarter project launched this week and has already surpassed its $21,500 goal, raising over $350,000.

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Why Companies Are Taking It Upon Themselves to Help Workers Learn New Skills | Entrepreneur

In May, Walmart announced that it would begin offering to cover U.S. workers’ college expenses — tuition, fees and books — leaving the recipient of the program responsible for only $1 per day toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business or supply chain management from one of three universities.

“Walmart is just the beginning of the education and upscaling that’s going to be happening in the workplace, sponsored by employers who are realizing they’re not going to be able to hire and fire their way out of this problem,” Maggioncalda says. “It has now become mission-critical, existential.”

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Beer For Beauty? How Two Lawyers Traded In High-Paying Jobs To Create Broo, A Natural Beer-Based Shampoo | Forbes

When Sarah Pearsall moved to Asheville, North Carolina, from Florida in 2009, she viewed it as a fresh start for her family to lead a healthier lifestyle. Moving to one of the healthiest and greenest U.S. cities meant incorporating more organic foods and toxin-free products into their household. Her husband, Brad, found it easy to forgo fast food, but changing his grooming routine was tough, especially when it came to using all-natural shampoos. “There was no lather—my hair felt like straw,” he said. “It was like I was using dog shampoo.” Brad’s mother had a unique solution on tap: an old-fashioned beer-rinse.

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After being laid off, this 35-year-old founded NerdWallet with $800 — now it’s worth $500 million | CNBC

Today, Tim Chen is CEO and co-founder of personal finance website NerdWallet, which sees 10 million monthly visitors and is valued at more than $500 million.

But in 2008, like so many others during the financial crisis, Chen found himself unemployed.

After spending four years working at hedge funds like Perry Capital and JAT Capital Management, he found out “basically on Christmas Day,” that he was being laid off, Chen tells CNBC Make It.

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Are Millennials More Or Less Likely To Start Their Own Businesses? | Forbes

Are Millennials More or Less Likely to Start Their Own Businesses?

The millennial generation is shaping the modern workforce—whether you like it or not. They’ve been blamed for a host of problems, such as being too entitled and obsessed with social media, and credited with several positives, such as appreciating creativity and having higher moral values. But of course, all of this depends on who you ask—some people claim these traits are inherent in the millennial generation, while others assert that they’re attributable to the coincidental youth of this particular generation or exist purely as anecdotal evidence.

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